Monthly Inventory: January 2018

January 2018

January was an interesting reading month for me. I created my 2018 Reading Plan so I had a few “to-dos” to accomplish this past month. Did I meet them? Yes for the most part! I did request more ARCs than I anticipated (and set for myself)…oops. I also had to squeeze in a few other books because my “big city” library card expires mid-February now that I no longer live there for school. I tried my best to take out the books I don’t have access to with my local library and read them.

Trope Thursdays: Fake Relationships [1]

Trope Thursdays: A monthly feature where I look at various reading tropes. Each month I will pick a trope and examine all aspects of it. I’ll discuss the classic features of the trope, what I love (or hate) about it and share some books that use the trope in their plots.

Series Review: Grad Night by Molly E Lee

Series Review: Is this series worth your time? Does it get better as the novels progress? Or does it get worse? Find out below:

Synopsis for Love in the Friend Zone (from Goodreads):

The only thing worse than not being able to tell your best friend you’re head over heels in love with him? Having to smile and nod when he enlists your help to ensnare the girl of his dreams.

Blog Tour: Breaking the Ice (Juniper Falls #2) by Julie Cross

Synopsis for Breaking the Ice (from Goodreads):

Haley Stevenson seems like she’s got it all together: cheer captain, “Princess” of Juniper Falls, and voted Most Likely to Get Things Done. But below the surface, she’s struggling with a less-than-stellar GPA and still reeling from the loss of her first love. Repeating her Civics class during summer school is her chance to Get Things Done, not angst over boys. In fact, she’s sworn them off completely until college.