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Top Ten Tuesdays: Series I Should Have Started by Now

Top Ten Tuesdays: Is a weekly meme feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish where bloggers post their Top 10 List for an assigned topic! I will not be participating every week, but I will occasionally take a shot at it! You can always find these lists (past, present and original) on my Riffle Page!

This Week’s Topic:

Top Ten Series I Should Have Started by Now

When your blog is focused on review book series, you amass quite the collection of series to read. I’ve made it a mission this year to reduce my TBR on Goodreads to 500 titles, but that’s a hard thing to do when there are so many great novels out there.

These novels are combination of titles everyone raves about and the ones I’ve been hotly anticipating to start. Though I did make a consious note not to add any of the series that I’ve put on my 5 Year 5 Book Challenge.

(In no particular order):

Do we share any series?

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Tackling the TBR: Goodreads Purge 2017


Back in 2015, I did a few posts where I talked about Tackling my TBR. Back then, it was all about curbing my library holds addiction and creating a more manageable reading “schedule”. Each month, I would set goals and/or rules in the hopes of making 2016 an even better year for reading.

And it really, truly worked!

I was able to create a fantastic reading plan that not only helped me read more efficiently, but actually helped me avoiding reading slumps and ARC overload in 2016.

So I wanted to bring it back in order to help me achieve a new goal: getting my Goodreads TBR down to 500 books (it’s currently set at 900+ books).

Now, you’re probably thinking a one of three things:

  1. Wow! You have a lot of books on your TBR!
  2. Wow! Why do you want to get rid of so many books!?
  3. Wow! You are insane if you think you will read 500 books!

And here are my respective responses:

  1. Yes, that is a lot! Which is part of the problem I want to solve.
  2. Because that is a lot of books to read and I know I won’t read them all.
  3. Actually, 500 is pretty reasonable considering I average 200 a year.

Why the Change?

I’ve recently discovered that my tastes as a reader have evolved. While I do enjoy YA reads, there are certain genres that I am struggling to connect with now. For example, paranormal YA series used to be my jam, but now, I find myself bored and annoyed with the tropes. I’ve moved on to fantasy or New Adult versions. I know that a lot of the titles on my Goodreads account are from my “youth” and that I won’t want to read them when the time comes in the near future.

Before I go any further, I want to define some things.

When I say I have 900 items on my TBR, I mean that I have 900 brand new series (first book only) or standalones that I “want to read”. This doesn’t include sequels. On my Goodreads account, I have a separate shelf called “to read” that contains sequels to series I have already started.

It’s this “want to read” shelf that I want to decrease. I know I won’t get around to all of these series, even if I do read a lot of books in one year. I also know that a lot of these titles are freebies I horded from Amazon and Kobo over the years. (Not that freebies aren’t worth my time, it’s just that I know I grabbed titles that don’t necessarily interest me simply because of the $0 price tag).

I’ll be cleaning up both shelves this year. I plan on reading a lot of sequels on my “To Read” list this year, in addition to releasing some series I haven’t touched in years. But it’s my “want to read” shelf that I plan on purging.

The Numbers

As of writing this post (Feb 2, 2017), I have 911 books on my TBR. That means, I have to eliminate 411 books from my shelf. My Goodreads challenge is set to be 175 books for 2017 and so far, I’ve read 23. Because I plan to read at least 175 books this year, I can deduct the difference of 152 from 911.

911 books – 500 – (175 Challenge Reads – 23 already read) = 259 books

So in total, I need to manually remove 259 books from my TBR by January 2018. Easy.

How will I do that?

Like I did 2 years ago, I’m going to set up some rules and guidelines that I’m going to try and stick to.

The Rules:

  1. Remove any book from < 2014* that is not a “high anticipation” read
    • *the exception is any title selected for the 5 Year 5 Book Challenge
  2. Remove any 12 books at the end of every month
  3. Remove any book that I do not have a reading source for if published < 2015
  4. Add no more than 2 books to my TBR a month

I really think #4 is going to be the hardest. I see so many great books on a daily basis reading everyone’s blogs but I’m going to have to be a little more strict with what gets a spot on my shelf. (I’m keeping track on my 2017 Reading Plan Spreadsheet)

Am I going to the extremes?

You betcha! But that’s just how I like to do things. I swear, half the fun for me is coming up with these schemes in the first place! I plan on documenting my saga in my newly returned Monthly Inventory feature so keep an eye out for that.

>> Did I Succeed? Check out my December 2017 Post

How do you manage your Goodreads TBR?

Any tips for removing books?

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Top Ten Tuesdays: TBR Books I Found from Other Blogs

Top Ten Tuesdays: Is a weekly meme feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish where bloggers post their Top 10 List for an assigned topic! I will not be participating every week, but I will occasionally take a shot at it! You can always find these lists (past, present and original) on my Riffle Page.

This Week’s Topic:

Top Ten books I’ve added to my tbr thanks to other blogs

Last time we had this question, I listed the most recent freebie books I had picked up. This time, I decided to put a cool spin on the TTT for this week by picking books that I found specifically by reading other blogs! I have a shelf on Goodreads that I label books I found via reading blogger reviews. It started to grow so much that I decided that I had to keep track of where I was specifically finding them. Now, when I do read them, I can remember where I found the book!

Here are the books I found via other blogs (in no particular order):

  1. The Hesitant Heiress from Carrie @ Reading is my Super Power
  2. Give Me Yesterday from NerdyBirdy @ Daydreaming Books
  3. The Girl with the Wrong Name from Candid Cover
  4. The Imposer Queen from Alice @ Arctic Books
  5. Everything Everything from Becca @ Becca and Books
  6. Firsts from Kaitlin @ Next Page Please
  7. Frostfire from Erin @ Reading With Wrin
  8. Uglies — This one is unique because I was email recommended this by many followers!
  9. Air Awakens from Jess @ Princessica of Books
  10. Hotel Ruby from Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books

Honourable Mentions:

These are some ones that I don’t remember where I found them from!

  • The Collector’s Society by Heather Lyons
  • The Royal We by Heather Cocks
  • Velvet Undercover by Teri Brown

What books have you found and added from other blogs?

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Tackling the TBR: November 2015 [4]


I won’t lie: school kicked my ass in September and October. I rarely had time to sit down and blog, let alone read for fun and so my goals for these last two months are nowhere near where I would like them to be. Between August and September, the number of books I read decreased by 50% and it was the same downward trend for October as well. School came first of course, and so I really couldn’t do anything about my reading habits until late October. But by then it was a little too late to salvage my Fall TBR Goals.

For September and October, I had 5 targets:

  1. Read a total of 2 ARCs per month
  2. Read 1 TBR jar item a week for the rest of September; 2 for October
  3. Read only 1 Library Book per week
  4. Read 7 of my 10 selected trilogy series for Trilogy Termination
  5. Only add books to my On Hold list at the start of each month

So, was I successful? Here’s how I actually did!

Rule #1: Read a total of 2 ARCs/Review copies per month

I read 5 review requests in September alone and had another 5-6 in October. This was way more than I anticipated but so many great opportunities presented themselves. In the end, I was really overwhelmed and in turn decided to close my Request option down until December so I could focus solely on my TBR in November. I really have to learn how to say no! When it comes to Netgalley, I’m going to regroup and reevaluate how many books I want to read in December.

Rule #2: Read 1 TBR jar item a week for the rest of September; 2 for October

I’m really bummed that this one never came to fruition. I was really positive heading into September that I would be able to get some of my purchased books read but catching up on ARCs/requests really bogged me down.

Rule #3: Read only 1 Library Book per week 

Besides a few exceptions, I really did only have one book out a week for October. The problem became a backlog of ARCs which led to a backlog of library books. It was really unfortunate because I had some books I had been dying to read come into my hands but had to return them before I could read them :'(

Rule #4: Read 7 of my 10 selected trilogy series for Trilogy Termination

SIGH…this was my main goal for October and I failed miserably. This one hurts the most because I was really hoping to make a dent in this. Perhaps I will have to shelf this goal until my Christmas Holidays…

On the bright side though, I did update quite a few series with their newest books AND finished a trilogy that I had its last book finally release after 2 years of waiting so that was really exciting.

RULE #5: Only add books to my On Hold list at the start of each month

I did this for September but then October came and I swear, every book I’ve been waiting to read this year came out in a two week span. So, for a time I did have more than 5 (it was probably 7) books on hold. However, they were all pre-releases and I knew that if I didn’t put my name early on that list, I probably wouldn’t get a chance to read them until next October.

So what did I learn?

That I was very naive when I set these goals near the end of August. It had been 4 months since I had been in school and I think that was enough time to forget how strapped down for time I am when I’m busy with classes and other commitments. I really put too many things on my plate for these last two months and so I think I have to scale things down a bit and slowly work my way to where I want to be.

My Game Plan for November:

With school now in full swing and finals nearing, I really have to make every concession to reduce the stress in my life. My posts’ schedule for November and December is pretty much set (the exception is my yearly and monthly recaps) so in that respect I don’t have any pressing deadlines to complete. I’m going to set some hard rules for myself for November and then play it by ear for December once I know what I am doing for break.

So here’s my new game plan:

  • No requests/ARCs in November
  • No putting books on hold at the library in November
    • I’m just going to read the books I currently have on hold when they come in but not replace them with new holds when finished
  • Read 5 TBR books in November
  • Generally: Not starting a new series by an author I already have an unfinished series/sequels for

Has the new school year affected your reading? let me know below!

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Tackling the TBR – July & August 2015 [2]


Back in May I created a post declaring my new plan to cut down on the number of books sitting on my Kobo. You can read my full post here but the gist of it was:

  • I was reading too many books from the library
  • I was buying more books that I was reading

To solve this I came up with 4 Rules for the rest of May and all of June:

  1. No putting books on hold at the library
  2. No buying books
  3. Not picking up freebie books
  4. Read at least 1 book from my TBR jar each week

So, was I successful? Here’s how I actually did!

Rule #1: No putting books on hold at the library!

I was actually a lot better at this than I thought! I only “cheated” for three books because I’ve been waiting a really long time for them to come out and if I didn’t put my name on the list when I did, I wouldn’t have been able to read them until late this year, possibly next (yeah, not happening!). Ever other book I wanted, I put on my wishlist for a later date.

In addition to not adding any more holds, I also read 13 of my holds; so I significantly reduced the number of books I’m expecting from the library!

Rule #2: No buying books!

Surprisingly, I didn’t buy ANY books since I created my first post! I was tempted once or twice but couldn’t bring myself to do it! Success!

Rule #3: No picking up freebies!

This rule had mixed results. While I didn’t troll Amazon daily for freebies (a habit I am bitter-sweetly happy to break), I still picked up quite a few! I picked up 9 freebies in total: 3 that I originally had for my Kindle (I primarily read on my Kobo) and 1 for a series I had the previous books for. So I suppose I didn’t really break the fine print of my rule but that’s still 5 more books than I had at the start of this challenge 🙁

Rule #4: Read at least 1 book from my TBR each week!

It became apparent to me a week after my original post that this rule wasn’t going to be fulfilled. It didn’t help that I picked up a Netgalley read that I really couldn’t wait to read (it was worth it for the record) and didn’t get as much reading time as I usually do in a week. However, I did manage to read 2 books from a previously posted series (Pretty Trilogy by M. Leighton), effectively finishing the trilogy. So while 2 books in approximately 6 weeks is short of my goal, I’m just happy I managed to get 2 books in!

So what did I learn?

That I CAN control my impulses! I oddly get a lot of satisfaction adding books to my wishlist–maybe just as much as I do for putting books on hold! I also think I learned that just because it’s free, it doesn’t mean I have to add it to my cart!

In addition, I really like this goal driven feature so I think I’m going to keep it up for the rest of the year! Might be boring for you guys but it works for me 😛

My Game Plan for July & August:

Last time I posted that “In an ideal world, I would read one library book, one purchased book and one freebie/ARC per week.” I’ve kinda changed my tune a bit. I think 1 ARC a week is excessive, especially when there are so many other great books already published that I want to read and they don’t really benefit my blog as much as I like. I seem to be doing more “Fresh Friday” (ie Newly Published Series) Posts than actual series reviews and I want to go back to that. With ARCs, a lot of them are new series and while I love reading them, I just want to be more sensible with them. I now think my ideal world is 2 purchased books a week with 1-2 library books.

So here’s my new game plan:

  • Read a total of 6 ARCs (3 per month; I already have 3 I’ve already committed to)
  • Read 2 TBR jar items a week (the catch with this one is if I multiple books for the series I pick, I’m going to try and read all of them that week, which means I might not have a chance to pull the 2nd TBR item–might not make sense to ya’ll but it does to me :P)
  • Limit number of library books I read to 1 a week by the end of August
  • A max total of 10 holds at the library at one time by the end of August (This total includes eBooks and physical copies across the 2 library branches I use. YIKES!)
    • I plan to continue enacting my no additional holds at the library rule from May/June for these two library driven goals!
  • Execute my Trilogy Termination Blitz by the end of August (Or at least read the books I plan to review by the end of August)

Here’s hoping I can get it done! I’m feeling pretty good now but these are some lofty goals and I also have my regularly scheduled life that may throw a wrench in my plans 😉 I plan to post an update post at the start of September, complete with my new TBR plan!

Have you had to modify your TBR plans at all?

Are you just starting your summer reading goals?

Any tips?


Tackling the TBR – May & June 2015 [1]


This post is slightly inspired by Niki @The Obsessive Bookseller who posted about her new method for tackling her TBR list. I had always planned to tackle my TBR list this summer but her post inspired me to take a more definitive route of action. I’ve tried various ways to tackle my growing TBR list (it was one of my major New Year’s Resolutions this year) but so far, my attempts have been futile.

So while I have a few personal goals (like finishing my t-shirt quilt and learning Spanish) for the summer, my main focus is tackling my purchased TBR list. This is my last true summer vacation as a student (I have a summer semester next year for school) so I REALLY wanted to get the majority of my books read when I have the time to read copious amounts of books and write the subsequent reviews.

For my plan of action, I had to ask myself: why do I not read the books I buy? It’s not a matter of finding the time to read (I still average 3-4 books a week) so what is it?

  1. I have WAYYYYYY to many books on hold at the library. It’s actually embarrassing since I have a spreadsheet to keep track of them all. I find that most of the books I am reading are because I have the eBooks checked out from the library and I have to read them before they expire. (And Murphy’s Law dictates that multiple books become available at once so that also adds to the problem). It’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just something that takes up all my reading time.
  2. I buy too many books-more than I manage to read. Honestly, who doesn’t have this problem? I blame Kobo and their awesome contest periods where I win promo coupons and subsequently do a bulk purchase.

Once I identified these as the source, it was time to come up with a game plan for May and June (so that I would be in better shape for July and August when I would reevaluate). And here it is:

  • For the last half of May and the entire month of June, no books shall be added to my holds lists at my libraries. I will put novels on my wishlist reads instead to add at a further time.
  • No buying books for the entire month of May and June. (The slight exception is if it is a series I select from my TBR jar and need the sequel to complete the review or a book goes on sale for $1–I’m not missing out on saving money!).
  • I can browse freebies but can only grab sequel books that I already have or I have had it on my wishlist.
  • Read at least 1 book from my TBR jar a week.

Hopefully, this will get me in shape for July and August when I can make a significant dent in my Kobo purchase list (I’m going to do a second post with my new game plan). I would love to use Netgalley more and read some of the freebies I’ve acquired over that last few months, but with my current system, it’s just not going to happen. In an ideal world, I would read one library book, one purchased book and one freebie/ARC per week. But it’s hard when I write a series review blog and have to read multiple books to write one review. Plus, I enjoy series a lot more when I can read all of the books at once and not have to wait–or try to remember what happened in the previous book–for the next book. So we will see how this goes!

What methods have you tried to tackle your TBR list?

Have any worked?

Do you have any summer reading plans?