Blogging Challenges

In addition to my Reading Challenges, this year I decided to try 2 blog specific challenges:

Commenting 365 Challenge  |  Book Blogger Organization


Challenge: is to visit and comment on 365 blogs in 2016

This challenge is hosted by Nori @ ReadWriteLove28. I’m using her master list to find and visit 365 blogs throughout the year. Right now, the plan is to visit 10 blogs on this list a week!


129 Blogs Visited of 365


Challenge: To follow the monthly schedule to maintain my blog.

This is a Challenge I decided to create for myself. I was having a hard time finding one I wanted and then I decided it would just be easier to create my own, specific one for my blog.

  • January: Get cross-posts up to date & transfer last years challenge shelves to Riffle*
  • February: Update Series Recaps Completed January 2016
  • March: Fix Broken Links on Blog & on Goodreads reviews Completed March 2016
  • April: Update ongoing series posts (info, images, etc) Completed July 2016
  • May: Update tags & old posts (delete 1/duplicates, condense) Completed August 2016
  • June: Add recap button to previously posted reviews Completed November 2016
  • July: Clean up pingbacks & side widgets on pages Completed August 2016
  • August: Update Review Directories  Completed January 2016
  • September: Add Conclusions to older posts Completed September 2016
  • October: Update Site Guides
  • November: Clean Goodreads Shelves Completed October 2016
  • December: Update templates for 2016

*This was a bigger task than I anticipated. Therefore, I have decided to make this an ongoing task for the entire year

In addition to my own personal tasks, I also plan on taking part in the free Blogging University courses held by WordPress throughout 2016.