Series Review: Douglas Kincaid by Deborah Smith


Series: Douglas Kincaid
Author: Deborah Smith
# of Books: 3 (Legends, The Silver Fox and the Red Hot Dove, Heart of the Dragon)

These books are loosely linked together–meaning they are not direct sequels of each other and focus on different characters.

Complete?: Yes
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Highlands
Heat Rating: lukewarm


I love contemporary romance novels and even more so, I love highlander novels so this book seemed like a dream come true but it soon became a nightmare.

I think it has something to do with when it was originally published, 1990. I’ve read a few romance novels from before I was born because they came from romance authors that the world seems to adore and one thing I have found is that they are cheesy and everything you expect from a “romance novel”. I think it is fair to say that more recent contemporary romances have stepped away from the cheese and make their stories more realistic and “dirtier” (not just sex wise but tragedies, plot twists, etc.).

I guess when I read the synopsis I thought it would be a bit more exciting plot wise–with some twists and turns and witty negotiating. It had a few interesting tidbits but I often felt like it was trying too hard. It was very cheesy in parts and a generic romance overall with the typical characters. It was a lot shorter than I thought (eBook wise) but I don’t think I would have wanted it to be any longer.

Because I didn’t enjoy the first book, I did not read the rest of the series. But based on the synopsises of the other two, I have a feeling they follow a similar formula.


I’ve read better and worse, but I wouldn’t recommend this to someone unless they wanted a quick read to pass the time.

Rating: 2/5

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Synopsis of Legends(from
Elgiva MacRoth descends from a long line of bold Scots willing to fight for their heritage. When her picturesque town comes under siege by a corporate raider, she devises a daring plan to stop billionaire Douglas Kincaid. But kidnapping a man off the rooftop of his penthouse and holding him hostage proves far less complicated than saving herself from his intoxicating sensual assault.

The stunning beauty with her golden eyes and fighting spirit make captivity feel like a fantasy. The desire heating up is enough to make them both forget the battle, and surrender to something far more pleasurable. But Douglas has his own dreams for this lovely spot of Scottish land. And he has a proposal that he hopes will convince Elgiva to give up her hard line and give in to him in every way that matters. With a warrior’s will, he’s fighting for his legacy, his heart, and the woman of his dreams.

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