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DNF Series Review: Words by Georgina Guthrie

DNF December Review Blitz — Day 5: I’m sharing my thoughts on some book series that I have marked as incomplete as I have never finished the first novel in the series. Find out why these weren’t for me:


Synopsis for The Weight of Words (from Goodreads):

Aubrey Price is in the final months of her undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto. Bright, witty, and fiercely independent, Aubrey works part-time for the college dean and has her sights set on graduating with distinction. When she meets Dean Grant’s son, Daniel, the TA in her senior Shakespearean studies course, a shared love of the Bard’s works and an instant mutual attraction draw Aubrey and Daniel together. Unfortunately, a strict anti-fraternizing policy–made more perilous by a black mark on Daniel’s record–keeps them apart.

Against this academic backdrop, Aubrey and Daniel navigate their way through a steamy courtship, their forbidden romance aided, abetted, and sometimes thwarted by a colorful cast of friends, family, and classmates.


Series: Words
Author: Georgina Guthrie
# of Books: 3 (Full Reading Order Here)

There is a novella: #3.5 The Record of my Heart

Book Order: Chronological
Complete?: Yes
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Heat Rating: Unsure
Point of View: First Person, Alternating
Publication Dates: November 2013 – November 2014
Source & Format: Public Library–eBook


Disclaimer: I stopped reading The Weight of Words (Book #1) at 29% (Start of Chapter 12). Find out why below…

Why I Picked it Up / My Expectations:

I was SUPER DUPER excited to start this series. It combined three of my favourite things: New Adult romance, Shakespeare and it’s set in Canada. Finding books set in Canada is hard and finding one set in an area I’m very familiar with is even rarer. And it integrates Shakespeare? Be still my heart!

What I Liked:


I loved that each chapter had a quote from some work of Shakespeare and how it related to that chapter in some way or another. I also had some great reminiscing about the Shakespeare course I took in University. I mean, I didn’t have a good looking TA in the class but reading this reminded me how fun studying Shakespeare can be.

–The Setting–

While I never went to The University of Toronto (their my alma mater’s arch-rivals), I did live close to the campus when I lived in The Six. So I definitely knew some of the buildings and areas mentioned in the novel. It was really awesome to have a complete picture of the setting throughout the novel.

What I Didn’t Like:

–An Unbearably Slow Plot Line–

I was 30% into the novel and absolutely nothing of significance had happened. I mean that. These two had talked a handful of times and if you didn’t tell me they were into each other, I wouldn’t have known. Well, besides the fact that Aubrey lamented on and on about how hot Daniel was. I’m talking pages and pages of inner monologue. And that was in between moments of her hot and cold reactions towards her roommate. Snooze!

–Zero Chemistry–

It wasn’t hard to figure out that Aubrey was attracted to Daniel but I never felt the tension between them. If you are going to sell me on a forbidden romance, you have to give me the tension. I get that even if Daniel is interested, he has to play oblivious for a little while (and there are other circumstances). I love a slow burn romance but I felt zero chemistry between them. Even with their “witty” banter in the classroom I felt zero heat between them.

The first half of the novel is Aubrey’s POV and the second half is Daniel’s but I never made it that far. Perhaps having Daniel’s POV and thoughts earlier on would have helped establish that connection between them but I’m not sure.

–Aubrey is One Petty Girl–

Being inside Aubrey’s head frustrated me to no end. If she was in her first year of university, I could have forgiven her somewhat immature tendencies. But she was well into her forth year and did not impress me with her attitude or actions.

It was her actions towards her roommate that convinced me to stop reading this novel. I hated how she treated him and did so knowingly because of her infatuation with Daniel (who had showed zero interest in her BTW). Just ick!

Will I Finish It?

Nope. I read the synopsis for the next novel and noticed that this is going to be one long, dragged out romance and my interest just isn’t there.

Twilight Fanfiction?

This story started as Twilight fanfiction–something I didn’t know until I had decided to DNF the novel. It definitely has been reworked and edited and I might not have noticed. But once I realized that I saw the connections and parallels.

I’m not saying this as a negative thing about the book. I’ve read quite a few stories that have originated as fanfiction for Twilight and have enjoyed them. I just thought it was an interest fact about the series!

When to Read the Novella?

From what I researched about the novella it’s just some bonus content from Daniel’s POV from throughout the trilogy. So I think it is best to read it after you finished the entire trilogy.

Series Rating: DNF

The Weight of Words DNF | Better Deeds Than Words N/A | The Truest of Words N/A | [The Record of my Heart N/A]


While there was a lot of positive attributes to this story, the characters and lack of chemistry between the leads killed this one for me. If you enjoy long romance stories that span several novels, check this out!

Read if You Like: Twilight fanfiction, slow romances, romance spanning multiple novels
Avoid if You: dislike immature characters, want more romantic tension


  • Someone to Love by Addison Moore (Someone to Love Series #1)
  • Shame by Rachel Van Dyken (Ruin Trilogy #1)
  • After Math by Denise Grover Swank (Off the Subject Series #1)

Have you read this? Should I return to this series? Leave a comment!

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DNF Series Review: The Unnaturalists by Tiffany Trent

DNF December Review Blitz — Day 4: I’m sharing my thoughts on some book series that I have marked as incomplete as I have never finished the first novel in the series. Find out why these weren’t for me:


Synopsis for The Unnaturalists (from Goodreads):

In an alternate London where magical creatures are preserved in a museum, two teens find themselves caught in a web of intrigue, deception, and danger.

Vespa Nyx wants nothing more than to spend the rest of her life cataloging Unnatural creatures in her father’s museum, but as she gets older, the requirement to become a lady and find a husband is looming large. Syrus Reed’s Tinker family has always served and revered the Unnaturals from afar, but when his family is captured to be refinery slaves, he finds that his fate may be bound up with Vespa’s—and with the Unnaturals.

As the danger grows, Vespa and Syrus find themselves in a tightening web of deception and intrigue. At stake may be the fate of New London—and the world.


Series: The Unnaturalists
Author: Tiffany Trent
# of Books: 2 (The Unnaturalists, The Tinker King)
Book Order: Chronological
Complete?: Yes
Genre: Young Adult, Steampunk
Heat Rating: unsure
Point of View: First Person & Third Person
Publication Dates: August 2012 – February 2014
Source & Format: Public Library–Hardcover


Disclaimer: I stopped reading The Unnaturalists at 18% (Start of Chapter 6). Find out why below…

Why I Picked it Up / My Expectations:

I love a good steampunk novel and 2012 was the year I added every one to my TBR list it seems because that’s when I discovered the genre. I didn’t get to this series until my 5 Year 5 Book Challenge for 2017 and I selected it as a 2012 pick.

I was very excited to see the blending of science and fantasy–each steampunk world is unique and this one seemed to be in a league of its own so I was anxious to see it all come together.

What I Liked:

–The “Saints” are Famous Scientists–

The scientist in my loved how scientists are viewed as saints in this world. Lots of people see science and religion as two mutually exclusive things but the blending of the two together here brought a smile to my face.

What I Didn’t Like:

–I Immediately Felt Lost in the World–

The key to a good steampunk novel is building the world so the readers can fully understand the vision the author wants to convey…something that did not happen here.

I don’t mind being thrown into a world I don’t know or making me ask questions, but you have to provide me with the tools to understand what the heck is even happening. With this novel, I got lost in all the terms that were being thrown out to describe people, places and the fundamental foundations for the world. I’m not saying that everything needs to be fully explained on every page in excessive detail–even a glossary at the back of the book would work because I would be able to put two and two together and figure out the world myself–all I’m saying is that you need to do something to provide the basis for the world as the reader goes along.

Will I Finish It?

No, I don’t think I will. I wasn’t really invested in the plot (probably because I didn’t totally understand what was even happening) but I also wasn’t loving the characters either.

Series Rating: DNF

The Unnaturalists DNF | The Tinker King N/A


The execution is really what hurt this novel for me. I think if I didn’t feel so lost at the start, I would have fully enjoyed this novel.

Read if You Like: being thrown into worlds, steampunk
Avoid if You: need world building



Have you read this? Should I return to this series? Leave a comment!

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DNF Series Review: Breathe by Rachel Brookes

DNF December Review Blitz — Day 3: I’m sharing my thoughts on some book series that I have marked as incomplete as I have never finished the first novel in the series. Find out why these weren’t for me:


Synopsis for Just Breathe (from Goodreads):

For Savannah Rae, living life without her parents was unimaginable. But being blamed for her first love’s suicide? That destroyed every part of who she was.

Gone were the days of innocence, happiness, and dreams. Now her days simply meant attempting to survive. In her mind, her only means for that was replacing her grief with men, booze and the fast life. And for five years, it worked.

When an opportunity to leave the nightmares of her past in Australia opens up, she takes it. Los Angeles beckons – with hopes of late nights, new beginnings, and the promise of a string of endless men to distract her, she can’t wait to dive in.

One thing she didn’t count on was meeting her match.

In the eyes of outsiders, Tate Connors has it all; the ultimate LA bachelor who is content with his lifestyle of wild nights, women and one night stands. He’s Mr. Unpredictable with looks that could destroy any woman with one glance.

The craziness of Los Angeles throws them into the chaotic path of each other. Savannah becomes the perfect game, and Tate becomes the ultimate prey. Lines are crossed, emotions are smashed, and the idea of who they truly are begins to be tangled.

However, one thing will become clear.

They are more alike than either one could ever have imagined.


Series: Breathe Duology
Author: Rachel Brookes
# of Books: 2 (Just Breathe, Breathe Again)

There is a #1.5 companion novella called Breathless.

Book Order: Chronological
Complete?: Yes
Genre: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary
Heat Rating: really warm
Point of View: First Person, Single
Publication Dates: July 2013 – March 2014
Source & Format: Own–eBook


Disclaimer: I stopped reading Just Breathe at 36%. Find out why below…

Why I Picked it Up / My Expectations:

As per my usual routine, I’m not sure how I found out about this series but I bought Just Breathe in December 2014 so I’m assuming I grabbed it during a holiday sale. I will say that the suicide plotline with Savannah’s ex-boyfriend is what drew me in. I was curious to learn why she felt it was her fault as well as to see the impact it had on her moving forward.

What I Liked:

–Savannah’s Situation–

Like I said above, Savannah’s past relationship was refreshing to me in the sense that it was something I had never encountered before. I’ve read stories about leads with deceased girl/boyfriends but not through suicide. It was interesting for me to see how it altered her relationships going forward and how she lives with the burden of guilt she feels for her “role” in it.

What I Didn’t Like:

–Hard to Like the Leads–

I can get over jaded leads–Savannah is a great example of one–but I found Savannah to be rather dull. She didn’t inspire any emotions from me (if that makes sense). I just didn’t get that bond with her as a character.

Tate also seemed like a walking cliché. I think hope there was supposed to be depth to his character but I don’t think I was going to learn about it anytime soon.

–Blah Romance–

Savannah and Tate are two characters that are extremely set in their ways. They’ve lived the “one-and-done” lifestyle for years and it’s ingrained in them.

So why is it that eyes meeting across the room and one bout of really great sex 5 days later has them completely upending their entire life philosophy?

Sorry, that just doesn’t work for me. I think I just wanted more resistance. I wanted this story to be about them slowly breaking down those walls and realizing that when you meet the right person, it just works. I wanted to peel back those layers.

But since I wasn’t interested in their characters, this quick romance simply flopped for me.

Will I Finish It?

No. When I saw that the sequel novel dealt with these two directly (and not another set of leads), I quickly bowed out. I don’t want to invest myself in a series I’m just not feeling.

Series Rating: DNF

Just Breathe DNF | Breathe Again N/A


Nothing about this story felt new or refreshing to me. It’s nothing I haven’t encountered before and I wasn’t connecting to these leads.

Read if You Like: contemporary romances, jaded characters
Avoid if You: want something refreshing

  • Shame by Rachel Van Dyken (Ruin Trilogy #3)
  • Just a Little Kiss by Renita Pizzitola (Crush Trilogy #3)
  • Undone by R E Hunter (Disclosure Series #1)


Have you read this? Should I return to this series? Leave a comment!

Thanks for joining me on my first (hopefully) annual DNF December Review Blitz! That’s all I have for this year!

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DNF December Review Blitz: Introduction Post

Ever since 2015 when I decided to be more proactive and smarter about my TBR list, I’ve found myself DNFing more books than ever. I’m sure some people will read that and think “how awful” but I don’t see it necessarily as a negative thing; if anything, it has improved my reading life in an extremely positive way. Ever since I wrote a post explaining why I wanted to DNF more booksI’ve found myself in less reading slumps because I’m not reading books simply because I feel like I have to finish them. If I don’t find myself interested in one book, I simply stop it and read another until I find one that sticks.

>> SERIESous Discussion: DNFing ARCs

According to the “My Reading Habits by Month” post earlier this year, I nearly tripled the amount of books I DNF’d in 2017 compared to 2016 (going from 7 books to 17). Which also means I have more DNF reviews sitting in my “posts to publish” queue than ever before.

Which is how I came up with the idea for this review blitz! I had imposed a rule on myself to only post one DNF review a month–which is hard! And thanks to other commitments, I often moved those post around and they never seemed to see the light of day. I also found myself running out of spots for reviews I had fully completed and ready to go. So I needed a new solution. After I posted my Trilogy Termination Blitz in the Spring this year, I decided to do a similar thing with DNF reviews. And because I like alliteration (and the idea of yearly wrap-ups in December) , I picked December.

Now: what is a DNF’d review?

For me these are reviews of novels I never finished. Meaning I started them but stopped reading before I reached the end. These are not reviews for series where I read the first book completely and then opted to not read the sequel. Those get the regular “series review” treatment on my site as I have a conclusion card to tag them appropriately. I’ve also excluded those DNF reviews for brand new book series that had their inaugural title released this year. Those series get a special “Fresh Friday” review post.

These true DNF reviews get a bit of a different review format in comparison. In them, I list what I liked, what I didn’t and if I ever plan on finishing the series. I always find these reviews helpful when I’m deciding whether or not to add a book to my TBR and that’s what I aim for these reviews to do and why I publish them.

What Reviews are on the Way?

These are reviews that I wrote in 2017 and 2018. Some of these reviews were written a long time ago (ie early 2017) and got lost in various shuffles. But I wrote them immediately after I stopped the book so my feelings and thoughts are fresh.

Here are the reviews you will see over the next few days (note the links may be “broken” as the reviews aren’t published yet):


While I never want to DNF books (especially when most of these are ones I’ve spent my money to buy), I know it is an inevitable fact of being a book reader. I hope to make this more of a yearly feature as a part of my December year-end-wrap-up going forward but you might see the occasional one pop up throughout the year.

I hope you enjoy the reviews I post over the next week! And if you read and enjoyed these books, I would love to get your takes on them! Who knows, maybe I’ll pick them up again!

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ARC Review + Blitz: Defensive Play by Jamie Deacon

Synopsis for Defensive Play (from Goodreads):

One glance is all it takes to bring his defences crashing down…

Seventeen-year-old Davey has never made friends easily. Shy, geeky, crippled with social anxiety, he feels isolated from his peers, and only his position as defender for the school football team fills the void of loneliness. On the pitch, his deft footwork has earned him the respect and acceptance of his squad, though at a price. Desperate to hold onto this camaraderie, Davey conceals the truth from everyone, even his own family.

Then, during the annual Brookshire football tournament, his eyes meet those of a rival player across the field and a spark flares between them, one neither boy can deny. Adam is everything Davey longs to be—confident, popular, comfortable with his sexuality. Davey aches to explore their connection, to discover where it might lead, but how can he follow his heart and risk rejection by his teammates, the closest thing to friends he has ever known?

Other books in the series:


Series: Boys on the Brink
Author: Jamie Deacon
# of Books: 2 (Full Reading Order Here)
Book Order:  Standalone
Complete?: Unsure
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Sports, LGBT, MM Romance, Realistic Fiction
Heat Rating: cool
Point of View: First Person, Single
Publication Date: November 30, 2018
Source & Format: Author–eARC

Add: Goodreads | Buy: Amazon / KoboiBooks


Why I Picked it Up / My Expectations:

Over the course of the last year, I’ve had tremendous luck with gay romances; specifically, adult sport ones. So when Jamie asked me to read his newest YA sports novella, it just seemed like an obvious “yes” to me.

The Plot:

I always worry when I pick up a novella that things will seemed rushed or underdeveloped; but I’m happy to say that wasn’t the case here! This was a quick read but one that packs a lot of punch and love into it.

And it is also so genuine! I could easily see this story happening in real life and I think that’s part of the charm of it. The problems and insecurities these characters have could happen to anyone and are likely happening right now. It’s just a beautiful story that doesn’t rely on overdramatic plot devices to be an entertaining read.

The Characters:

I loved watching Davey become confident in himself. I think his story is one many people (boys and girls, regardless of sexual orientation) can relate to–finding the confidence in who you truly are. He transforms before your eyes and I always appreciate that in my stories.

Adam is this great counterpart to Davey’s story in so many ways. He isn’t perfect–he too has had some bumps along the way–but I think that makes this story all that more charming by showing off those all too human qualities. It would have been great to get his POV as well but I learned enough about his through Davey to be satisfied with his character.

The Romance:

Simply put: adorable! I loved the slow burning tension this one had! It starts as a friendship and slowly becomes more. It was the perfect vessel to get the point of the story across.

My Expectations for the Rest of the Series:

This is the only story I’ve read in the series, but it has definitely impressed me so I can’t wait to further explore this series!

My Rating: 4/5

Caught Inside N/A | [Defensive Play 4/5]

A sweet, realistic read that will no doubt charm your heart!

Read if You Like: realistic fiction, LGBT stories
Avoid if You: want a longer story

The rain has stopped. A soft mist hangs in the air, turning the distant streetlights a hazy orange. After the stuffiness of the clubhouse, the night is bitterly cold and I pull on my sweatshirt against the chill. I sit on the steps overlooking the car park, heedless of the damp that seeps through my jeans. Elbows on knees, I rest my chin in my hands and close my eyes, attempting to clear my mind. I don’t want to think anymore. I just want to sit with nothing but the dark and the quiet for company.

I haven’t been hunched there long when the door opens, ejecting a stream of warmth and thumping bass. I glance behind me, although I know who it will be. My body goes still. Adam lets the door swing shut and, just like that, we’re alone.

He doesn’t seem surprised to find me on the steps. Perhaps he saw me leave. Has he followed me? My insides clench. What if Adam thinks I did it deliberately, that I meant to lure him out here. Maybe I had. Maybe, deep down, a part of me hoped Adam might come, even while the rest of me prayed he wouldn’t.

This time, when our gazes connect, there’s no one to see, no football match to act as a buffer. I drink him in. Even in the faint glow filtering through the frosted pane in the door, his eyes are a vivid blue.

“Hey,” Adam says. Such a simple word that expresses so much. There’s recognition there, like we’re childhood friends meeting after years apart, but uncertainty, too. He has a nice voice, I register through my turbulent thoughts—warm and slightly husky.

“Hey.” My reply emerges somewhere between a croak and a squeak. Cringing, I stare down at my feet.

“It’s Davey, right?”

I fling him a startled look. Had this boy—this confident, gorgeous boy—actually gone to the trouble of finding out my name?

One side of Adam’s mouth lifts in a crooked smile. “Well, I had to know who the lunatic was who almost took my leg off.”

“God.” I bury my face in my hands. Of course Adam was going to ask about me after what happened on the pitch. “I’m so sorry.”

He laughs and nudges my thigh with the toe of his trainer. “I’m kidding. Seriously, you did us a favour.”

I dare a peep at him, unable to rid myself of the thought that he has pursued me out here to take the piss. That wouldn’t be anything new, after all.

“It’s true.” Adam crouches on the step beside me, his expression amused but without malice. “Rob warned me about you. He said the rest of your defence was pretty solid, but probably weren’t quick enough to catch me. You were the real threat.”

I grimace. “I’m guessing he wasn’t expecting me to take you out quite so spectacularly, though.”

“Funnily enough, that wasn’t included in the pep talk. Still, I should be thanking you. You made our job a whole lot easier.”

“Don’t remind me. You should’ve heard the guys after the match. I’ll never hear the end of it.”

Adam laughs again, and I can’t hold back a smile. Here I am, having an actual conversation with an amazing-looking boy—a boy who’d caught me checking him out, no less—and I’m not making an ass of myself.

The door behind us bursts open and several guys spill out. I tense, guard raised. Will they think it odd us sitting out here alone? I scan their faces, but none are from Farnstead. A moment later, they barrel down the steps without giving either of us a second look and head for one of the cars parked nearby.

As they pile in and the engine growls to life, I exhale, shoulders slumping. I can feel Adam studying me and keep my gaze lowered.

“You’re not out,” he says, “are you?”

“What?” My entire body goes rigid. He knows. I’d already guessed as much, but suspecting it is one thing; being confronted with the indisputable truth sends me spiralling back into panic mode. Why had he really followed me out here? I’d thought…been sure I’d read something in his eyes when they locked with mine, but what if I’m wrong? Do I truly believe someone like Adam, someone popular and self-assured, would have sought me out? Unless…

I see again the Brookminster players in their huddle, sniggering, moments after Adam caught me staring. I’d reassured myself they weren’t laughing about me, but perhaps my fears had been well founded. The cold certainty settles like a snowball in my gut. I’d given myself away, and now the other lads have sent Adam out here to chat me up, trick me into an admission I won’t be able to take back. For all I know, his mates are somewhere close by as we speak, listening in.

“Hey.” Adam extends his palms in what is probably supposed to be a calming gesture. “It’s all right. I know and it’s all right.”

“You don’t know anything,” I snap. The instinct for self-preservation, to keep my protective wall intact at any cost, propels me to my feet. “You hear me? You don’t know anything about me.”

Before he can respond, I’m down the steps and sprinting into the darkness, phone already out to call my parents. All I want is to go home, crawl into bed, and forget today ever happened.



Jamie Deacon

Jamie lives in a tranquil spot close to the River Thames in Berkshire, England, and has always been just a little out of place—the only redhead in a family of brunettes; an introvert far more at ease with dogs than with people; a connoisseur of simple pleasures in a society intent on the quest for wealth and fame. Despite an outward cynicism, Jamie is a romantic at heart, and, when not immersed in a book, can mostly be found writing emotional stories where young men from all walks of life are forced to navigate the sometimes painful reality of growing up, coming out, and falling in love.

Author Links: Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

To celebrate the release of Defensive Play, Jamie Deacon is giving away a $10 Amazon Gift Card. For your chance to win, simply enter via the Rafflecopter below. The giveaway is open to entrants world wide, and closes at midnight EST on Friday December 7, 2018.

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Blitz + Review: The Scot’s Bride by Paula Quinn

I’m a little embarrassed that this is the first time I am talking about Paula Quinn on my blog. Because she is the standard for me when it comes to highlander romances. I fell in love with the MacGregor Duology and I devoured the Children of the Mist Series soon after. It’s so, so cool to follow generations of the same family and read about their unique adventures and swoon-worthy romances. I love returning to this world time and time again.

Below you will find a link to an exclusive excerpt, my review as well as a giveaway for a copy of the book courtesy of Forever. So if you’d like a chance to win, enter in the Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post!

Title: The Scot’s Bride

Author: Paula Quinn
Series: The MacGregors: Highland Heirs #6
Pub. Date: October 31, 2017
Publisher: Forever
Format: Mass Market Paperback & eBook
Find it: Goodreads | Kobo | Amazon

Highlander Patrick MacGregor likes his life just the way it is. Fighting for his coin, enjoying a woman’s charms, and bearing no responsibility at all. Aye, that’s the life for him. That is, until Patrick sees her-a raven-haired beauty with eyes as dark as midnight. Patrick swore never to fall in love. Not even with a lass as wild as he…especially when she’s from a rival clan.

Charlotte Cunningham knows Patrick is trouble the moment she sets eyes on him. Her only goal is to escape the possibility of marriage. Any marriage. But as the summer days turn into sultry nights, enticing her beyond reason, Charlie is forced to choose between the freedom she craves and the reckless rogue she can’t forget.

Add: Goodreads | Buy: Amazon // Barnes & Noble // iBooks // Google Play // Kobo

Read an Exclusive Excerpt Here!


Patrick’s parents are the leads from one of my favourite highlander romances EVER, Seduced by the Highlander. So I couldn’t wait to read about Patrick and the lady who would knock him off his feet!

My favourite aspect of this book is the slow burn romance. All too often in historical romances, the leads jump into their passionate affair and the rest gets left behind. So not the case here! Their attraction is palpable from the start but watching that connection grow into something more was fabulous. These two are a great pair who complement each other wonderfully and seeing them discover that was such a treat.

My only wish is that the ending didn’t feel as rushed. The vast majority of this book is Charlie and Patrick fighting their budding feelings and Patrick keeping his true identity a secret. But there are so many other things at play (like the clan rivalry and past events) and I feel like they don’t reach their peak until the last 20%. I think some of that could have been brought out earlier and played out a little more to enhance this story.

Nevertheless, highlander fans will love this one! This book reminded me why I love highlander romances and why I should be picking them up more often!

My Rating: 4/5

Paula Quinn

New York Times bestselling author Paula Quinn lives in New York with her three beautiful children, three over-protective chihuahuas, and a loud umbrella cockatoo. She loves to read romance and science fiction and has been writing since she was eleven. She loves all things medieval, but it is her love for Scotland that pulls at her heartstrings.

Author Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Trust, me this is another good one!

What about you? Do you enjoy Highlander romances?

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Release Blitz: When the Scoundrel Sins by Anna Harrington

Last summer, I discovered the greatness that is Anna Harrington. I read, devoured and absolutely adored her novel If the Duke Demands. It was a highlight of my summer and I was desperate for the sequel, When the Scoundrel Sins.

It didn’t disappoint! Catch my review of the series so far here!


Below you will find a link to an exclusive excerpt as well as a giveaway for a copies of the first book (If the Duke Demandscourtesy of Forever Publishing. So if you’d like a chance to win (and why wouldn’t you?!), enter in the Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post!

Title: When the Scoundrel Sins

Author: Anna Harrington
August 29, 2017
Publisher: Forever
Format: Mass Market Paperback & eBook
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Six years ago, a childish prank perpetrated by the reckless Quinton Carlisle ruined Annabelle Greene’s reputation and any chance she had at securing a successful marriage.  Incensed, she moved to her beloved estate on the Scottish border and has reveled in the solitude…until now when the contents of a family will are revealed.  Suddenly, Belle’s single status may cost her the only home she’s ever known.  Now, with her only marital prospect a horribly greedy and completely undesirable man, Belle knows just the person to rescue her-the one person who owes her for his bad behavior…

There’s nothing Quinn Carlisle wants more than to get out from his older brother’s shadow and make a name for himself abroad. So when a mysterious letter arrives, promising adventure, he rushes to the Scottish border…only to find that Belle laid a trap for him.  The awkward, shy bluestocking whom he so enjoyed tormenting is gone, replaced by a graceful, elegant woman who ignites a desire in him he can’t resist.  Can Quinn help her save her home-and win her heart in the process? 

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Anna Harrington

Anna Harrington fell in love with historical romances–and all those dashing Regency heroes–while living in London, where she studied literature and theatre. She loves to travel, fly airplanes, and hike, and when she isn’t busy writing her next novel, she loves fussing over her roses in her garden.

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Series Review: IFICS by Julia Crane

Series Review: Is this series worth your time? Does it get better as the novels progress? Or does it get worse? Find out below:
IFICS series By Julia CraneReview

Freak Fractured

Series: IFICS Series
Author: Julia Crane
# of Books: 3 (Freak of Nature, Fractured Innocence, Fatal Abduction)
Book Order: Chronological
Complete?: No, Fatal Abduction is to be published
Genre: Young Adult/New Adult, Science Fiction, Romance, Action
Heat Rating: really warm (for a young adult novel)
Point of View: Third Person


PLEASE NOTE: This review is a part of review blitz for the IFICS series put on by Julia Crane’s publicist. I was contacted by her assistant publicist to do a review on the first two books of the series.

My previous exposure to Julia Crane’s work was with the Keegan Chronicles and that wasn’t a totally positive experience. The writing was choppy and the story just didn’t grab my attention the way I was hoping. But I am all for second chances and when I read the synopsis for Freak of Nature, I knew this book was more my tastes.

The writing in Freak of Nature is much smoother than it was in Coexist. It was easy to follow and more importantly flowed smoothly. While third person narration is not my favourite POV form, it works well for this series. I think it would be hard to read the series as a first person POV from Kaitlyn given that she doesn’t fully think like a human. Plus, it added to the story to get a feel for what was happening around Kaitlyn when she wasn’t there. This was especially important in Fractured Innocence–and one of my favourite parts of the book.

Freak of Nature was interesting, just slow to me. It seemed like an extended novella of sorts because it really set the stage for the world the series is set in. The plot was very singular in its delivery: there really isn’t much going on other than Kaitlyn learning the truth about her human past.

While reading Freak of Nature, I kept drawing parallels to Mila 2.0 by Debra Driza. Both are extremely similar novels but I found that Freak of Nature focuses more on the romantic side of things and more on Kaitlyn’s relationships with other people while Mila 2.0 focuses more on the action and what it means to be human. Two completely different takes on a similar Science Fiction element.

To me, Freak of Nature seemed to be struggling with identifying itself as a Young Adult read or a New Adult read. At first I labelled it as a Young Adult read but it was a much more mature Young Adult read in terms of sexual content. With Fractured Innocence, it was more obvious to me that it was more a New Adult read; it deals with some heavy content that not everyone will be comfortable reading.

Fractured Innocence touches on a subject that not a lot of Young Adult/New Adult books do. I enjoyed reading that aspect of the book because I think it is a subject people need to be more aware of. I felt like it was handled in an extremely mature and realistic way which I always appreciate. Though, as I said before, it might make some people uncomfortable reading it because it is a hard thing to stomach.

I was hoping Fractured Innocence was going to be faster paced and more action focused: it wasn’t. At the halfway point they were still sitting around doing nothing and the characters even complain about it in the book. When we do get the action, it lasts for 2-3 chapters and the remainder of the book it coming to terms with everything that happened, which isn’t that much. It kept my attention though because of the added POV and the anticipation that something was going to happen; but nothing ever really did. I was alos expecting more character development but it didn’t seem to happen either.

I’m undecided about whether or not I will be reading Fatal Abduction. It sounds like it will be more exciting and reviews I have seen have all been very positive so maybe one day in the future I will pick it up.


This series reminds me a lot of the CW TV show Nikita (one of my all time favourite shows) just with a teen aged cyborg as the lead instead. However, it’s slower paced and not as action focused as I personally like when reading this type of genre. Nothing really blew my socks off but for those who like singular plot lines or want to dabble in Young Adult Science Fiction, this might be a series that is worth your time.

Rating: 2.5/5
Would I Recommend this Series to a Friend: Probably to a younger friend who wanted a taste of SciFi.

Similar Reads: Mila 2.0 by Debra Driza (Mila 2.0 Trilogy)

Synopsis for Freak of Nature (from Goodreads):
Donate Body to Science. Check.
When seventeen-year-old Kaitlyn checked the box, she never suspected she’d have her life–and her body–stolen from her. She awakens one day in a secret laboratory to discover that her body is now half-robot and is forced to hide her own secret: that she still has human emotions and a human mind. If the scientists who made her find out, they’ll erase what remains of who she was.







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Julia crane is the author of the Keegan’s Chronicles, IFICS. She has a bachelors degree in criminal justice. Julia has believed in magical creatures since the day her grandmother first told her an Irish tale. Growing up her mother greatly encouraged reading and using your imagination.

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/juliacraneauthor

WEBSITE: www.juliacrane.com

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/JuliaCrane2