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SERIESous’ Reading Plan for 2018

2017 Was the Year I Had Been Working Towards

2018 Is the Year I Keep the Momentum Going

You can read all about my journey to read smarter, not harder in last year’s reading plan post. But the gist is that I was overwhelming myself in a lot of ways which, in turn, was creating a lot of reading slumps and not so much fun.

Since 2016, I’ve worked very hard on changing some of my reading habits. I’ve cut down significantly on my library holds, I’ve limited the number of requests I read in a month and I’ve become more comfortable with DNFing books when I’m not interested. Overall, it’s led to a more positive reading experience that has resulted in less reading slumps and more flexibility.

So I want to keep that momentum going and I’ve come up with 3 goals I want 2018 to be all about.

#1 – Read More Owned Novels

While I may have achieved my goal to read books I own with my #ShelfLove Challenge in 2017, I still want to clean up my eReaders and bookshelves when it comes to unread novels. If you compare 2017 (51 books) to 2016 (79 books), I actually read less books from my personal collection and that is a little disappointing. (Mind you, I did DNF at least 8 titles from my personal collection last year as well).

>> 2018 Reading Challenge: Tackling the TBR Personal Reading Challenge 2018

I did a good job of not buying too many books in 2017 so hopefully I can continue that trend and give myself a shot at upping my “% of library complete” on my Kobo.

>> Fun Fact: It takes me approximately 11 read books to complete 1% of my Kobo library!

#2 – Read More Sequels

As I write this, I currently have 131 book series on the go which totals nearly 179 books when all is said and done. Mind you, a third of that are series that will be releasing their Book 2 in 2018 so it’s not totally daunting. (It totally is!).

>> 2018 Reading Challenge: 52 Sequels Personal Reading Challenge

But that being said, I still have a lot of series that do have all their books released and I’d love to update and publish some of those series reviews I’ve had sitting in my draft folder for awhile…

>> Sneak Peek: Look for a post in the next few months detailing how I keep track of all my series sequels!

#3 – Stick to my ARC Limits

I allow myself 3 ARC copies a month (this includes author requests, personal requests, review opportunities and blog tour commitments) but I often increase that limit…with mixed results. I’ve already been tested when it comes to January 2018 commitments but I’m hoping I will stick with my reading plan and not get too request happy this year.

Introducing my 2018 Reading Plan

It’s very similar to my Reading Plan for 2017 only it’s tweaked for more sequel opportunities. The idea is that each month I have a total of 11 books that are the foundation for my reading. Since I usually average 12-15 books a month, I’m using the other books as a “what I want to read when I want to read” option. At the end of each month, I determine what books I want to select and make the appropriate arrangements (like going to the library or purchasing the book) to make sure I can complete the selection.

The Highlights:

  1. TBR Picks – purchased novels on my Kobo/Kindle/bookshelf
    • I’m keeping this at 2 as a minimum
    • Hopefully once I fill my monthly checklist, I can read more books from here
  2. 5 Year 5 Book Challenge — a Personal Challenge to read 25 books from the last 5 years
    • While I might not have gotten to all the books I wanted to on my 2017 challenge list, I’m bringing it back once again to get some titles off my TBR
  3. Sequels — 52 Sequel Challenge
    • I’d like to read (at least) 1 sequel novel a week for the entire year
  4. Netgalley
    • In an attempt to curb my requesting habits, only one book per month!
    • This includes review opportunities and/or personally requested novels
    • It does not include provided copies for tours
  5. ARCs/Tours/Requests
    • I’m setting a hard limit of 2 books per month
    • I’m going to take my time considering what tours I want and not be so quick to sign myself up all the time
  6. Library Holds
    • I’ve done a great job of not putting every book I see at my library on hold. Instead, I use the various wishlist features to keep track of titles I’m interested in and saving them for a later time.

Going Forward:

I’ve done a spreadsheet like this for the last 2 years and I’ve found it’s a great foundation. I don’t always stick to it (especially following the summer) but I’ve promised myself I will re-evaluate it once I stop using it or need to make some changes.

Overall, I’m very excited to see what 2018 has in store and I truly hope I can accomplish some of my reading goals for the year!

Do you create a yearly plan or do you just go with the flow?

What are some of your 2018 reading goals?

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Reading Challenge: Summer TBR Wipeout – Reading List


Read my Sign-up Post Here

How it works:

You do not have to run a book blog or a website for that matter. All that I ask is that you create your posts on some sort of social media website, such as Instagram, Facebook or Tumblr, etc. You can also read backlist books, ARCs, new releases, audiobooks,  or anything else that has been beckoning you to read it. There will be 4 posts in total that you can link up to here on The Candid Cover.

My Reading Time Frame: July 8 – August 19, 2017

As I mentioned in my sign-up post, I used this challenge as a way to re-evaluate my reading progress mid-year. I left my sign-up post pretty general but now that I’m only a few days out, I thought I would update my reading list with the titles I plan to tackle.

My Plan & Selections:

No ARC requests!

I’m not picking up any more ARCs for the rest of the summer. I did get a little request happy in early June and do have some titles I need/should read in this time frame (a lot are sequels for previously reviewed series) but I hope to get a few out of the way before this one starts.

Leave The Night On Royal Replicas The Thirteenth Gate (Dominion Mysteries, #1) The Forbidden

Finish (at least) 3 Series I’ve Previously Started

The Rising (Darkness Rising, #3) Endure (Need, #4) The Morning Star (Katerina, #3)

Read Sequels for (at least) 2 Previously Started Series

Arcana Rising (The Arcana Chronicles, #4) Dark Triumph (His Fair Assassin, #2)

Read 1 Classic Novel

Jane Eyre

Binge Read 1 Series from start to end!

Shatter Me (Shatter Me, #1)

Do you have any priority reads for the summer?

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Reading Challenge: Summer TBR Wipeout


Like most Book Bloggers, I do yearly challenges but I don’t often do time-limited challenges or very many readathons throughout the year.

When I saw this challenge on the Candid Cover, I thought this was a great idea! Sometimes, I need that little kick in the butt to get those titles down and having a plan/goal works well for me. I can’t wait to get some things done!

How it works:

You do not have to run a book blog or a website for that matter. All that I ask is that you create your posts on some sort of social media website, such as Instagram, Facebook or Tumblr, etc. You can also read backlist books, ARCs, new releases, audiobooks,  or anything else that has been beckoning you to read it. There will be 4 posts in total that you can link up to here on The Candid Cover.

My Reading Time Frame: July 8 – August 19, 2017

Thanks to this event, I was able to do a bit of a midterm review of how my reading is going so far. While I’m knocking my Goodreads challenge out of the park (meaning I’m reading wayyyy more books than I expected to this year so yay!), I feel like I’m not always reading the titles I should be. I’ve been a little swept into some request/ARC madness and been a little too “checkout now” happy when browsing my library’s eBook section. I want to get back to reading those titles that have been sitting on my Kobo for months and reading some of those “much anticipated” sequels I couldn’t wait to release last year.

I’m going to keep my plan for this TBR Wipeout a little general so I can have some flexibility. I try to do the Make Me Read It Readathon every July (hopefully it’s happening this year!) and that’s when I get title specific. So for this, I’m going to create some general goals and highlight some priority titles for each category.

My Plan:

  • No ARC requests!
    • I’ve closed requests until September so I can focus on those TBR titles
      • That means I’m limiting my hosting and review copy sign-ups as well!
  • Finish (at least) 3 Series
    • Hopefully I can knock off some oldies but goodies this summer!
  • Read Sequels for (at least) 2 Previously Started Series
    • Waiting a 1+ for the sequel is not something I’m good at remembering!
  • Read 1 Classic Novel
    • I was doing so well at the start of the year but flopped once my new job started
  • Binge Read 1 Series from start to end!
    • I feel like I don’t get to do this anymore!

Priority Reads:

Endure (Need, #4) The Rising (Darkness Rising, #3) Dark Triumph (His Fair Assassin, #2) Shatter Me (Shatter Me, #1)

What plans are you making for your Summer TBR?

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Tackling the TBR: Goodreads Purge 2017


Back in 2015, I did a few posts where I talked about Tackling my TBR. Back then, it was all about curbing my library holds addiction and creating a more manageable reading “schedule”. Each month, I would set goals and/or rules in the hopes of making 2016 an even better year for reading.

And it really, truly worked!

I was able to create a fantastic reading plan that not only helped me read more efficiently, but actually helped me avoiding reading slumps and ARC overload in 2016.

So I wanted to bring it back in order to help me achieve a new goal: getting my Goodreads TBR down to 500 books (it’s currently set at 900+ books).

Now, you’re probably thinking a one of three things:

  1. Wow! You have a lot of books on your TBR!
  2. Wow! Why do you want to get rid of so many books!?
  3. Wow! You are insane if you think you will read 500 books!

And here are my respective responses:

  1. Yes, that is a lot! Which is part of the problem I want to solve.
  2. Because that is a lot of books to read and I know I won’t read them all.
  3. Actually, 500 is pretty reasonable considering I average 200 a year.

Why the Change?

I’ve recently discovered that my tastes as a reader have evolved. While I do enjoy YA reads, there are certain genres that I am struggling to connect with now. For example, paranormal YA series used to be my jam, but now, I find myself bored and annoyed with the tropes. I’ve moved on to fantasy or New Adult versions. I know that a lot of the titles on my Goodreads account are from my “youth” and that I won’t want to read them when the time comes in the near future.

Before I go any further, I want to define some things.

When I say I have 900 items on my TBR, I mean that I have 900 brand new series (first book only) or standalones that I “want to read”. This doesn’t include sequels. On my Goodreads account, I have a separate shelf called “to read” that contains sequels to series I have already started.

It’s this “want to read” shelf that I want to decrease. I know I won’t get around to all of these series, even if I do read a lot of books in one year. I also know that a lot of these titles are freebies I horded from Amazon and Kobo over the years. (Not that freebies aren’t worth my time, it’s just that I know I grabbed titles that don’t necessarily interest me simply because of the $0 price tag).

I’ll be cleaning up both shelves this year. I plan on reading a lot of sequels on my “To Read” list this year, in addition to releasing some series I haven’t touched in years. But it’s my “want to read” shelf that I plan on purging.

The Numbers

As of writing this post (Feb 2, 2017), I have 911 books on my TBR. That means, I have to eliminate 411 books from my shelf. My Goodreads challenge is set to be 175 books for 2017 and so far, I’ve read 23. Because I plan to read at least 175 books this year, I can deduct the difference of 152 from 911.

911 books – 500 – (175 Challenge Reads – 23 already read) = 259 books

So in total, I need to manually remove 259 books from my TBR by January 2018. Easy.

How will I do that?

Like I did 2 years ago, I’m going to set up some rules and guidelines that I’m going to try and stick to.

The Rules:

  1. Remove any book from < 2014* that is not a “high anticipation” read
    • *the exception is any title selected for the 5 Year 5 Book Challenge
  2. Remove any 12 books at the end of every month
  3. Remove any book that I do not have a reading source for if published < 2015
  4. Add no more than 2 books to my TBR a month

I really think #4 is going to be the hardest. I see so many great books on a daily basis reading everyone’s blogs but I’m going to have to be a little more strict with what gets a spot on my shelf. (I’m keeping track on my 2017 Reading Plan Spreadsheet)

Am I going to the extremes?

You betcha! But that’s just how I like to do things. I swear, half the fun for me is coming up with these schemes in the first place! I plan on documenting my saga in my newly returned Monthly Inventory feature so keep an eye out for that.

>> Did I Succeed? Check out my December 2017 Post

How do you manage your Goodreads TBR?

Any tips for removing books?

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SERIESous’ Reading Plan for 2017


2016 was all about reading smarter, not harder.

In 2017, I’m getting a touch more flexible with what I read.

In 2015 I really looked at my reading habits and decided I didn’t like them. I felt bogged down by all the library holds I had coming in on a regular basis and was requesting far too many books. As a mood reader, it was detrimental to my reading experience. I went through so many reading slumps in 2015 it was insane. I disliked the idea that reading was a chore when it served as my primary stress reliever. In order to get to the bottom of it all, I chronicled my reading habits and what changes I was going to make in my Tackling the TBR posts and from there, I was able to come up with a game plan for 2016.

I shared my 2016 Reading Plan in my SERIESous Tips: Avoiding the Chore of Reading post and I really liked that approach. By limiting my library and review requests, I had a lot more flexibility to read the books I wanted, when I wanted to. I hadn’t truly been able to do that in years and I can’t even describe how awesome it was to pick up a book just because I wanted to as opposed to needing to.

This was my reading plan for 2016. I created categories that each had their own targets or limits. It was great for keeping track of review requests so that I wasn’t overloading myself with ARC reviews each month as they came in.

But this plan did have its holes and I learned some really important lessons:

  1. Restricting series/novels to a particular month is hard when you rely on library books!
    • You can’t really control the availability all that much and it will screw up your plans!
  2. Stick to the “review request” limit!
    • I had a hard time passing up some blogging tours and the like…lesson learned!
  3. Put less books on hold and focus on what is already available!
    • Why wait 3 weeks when you could start something in 2 minutes?
  4. I LOVED that I was burning through my Kobo library!
    • It was great to read books I had bought over the years!
  5. Go with the flow!
    • With fewer deadlines, that meant I could read whatever tickled my fancy at the time.

2017 is a year of really big changes for me.

My post-secondary education is finally finished and I will be entering the working world as a “real adult”. I really don’t know what life is going to bring–I might be working nonstop or not at all–but nevertheless, I know that will drastically affect my reading!

Which is why I want to keep everything flexible!

And so, I created a new reading “plan” to guide me into this new year:


The highlights:

  1. TBR Picks – purchased novels on my Kobo/Kindle/bookshelf
    • I lowered this to 2 just because I don’t think I will be reading as many books as last year
    • This is a part of my Shelf Love Challenge 2017
  2. Library Wishlist – aka 5 Year 5 Book Challenge
    • this is a personal challenge of mine to read 25 of my most anticipated reads of the last 5 years
    • instead of planning all the titles out at the start of the year, I will decide what titles will be for each month on a monthly basis, pending library availability/etc.
  3. Classics
    • I joined a Jane Austen book club on Goodreads that will go until April 2017
    • I really want to get some more classics under my belt now that I don’t have English class anymore
  4. Netgalley
    • This is all about not hitting that “request” button too many times!
  5. RiRi/Tours
    • I love helping new authors get that exposure by reviewing their titles, I just don’t want to feel “forced” to read something because I said “yes” to too many people
  6. Library Holds
    • Again, I just want to focus more on what is already available to read now and reserves those holds for books with really long wait times

I’m sure that this plan will be modified along the way once I start working; but I really think it’s structured enough to give me direction but not so rigid that I’m stuck with a certain path. I accomplished a lot this past year in terms of my reading and finding that balance and I want to keep that momentum going forward.

Do you create a yearly plan or do you just go with the flow?

What are some of your 2017 reading goals?

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Tackling the TBR: November 2015 [4]


I won’t lie: school kicked my ass in September and October. I rarely had time to sit down and blog, let alone read for fun and so my goals for these last two months are nowhere near where I would like them to be. Between August and September, the number of books I read decreased by 50% and it was the same downward trend for October as well. School came first of course, and so I really couldn’t do anything about my reading habits until late October. But by then it was a little too late to salvage my Fall TBR Goals.

For September and October, I had 5 targets:

  1. Read a total of 2 ARCs per month
  2. Read 1 TBR jar item a week for the rest of September; 2 for October
  3. Read only 1 Library Book per week
  4. Read 7 of my 10 selected trilogy series for Trilogy Termination
  5. Only add books to my On Hold list at the start of each month

So, was I successful? Here’s how I actually did!

Rule #1: Read a total of 2 ARCs/Review copies per month

I read 5 review requests in September alone and had another 5-6 in October. This was way more than I anticipated but so many great opportunities presented themselves. In the end, I was really overwhelmed and in turn decided to close my Request option down until December so I could focus solely on my TBR in November. I really have to learn how to say no! When it comes to Netgalley, I’m going to regroup and reevaluate how many books I want to read in December.

Rule #2: Read 1 TBR jar item a week for the rest of September; 2 for October

I’m really bummed that this one never came to fruition. I was really positive heading into September that I would be able to get some of my purchased books read but catching up on ARCs/requests really bogged me down.

Rule #3: Read only 1 Library Book per week 

Besides a few exceptions, I really did only have one book out a week for October. The problem became a backlog of ARCs which led to a backlog of library books. It was really unfortunate because I had some books I had been dying to read come into my hands but had to return them before I could read them :'(

Rule #4: Read 7 of my 10 selected trilogy series for Trilogy Termination

SIGH…this was my main goal for October and I failed miserably. This one hurts the most because I was really hoping to make a dent in this. Perhaps I will have to shelf this goal until my Christmas Holidays…

On the bright side though, I did update quite a few series with their newest books AND finished a trilogy that I had its last book finally release after 2 years of waiting so that was really exciting.

RULE #5: Only add books to my On Hold list at the start of each month

I did this for September but then October came and I swear, every book I’ve been waiting to read this year came out in a two week span. So, for a time I did have more than 5 (it was probably 7) books on hold. However, they were all pre-releases and I knew that if I didn’t put my name early on that list, I probably wouldn’t get a chance to read them until next October.

So what did I learn?

That I was very naive when I set these goals near the end of August. It had been 4 months since I had been in school and I think that was enough time to forget how strapped down for time I am when I’m busy with classes and other commitments. I really put too many things on my plate for these last two months and so I think I have to scale things down a bit and slowly work my way to where I want to be.

My Game Plan for November:

With school now in full swing and finals nearing, I really have to make every concession to reduce the stress in my life. My posts’ schedule for November and December is pretty much set (the exception is my yearly and monthly recaps) so in that respect I don’t have any pressing deadlines to complete. I’m going to set some hard rules for myself for November and then play it by ear for December once I know what I am doing for break.

So here’s my new game plan:

  • No requests/ARCs in November
  • No putting books on hold at the library in November
    • I’m just going to read the books I currently have on hold when they come in but not replace them with new holds when finished
  • Read 5 TBR books in November
  • Generally: Not starting a new series by an author I already have an unfinished series/sequels for

Has the new school year affected your reading? let me know below!

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Tag it Thursdays: Reader Problems

Tag it Thursdays: I occasionally get tagged by fellow bloggers to complete various tags. Once a month I will post my response. Please, feel free to tag yourself if any of these tags interest you!

This month’s tag:

The Reader Problems Tag

I was tagged by Summer @XingSings wayyyy back in July to do  this fun tag. We actually share a lot of the same problems it seems 😛 Thank as always Summer!

1. You have 20,000 books on your TBR. How in the world do you decide what to read next?
Who doesn’t have that many books on their TBR? What I read next is almost entirely based on what books come in from on hold at the library–a problem I identified back in late May of this year and decided to do something about with my Tackling the TBR personal goal. I do have a beautiful TBR jar for all my purchased books when I manage to get a chance to pick something out (it’s colour coded and it is glorious) and thanks to my TBR challenge, I’ve been able to do that a lot more! Prior to my TBR jar I used to use a random number generator to pick from a list of 5-10 books I was in the mood to read.


2. You’re halfway through a book and you’re just not loving it. Do you quit or are you committed?
I actually have a 50 Page Rule when it comes to books: if I’m not loving a book and by the end of the first 50 pages, if I don’t care what happens next, I drop it! Most of the time these are books that cause my mind to wander while reading or even worse, cause me to NOT want to read! GASP! After reading and blogging for two years, I think I have a good handle on what I like and don’t so I rarely have to do this. More often than not, I will keep reading it. Sometimes I will book that book up at a later date if I think it was just my personal mood preventing me from liking it or the pressure to finish it before I return it to the library was stressing me out too much.

3. The end of the year is coming and you’re so close, but so far away on your Goodreads reading challenge. Do you try to catch up and how?
I’ve never had this problem. I’m constantly underestimating how many books I can read in a year. Take for example this year, I had completed my Goodreads goal by August!

But, if I did have this problem, I would read lots of novellas, join a few readathons and set aside some weekend days just for reading!

4. The covers of a series you love do. not. match. How do you cope?
Haha you know, this was never a problem until I started blogging and read about other people freaking out over this. I’m not really picky about hardcovers mixing with paperbacks (the frugal reader in me doesn’t mind so long as the artwork is the same). BUT, I recently bought two books I already owned to make them match the other books I have in the series. They were only a couple of dollars, I think I spent more to ship them! I only plan to do this if the price is right.

5. Everyone and their mother loves a book you really don’t like. Who do you bond with over shared feelings?
This happens a lot actually, as does the reverse. Part of the reason I started blogging was to have this outlet to share my feelings about books. No one I know really reads books like I do (though my best friend from university is pretty close!). For example, I was a huge Throne of Glass fan but totally thought it was an underdog when it was first published (maybe it was? I dunno because I wasn’t following blogs online when it first came out); so imagine my surprise when everyone starts to rave about it once I do start to blog! I’ve tried some groups on Goodreads but people don’t really discuss it

6. You’re reading a book and you are about to start crying in public. How do you deal?
I totally struggled with this at work the other day! I’m pretty good about holding back my emotions in public because I am very aware of where I am. But if I was alone in my room at home, full out sobs. #noshame

7. A sequel of a book you loved just came out, but you’ve forgotten a lot from the prior novel. Will you re-read the book? Skip the sequel? Try to find a synopsis on Goodreads?
Time for a shameless self plug! I actually have recaps for a lot of book on my blog for this very purpose! Because I read so many series and don’t have the time–nor the desire for some series–to reread all the books, I created a word document for myself that summarizes the key points of the book–especially the ending! I do this for all the sequels and I’ve even started to do it for romance novels that have sequel books with different leads just to keep my memory fresh.

But a helpful hint is that some series have great fan-run Wikia pages and even Wikipedia has detailed summaries for very popular novels!

8. You do not want anyone. ANYONE. borrowing your books. How do you politely tell people nope when they ask?
I actually don’t mind people boring my books. I don’t have a lot of physical books anymore so I suppose I am possessive of them (they are books I consider to be my favourites that I want to pass on to my kids one day). But I am also a firm believer in sharing the joy of reading with anyone who wants to read something and if borrowing my book will let them read, I’m all for it.

I just make sure to tell them to return it in the same condition when they are done AND TO BE SURE THEY RETURN IT!

9. You’ve picked up and put down 5 books in the last month. How do you get over your reading slump?
I had this problem at the start of July and it sucked! Nothing was wowing me and I hadn’t had a 5 star read in WEEKS! I got over that one by reading a sequel to a series by one of my favourite authors (FYI it was Empire of Night in the Age of Legends Trilogy by Kelley Armstrong and it was AMAZING!). It depends what type of slump I am in. Most of the time reading something I’ve been dying to read will work; other times, reading a favourite authors work will do the trick. Most of the time though, I good romance (usually New Adult) will make me happy again (unless I am in a slump from reading too many romance novels than a good dystiopian or high fantasy will work).

Can you tell that I am a mood reader yet?

10. There are so many new books coming out that you’re dying to read! How many do you actually buy?
I don’t by very many “new books”, I put them at hold on the library. I don’t reread a lot of books so I don’t see the purpose of buying them. Most of the time, if I really enjoy a book and think I will reread it once I have read it from the library, I will buy it later. I do buy lots of Kobo eBooks but mostly when there is a contest promotion so I get coupon codes. Again, I am a cheap person. So unless a book is under $3 when it comes out, I won’t buy it immediately. I’ll wait until I get a coupon or a sale or it drops in price.

11. After you’ve bought the new books you can’t wait to get to, how long do they sit on your shelf before you get to them?
I have books that have been on my shelf since 2009 if not a little sooner. I had been hoping to read them when I was home at my parents for the summer before I left for school but (as I write this, it is the first week of August) but that doesn’t look like it is going to happen. BUT, does it count if someone else has read them? I think my mom has read most of them 😉

Thanks again Summer!

Do we share any of the same problems? Tag yourself or comment below!

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Tackling the TBR – September & October 2015 [3]


Back in May, I discovered, like most avid readers, I have problems tackling my never ending TBR lists. I was putting too many books on hold at the library and buying more books for my Kobo than I was reading. Things improved by the end of June but I still had more I wanted to accomplish. I found that by posting my goals on my blog, I was making a great and more conscientious effort to carefully select what books I read and when. So, I decided to make this a bi-monthly feature!

For July and August, I had 5 targets:

  1. Read a total of 6 ARCs (3 per month)
  2. Read 2 TBR jar items a week
  3. By the end of August, limit the number of library books I read to 1 a week
  4. By the end of August, have a maximum total of 10 books on hold at the library
  5. Execute my Trilogy Termination Blitz by end of August

So, was I successful? Here’s how I actually did!

Rule #1: Read a total of 6 ARCs/review copies

I read a total of 9 ARCs/Review copies in July and August. This was more than I had planned but it was just so easy to press that request button on Netgalley!

Rule #2:Read 2 TBR jar items a week

This one did not happen! To be honest, I kinda forgot about it! I read a total of 6 books from my TBR jar and that was mostly thanks to the Make Me Read it Readathon. That’s almost one a week but not nearly as much as I wanted to get done.

Rule #3:Limit library books I read to 1 a week by the end of August

This goes hand in hand with Rule 4 and I think I did a great job with this. By the end of August I had reduced my library holds so that I only had 2 eBooks out from the library during the first two weeks of September. And that was pretty fantastic considering earlier in the year, I could have had upwards of 5 books out at a time.

Rule #4: Have 10 Items MAx on hold at the library by end of august

I actually managed to get this done by July and dwindled down to 4–YES only 4! Considering I had more than 30 books on hold at one point this year, this number doesn’t seem real to me! It definitely helped that I made myself stop adding holds (there was the rare exception) to my accounts but it also helped that I read most, if not all, of the books I did have on hold.

RULE #5: Execute my trilogy termination blitz by end of august

This also didn’t happen, but because I met most of the other targets, I truly think I can start this in September!

So what did I learn?

I really love this having fewer holds at the library! Originally, I planned on no more than ten because I couldn’t fathom having any less than that on hold. But once I was down to five, I REALLY felt like I had more control over what and when I read. So I decided to cut the 10 to a maximum of 5 and only update the holds list once at the start of the month (instead of continuously having 5 on hold at all times). While I have an unending list of books I can put on hold, it doesn’t mean that I have to add them all or reach the maximum capacity for holds my library allows and that was a really important lesson for me to learn.

Also learned that summer book sales are killer for buying hiatuses…I bought more than I really should have but the deals couldn’t be beat! And most were to complete series I had already started/had so I did it for the sake of the blog 😉

My Game Plan for September & october:

With school starting, it’s hard to say if I am going to have more or less time to read. I’m easily distracted so I’ll probably read more than I should. Which is A-OK with me, I just want to be more proactive about it! I have some trilogies I want to finish (Trilogy Termination) in addition to clearing up my Kobo of unread books (which is what my TBR jar is).

So here’s my new game plan:

  • Read a total of 2 ARCs per month
    • this probably won’t start until October because I had a lot of carry over from August
  • Read 1 TBR jar item a week for the rest of September; 2 for October
    • unless I have multiple books for the pulled TBR selection if it’s a series
  • Read only 1 Library Book per week 
    • exception to be made for my Trilogy Termination picks
  • Read 7 of my 10 selected trilogy series for Trilogy Termination
  • Only add books to my On Hold list at the start of each month
    • For a total of 5 books between all libraries (3 continuing series; 2 new novels)

Was the summer kind to your tbr list? Or did you just add more? let me know below!

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Tackling the TBR – July & August 2015 [2]


Back in May I created a post declaring my new plan to cut down on the number of books sitting on my Kobo. You can read my full post here but the gist of it was:

  • I was reading too many books from the library
  • I was buying more books that I was reading

To solve this I came up with 4 Rules for the rest of May and all of June:

  1. No putting books on hold at the library
  2. No buying books
  3. Not picking up freebie books
  4. Read at least 1 book from my TBR jar each week

So, was I successful? Here’s how I actually did!

Rule #1: No putting books on hold at the library!

I was actually a lot better at this than I thought! I only “cheated” for three books because I’ve been waiting a really long time for them to come out and if I didn’t put my name on the list when I did, I wouldn’t have been able to read them until late this year, possibly next (yeah, not happening!). Ever other book I wanted, I put on my wishlist for a later date.

In addition to not adding any more holds, I also read 13 of my holds; so I significantly reduced the number of books I’m expecting from the library!

Rule #2: No buying books!

Surprisingly, I didn’t buy ANY books since I created my first post! I was tempted once or twice but couldn’t bring myself to do it! Success!

Rule #3: No picking up freebies!

This rule had mixed results. While I didn’t troll Amazon daily for freebies (a habit I am bitter-sweetly happy to break), I still picked up quite a few! I picked up 9 freebies in total: 3 that I originally had for my Kindle (I primarily read on my Kobo) and 1 for a series I had the previous books for. So I suppose I didn’t really break the fine print of my rule but that’s still 5 more books than I had at the start of this challenge 🙁

Rule #4: Read at least 1 book from my TBR each week!

It became apparent to me a week after my original post that this rule wasn’t going to be fulfilled. It didn’t help that I picked up a Netgalley read that I really couldn’t wait to read (it was worth it for the record) and didn’t get as much reading time as I usually do in a week. However, I did manage to read 2 books from a previously posted series (Pretty Trilogy by M. Leighton), effectively finishing the trilogy. So while 2 books in approximately 6 weeks is short of my goal, I’m just happy I managed to get 2 books in!

So what did I learn?

That I CAN control my impulses! I oddly get a lot of satisfaction adding books to my wishlist–maybe just as much as I do for putting books on hold! I also think I learned that just because it’s free, it doesn’t mean I have to add it to my cart!

In addition, I really like this goal driven feature so I think I’m going to keep it up for the rest of the year! Might be boring for you guys but it works for me 😛

My Game Plan for July & August:

Last time I posted that “In an ideal world, I would read one library book, one purchased book and one freebie/ARC per week.” I’ve kinda changed my tune a bit. I think 1 ARC a week is excessive, especially when there are so many other great books already published that I want to read and they don’t really benefit my blog as much as I like. I seem to be doing more “Fresh Friday” (ie Newly Published Series) Posts than actual series reviews and I want to go back to that. With ARCs, a lot of them are new series and while I love reading them, I just want to be more sensible with them. I now think my ideal world is 2 purchased books a week with 1-2 library books.

So here’s my new game plan:

  • Read a total of 6 ARCs (3 per month; I already have 3 I’ve already committed to)
  • Read 2 TBR jar items a week (the catch with this one is if I multiple books for the series I pick, I’m going to try and read all of them that week, which means I might not have a chance to pull the 2nd TBR item–might not make sense to ya’ll but it does to me :P)
  • Limit number of library books I read to 1 a week by the end of August
  • A max total of 10 holds at the library at one time by the end of August (This total includes eBooks and physical copies across the 2 library branches I use. YIKES!)
    • I plan to continue enacting my no additional holds at the library rule from May/June for these two library driven goals!
  • Execute my Trilogy Termination Blitz by the end of August (Or at least read the books I plan to review by the end of August)

Here’s hoping I can get it done! I’m feeling pretty good now but these are some lofty goals and I also have my regularly scheduled life that may throw a wrench in my plans 😉 I plan to post an update post at the start of September, complete with my new TBR plan!

Have you had to modify your TBR plans at all?

Are you just starting your summer reading goals?

Any tips?


Tag It Thursdays: The I Am More Happy Than Not Tag [1]


Tag it Thursdays: I occasionally get tagged by fellow bloggers to complete various tags. Once a month I will post my response. Please, feel free to tag yourself if any of these tags interest you!

This month’s tag:

The I Am More Happy Than Not Tag

This tag/hashtag was created by Shelumiel @The Bookish and Awesome blog in response to Adam Silvera’s debut book More Happy Than Not (sounds like an inspiring read if you ask me!). I was tagged by the always awesome Summer @Xingsings and always amazing Marie @drizzleandhurricanebooks; thank you both for the interesting challenge this tag presented me with!

    There are two rules:

    1. Answer the question in whatever way you prefer, whether it be a list or in a narrative form.
    2. Link back to the original post on The Bookish and Awesome via the link widget
I’m going to try the narrative form so we’ll see how that goes!

Whenever I look at my organized book shelf, though–like most readers/bloggers–it seems like 99.99% are unread, I am more happy than not.

Whenever I get a hold I’ve been dying to read comes in, though I already have 5 other books out and 2 more books come in and I wonder “why did I put so many books on hold!” and “why do they all have to come in at once!”, I am more happy than not.

Whenever I think “that would be a great story!”, though I never get around to writing it (either down so I remember or create the story at all), I am more happy than not.

Whenever I watch an episode of Game of Thrones and think “I really should start reading the books instead”, though I really don’t have the time to read such tomes or wait that long for the next novel, I am more happy than not.

Whenever I reread my reviews, and though I discover 30 bazillion spelling and grammar mistakes after I have published it, I am more happy than not.

Whenever I create an AWESOME way to tackle my TBR, though I don’t often manage to get ‘er done and it seems like I completely forgot about my new goal, I am more happy than not.

Whenever I pat myself on the back for scheduling a review wayyy in advance, though I often have to reshuffle its publication date or push it back for an ARC review, I am more happy than not.

Whenever I think about my blog and how much fun the last 2 years have been, even though it has taken a lot of time, creativity and keystrokes, I am more happy than not!


Thanks again ladies! This was a lot of fun and a lot easier than I thought it would be!

Feel free to tag yourself! Please link back if you do! I would love to read your responses!

What makes you more happy than not?

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