Series Review: Falling Into You by Lauren Abrams

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Series: Falling Into You
Author: Lauren Abrams
# of Books: 2 (Falling Into You, Falling Into Forever)
Complete?: Yes (at least from what I can see!)
Genre: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary, Movie Stars
Heat Rating: lukewarm


I came across this book series randomly when I was looking at other books to read and decided to pick it up as well. I then decided to read Falling Into You after I had started one book that just didn’t do it for me. I’m glad I did because I really enjoyed this series.

I thought Falling Into You was a really refreshing New Adult read. I went into it thinking: normal girl falls in love with rich playboy actor, cue the generic storyline. But that wasn’t the case at all with this first book. For one, Chris isn’t some asshat playboy–he is a kind, self-conscious boy who is on the cusp of stardom. One thing I really liked about him was that he is genuine–sure he starts off a little rough at the party scene but you really get to see the true side of him throughout the book. Hallie was also fantastic–another genuine character that I think most girls can relate to. You really see their connection develop and why they fall for each other.

When I read the book description I thought their pasts might be a little more involved in the plot, but that doesn’t really come into play out until the end of the book. I thought I would miss that part in the novel but it was so cute watching them falling in love, I really didn’t mind 😛 That being said though, I think the ending was a little rushed but I was satisfied with the way it ended.

Based on the ending of Falling Into You I had a few directions where this book might go and I will say that none of them were how Falling Into Forever plays out. It was more of what I expected the first book to be–dealing with the fame and fortune and how that strains a relationship. Again, I though it was a refreshing take on a romance novel sequel. There is just something about this series that seems realistic to me despite the fact that not every normal girl falls in love with a budding movie star. I totally shed a few tears during this last book and I’m A-OK with that and I had a hard time putting it down.


These were two books I picked up on a whim and wasn’t too sure about. I’m glad I found these little gems and I hope that more people discover their charm. Overall, a refreshing take on the New Adult genre that fans of the genre should pick up 🙂 I know I have found a new “must-read” author here!

Rating: 4.5/5

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Synopsis for Falling Into You (from Goodreads):
When Hallie Caldwell, normal girl extraordinaire, perpetual wingwoman, and queen of the friend zone, accepts her college roommate’s invitation to spend winter break in New York, she figures it’s a chance to live out her childhood fantasies of a life in the big city. Instead, thrust into a world of glittering parties and oversized bank accounts, she immediately feels like an outsider.

Chris Jensen’s Hollywood agent keeps telling him that he’ll be the next big star, just as long as he gets the lead role in the reboot of a classic action franchise. When he returns to New York after a two-year absence, he has other things on his mind—his dying father, an irate sister, and the beautiful, seductive, infuriating, and ruthless Sophia Pearce. He’s not exactly thrilled when she asks him to be her roommate’s tour guide, but he reluctantly agrees.

When Hallie and Chris meet, they’re irresistibly drawn to each other. However, Chris’s meteoric rise to stardom and long-suppressed secrets from Hallie’s past threaten to destroy their tenuous connection, and each is forced to examine whether happy endings are nothing but a Hollywood fantasy

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