Book Review: Kiss the Tiger by Raquel Lyon

While this blog may be focused on reviewing book series as a whole, we can’t forget about the good ole’ standalone novel! 

Author: Raquel Lyon
Genre: New Adult, Romance, Drama, Contemporary
Heat Rating: really hot
Point of View: First Person, single

Thoughts on Kiss the Tiger:

I’ll start by saying I got this book for free from Amazon. I think that helped me enjoy the book a lot more than if I had paid for it in all honesty.

This book showed a lot of promise. I thought it was going to be filled with some drama, a heroine who was getting over a rough experience and the POV of the romantic love interest–but I am unhappy to report that this wasn’t the case.

Based on the synopsis, it seemed to me like they were going to stress Amy’s “relationship” with Josh’s brother more. However, they barely touch upon it and when they do, I find that they don’t take the issue seriously enough. Sexual assault is a serious crime and in this book they treat it as if it is just something blasé which really disappointed me and left a sour note in my mind when I was reading. Which is a shame because I thought Amy and Josh were super cute together and I liked their scenes together.

As far as drama goes, it’s your typical miscommunication scenarios and so while it did help push the plot forward, it just wasn’t anything new to me.

I also didn’t get the timeframe of the book. It’s been over a year since the “event” and Amy and Josh carry on like nothing happened or it’s just been a few months. I just felt like if they liked each other that much, they wouldn’t have waited as long as they did. Then when they reunite, it happens a little too fast for me considering they haven’t talked in over a year and before that year they didn’t talk to each other too much (or at least that is the impression I get). Besides their physical attraction to each other, I didn’t see why else they liked each other and I wish the book emphasised this a bit more.

Also, my final peeve–I don’t really get the title. I understand where it comes from after reading the book but I don’t get the metaphor…


If you are looking for a “darker” story, check out Wait for You by J. Lynn. If you want a cute story about second chances, an exotic vacation and some mild sister drama, grab this book when it’s free again on Amazon. Otherwise, it’s not really worth your time.

Rating: 2.5/5

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Synopsis for Kiss the Tiger (from Goodreads):
Nineteen year-old Amy’s love life sucks. A year ago, she thought Joshua Jackson was the man of her dreams, until one night, his brother refused to take ‘no’ for an answer, and her dream evaporated. Searching for love in a string of meaningless relationships, she finally gives up, realising no one else will ever live up to her dream of Josh. All Amy wants now is to spend her long awaited holiday relaxing and trying to forget, but her sister has other plans, and sets her up on a hot date that changes everything.

Josh would rather be anywhere other than Greece. It isn’t the country he dislikes; it’s the company. Being forced to work out his differences with his brother was not how he’d planned to spend his summer. So far he’s stuck to his good behaviour promise, but when the cause of the dispute turns out to be his blind date, family loyalties are the last thing on his mind, and he is determined not to waste the second chance and lose her all over again.

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