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Who am I?

My name is Lauren and I am 30-something healthcare worker living near Toronto, Canada. I love science but I’m very passionate about my reading (and blogging!).

I started this blog when I realized that 80% of the books I read are series. Some series were amazing but some were duds and I thought: “wouldn’t it be great if someone reviewed the whole series to decide if it was worth starting at all?” My search proved to be futile so I decided to create my own blog in April of 2013. After all, everyone needs a hobby!

What I Review:

The main purpose of this blog is to review WHOLE series: that means I give an overall rating for the entire series. Of course, I also review brand new series where only one book has been released and update that blog review after the subsequent sequels are published. What I read depends entirely on my mood, but I read various genres from Young Adult to New Adult to Adult novels (I will try anything once when it comes to reading).

I also review standalone, nonfiction and classic novels. Occasionally, I will review movie or TV adaptions of books.

For more information about requesting a review, please check here.

Where you can find my Reviews:

In addition to posting reviews on my blog, I also cross-post to GoodReads, Bloglovin’, and/or (when available). I’m also a regular Twitter user, tweeting reading statuses as well as tweets when I publish reviews on my blog.


Currently: Closed*

*If I have reviewed a novel of yours in the past, please contact me via email as I am still accepting reviews for people I have previously worked with at this time.

You don’t have to be a publisher or affiliated with a publisher or even an author to request a review of something! If you want me to review a particular series (it can just be one book, not the entire series), standalone or serial, please contact me using the form below and I will be in touch with you (within 48 hours of submission via email). You can always recommend something to me on Goodreads or send me an email directly as well!

Preferred Genres: I typically review Young Adult and New Adult novels of any subgenre. I do review Adult novels but prefer romances or thrillers. If your novel doesn’t fit these genres, still feel free to contact me as I consider each request on a case-by-case basis. You do not need to submit the full synopsis in the contact form box below, a Goodreads/Amazon link in the “Goodreads Page” box on the form will suffice.

Review Copies: While physical copies are great (who doesn’t love book mail?), I understand shipping to Canada can be expensive. I am more than happy to review eBooks in Mobi or ePub or PDF formats. I will never redistribute review copies provided electronically without permission.

If you have any questions about my policy, please contact me via the form below or via email.

Contact Form:

Review requests are currently not being accepted at this time. Thank you for your understanding.

*If I have reviewed a novel of yours in the past, please contact me via email as I am still accepting reviews for people I have previously worked with at this time.

You can also contact me through email via the button on my sidebar under Connect with Me. Though I cannot guarantee that your email will not be filtered from my junk folder. Thank you for your consideration!


Book cover and movie poster images are sourced from the internet as are reading challenge images created by their respective blogs/bloggers; but any images with “SERIESous” on it were created by me personally.

I am not endorsed by any company. The companies/services listed on my “How to Read for Less” page are simply mentioned to share my personal experiences on how I manage to keep my reading costs low. My Service Review posts are not affiliated with said service unless stated. I do not receive monetary compensation for listing them on my site. The only 4 referral links on my blog for monetary compensation are,, & photos/links featured on my sidebar and on my “How to Read for Less” page.

All reviews I write are my honest, personal opinion. If a book has been received from a publisher or author in exchange for an honest review, it is clearly stated at the beginning of each review. You can also find these reviews by searching for the tag “disclaimer: provided copy“. I am not required to write a positive review and as such, all my reviews are written in my own honest and personal opinion. I also reserve the right to write a review on a book I did not finish as that is my honest, critical opinion and will clearly state so in any correspondence. I will never redistribute review copies provided for any reason without permission.

Awards & Tags:

My blog is now an award free zone. I thank you for the consideration but I just don’t have the time to pass on the love.

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Who am I? | What I Review & Where | Requests | Contact | Disclaimer | Awards

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