Reading Challenge: Summer TBR Wipeout – Reading List

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How it works:

You do not have to run a book blog or a website for that matter. All that I ask is that you create your posts on some sort of social media website, such as Instagram, Facebook or Tumblr, etc. You can also read backlist books, ARCs, new releases, audiobooks,  or anything else that has been beckoning you to read it. There will be 4 posts in total that you can link up to here on The Candid Cover.

Monthly Inventory: June 2017

June 2017

Was it just me or did June just fly by? I honestly don’t know where the month went!

Overall, June was a mixed bag. I more than likely signed myself up for more ARCs to read this summer than I should have (oops). All the library holds I had came in within 3 days of each other at the end of the month (Murphy’s Law). And I made very little progress on my various reading challenges (ugh). However, I read some of my most anticipated books, finished my first ever series solely through audiobooks and cleaned up my list of pending requests–so I can’t complain too much.

Riffle Lists: Canadian Authors

Riffle is an independent book site that keeps track of what books you are reading and want to read. It’s similar to GoodReads but it keeps things simple and is super easy to use. One of my favourite features is the ability to create and share lists! It is a great way to create your own list of books that have a certain theme for your own records AND a fantastic way to discover new books through other users’ lists!