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Updated Reviews & Review Directories!

Hi everyone!

Tomorrow marks the beginning of new reviews! I’ve been working hard and have lots of reviews to come out over the next month!

If you have a specific series that you would like my review on, comment below and I can try my best to get that review published ASAP!

Meanwhile, enjoy these updated reviews! There isn’t a whole lot to read, just some comments about the newest books in their respective series at the bottom of the previous post. I’ve also updated the review directory pages so it is easier to see what series and novels I have already reviewed!

Enjoy your reading weekend!

Updated Reviews:

Bloodlines Series by Richelle Mead **UPDATED**
Perfection Series by Abbi Glines **UPDATED**
Ruby Red Trilogy by Kerstin Gier **UPDATED**
Starling Trilogy by Lesley Livingston **UPDATED**
Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J. Maas **UPDATED**

Site Update: Apology for the Lack of Posts Recently

I just wanted to post a quick update that I plan on adding more reviews to the site over the next month!

School got super hectic for me this term and I just didn’t have the time to write full out reviews for all the books I have been reading over the last 2 months!

My hope is to take mini study breaks and write reviews between study sessions and share them all with you!

Thanks for your patience!

Happy reading and good luck with exams (if you are writing them now!)!

Brief Hiatus

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to let you know that my blog won’t be updated for the next two weeks or so. I am busy preparing for the new school year and as such I have a lot to do and not enough time to blog or even read a book–GASP!

You can expect more posts to come from me by mid-September!

Good luck to everyone who is starting the new school year!

Site Update: Launch of Book Recaps M-R & Why we don’t Finish Books!

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to get the word out that I have launched the 3rd of 4 Series Recap pages on my blog! You can now view recaps for series that fall between the M and R range on the alphabet! Only one more to go and then it just becomes a matter of updating and new series as I read books.

I also wanted to bring up an interesting thought that Goodreads posted last week: “The Psychology of Abandonment”. As you can see by the picture I have added below, Goodreads has compiled a list of reasons as to why we never finish a book:

I think it brings up an interesting discussion so I am interested in learning what everyone else thinks?

My Thoughts?
Personally, I agree with most of the statements on the photo–especially with the “Point of No Return” ones. Editing, annoying characters and a slow plot are my main reasons for not continuing with a book. Though for the most part, I finish the book even if it bores me to tears (like Wicked by Gregory Maguire) and just not read the next book in the series–but there are a few times I just can’t even stomach that (like Luminosity by Stephanie Thomas, so boring and annoying). I also have a rule that if by page 50-80 (depends on how long the book is) I am not feeling a book, I drop it or shelf it for another time.

Actually, one of the main factors I don’t finish a book is because I have to return it to the library and I can’t renew it–especially with eBooks because they expire right away 🙁 It never fails that I get a whole whack-load of books coming in from being on hold at once and sometimes I just can get to all of them in time or another books grabs my attention more. Most of these books I pick up again as soon as I can and finish them.

So I ask, what are some books you have never finished? Why didn’t you finish them? Do you have a set number of pages before you call it quits? And do you agree with the statements Goodreads has compiled?

Leave your comments below!

I wish you all SERIESously happy reading!

Site Update: Launch of Recaps Series G-L

Hi everyone!

First, I want to apologize for the lack of posts recently. I have been extremely busy with work and my other commitments and haven’t found the time to sit down and write posts–let alone read books!

As it is a long weekend in Canada, I plan on adding a lot of posts, doing a lot of site updates and of course get some SERIESous reading in! So I apologize in advance for the crazy amount of update emails that will be filling your inboxes (I might even turn them off just for the weekend).

The first of a major update is the launch of recaps for book series G-L. There aren’t a lot so this went up quicker than I thought :D. I hope to have M-R up by mid-July (hopefully most of it will be done this weekend!)

Check it out here!

For those who have a long weekend, I hope you have an awesome time and stay safe!

For everyone else, I wish you all SERIESously happy reading!

Site Update: The Official Launch of Book Recaps

Hello everyone!

I am happy to say that I FINALLY go around to launching the Book Recap section of my blog!

Well, just the first quarter of it anyways… 😛

See what I am talking about here!

When I started my blog, I had two main goals:
1) To provide a place for people to see if an entire series of books was worth their time by posting book “series” reviews and not just individual book reviews.
2) To provide a place for people to see what happened in the last book of their favourite series.

If you are like me, you read a ton and don’t have the time to reread the entire series whenever a new books comes out. And if you are really like me, you can’t remember what happened in a book you read 1 year and 50 books ago.

So last summer, I started a word document and began to take notes about major plot points from the book I was currently reading. I complied them all together so that when I want to pick up in a series I started a year ago, I get a nice little refresher of all the important bits that I need to know for this new one.

Now, not everyone has the time or discipline to do this, but my hope it to be able to provide you this option through my blog. This recap section is the only place on my blog that contains spoilers so PLEASE, don’t read the summary if you haven’t finished the book–nothing worse than spoilers!

Because of my limited time, today I am only able to launch series recaps for book series A-F that I have read within the last year or so. I hope to have the next one, G-L, up by mid-July.

Please be aware that the recaps are on a PAGE layout as opposed to a POST option on wordpress. This means that when I add a new series to the section, it will not automatically appear in the feed. So I encourage you to check back every once and a while to see if a series you are looking for has been added.

I hope you enjoy! I wish you all SERIESously happy reading!

Why so SERIESous?

I am an avid reader (who writes a book blog and isn’t really?) but I recently realized that I tend to read book series more than anything else. Some series are awesome; some start awesome and fizzle; and some are just plain bad. But how is one to know what series are the ones to read when people only review one book at a time?

Which is why I decided to create my own book blog and review the whole book series (without spoilers!) on the basis of whether or not you should pick up the first book of the series in the first place!

My reading tastes vary from young adult to mature romances to suspense so this site will feature a variety of book series reviews to meet the needs of everyone. I will also review some stand-alone novels from time to time!

The other feature of my site is book recaps. If you are like me, you probably read the first book of a series within the first week of release and have forgotten some plot points while waiting for the next book a year later. My hope is to jog your memory by posting some key plot points (warning, there will be spoilers!) in a separate area of my blog.

I wish you all SERIESously happy reading!