Welcome to SERIESous Book Reviews!

whysoI am an avid reader (who writes a book blog and isn’t really?) but I recently realized that I tend to read book series more than anything else. Some series are awesome; some start awesome and fizzle; and some are just plain bad.

So how’s a reader to know what book series are worth their time…and more importantly, their bookshelf space?

It’s hard to know what you should read when people only review one book at a time. Sure, that individual book may have been great, but is it worth it for me to invest my time (and money!) into what could only be a subpar series?

Which is why I decided to create my own book blog and review the whole book serieswithout spoilers!

Let me be the one to tell you whether or not you should pick up that first book in the first place!

My reading tastes vary from young adult to mature romances, from suspense to historical fiction: so this site will feature a variety of book series reviews to meet the needs of everyone. I will also review some stand-alone novels from time to time, make some stellar themed lists and include reviews of the latest series!

Can’t remember what happened at the end of your last favourite book? No problem!

The other feature of my site is book recaps. If you are like me, you probably read the first book of a series within the first week of release and have forgotten some plot points while waiting for the next book a year later. My hope is to jog your memory by posting some key plot points (warning, there will be spoilers!) in a separate area of my blog.

So sit back, relax and let me do your series reading for you!


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7 thoughts on “Welcome to SERIESous Book Reviews!

    • SERIESous Book Reviews says:

      Gah! That’s a hard one! The Mortal Instruments, Throne of Glass, and Vampire Academy are the ones that come immediately to mind. In terms of YA High Fantasy, this year I’ve really loved Snow Like Ashes, Red Queen and The Winner’s Curse.
      What are yours?


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