Series Review: Nick by Annie Jacoby

Series: Nick
Author: Annie Jacoby
# of Books: 3 (Broken, Saving Scotty, Ever After)
Book Order: Chronological
Complete?: Yes
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Drama
Heat Rating: warm
Point of View: First Person, Alternating


PLEASE NOTE: I have NOT read, Saving Scotty,  or Ever After prior to this review. Find out why below…

I got Broken for free from Amazon one day and decide to read it right away because the book synopsis seemed like it combined a lot of elements that I like in a New Adult read.

Unfortunately, this book just didn’t do it for me. One of the main reasons was the writing. The book used a lot of slang which I wouldn’t mind if I had ever heard the terms before. I laughed because I actually had to look stuff up on Urban Dictionary and it was mentioned in the synopsis. I also found that the story didn’t have a good flow to it and the paragraphs felt choppy to me at times.

The plot itself wasn’t as exciting as I thought it was going to be. Part of the reason was the characters (they were annoying) and the other part was that nothing of noteworthiness actually happened. The book was actually quite dull until the last chapter when everything seemed to rush together and then end on a nasty cliff-hanger. Which is unfortunate because a lot could have happened to make the book a bit more thrilling.

Nick and Scotty didn’t really do much for me either. As for Nick, I didn’t like his personality and attitude. I think part of the problem was the writing because things about his past were randomly inserted in as the story progressed and I just couldn’t keep up or process it well. It kind-of shocked me that Nick was bisexual because I wasn’t expecting it–it isn’t very common in contemporary New Adult reads. So just be aware that when it says he is huge player, he really has no problem with sex or who he does it with. Which doesn’t bother me in the least (to each their own) but it just seemed like it came out of nowhere! Scotty didn’t do much for me either and she seemed a little dim-witted to me at times.

As for the romance–it was really rushed. I didn’t see their connection or why they liked each other beyond the physical. They just seemed like an odd pairing to me.

Despite Broken ending on a huge cliff-hanger, I won’t be picking up Saving Scotty or Ever After. I just didn’t connect to the characters and I doesn’t bother me not to know what is going to happen to them next.


If I had actually bought this book, I would have been upset. The book just needed a good polishing by an editor to fix all the little gaps because it did have potential. I wouldn’t go out of my way to purchase it but if Saving Scotty becomes free I might pick it up to see if it is more exciting. But I wouldn’t rush out to buy this series at all.

Rating: 2/5

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Synopsis for Broken (from Goodreads):
Nick O’Hara is, for lack of a better word, a man-wh***. Look in the Urban Dictionary under that word, and his name will no doubt be mentioned. The only qualifications that he looks for in a bed-mate is that the person is hot and breathing. Mainly hot. He has no desire for an emotional connection with another person, and that’s the way he lives his life. He has his fabulous wealth and his reputation as a premiere architect, and that’s enough for him.

Until Scotty James.

Scotty is a graduate student at Columbia University in New York City. She’s broken from traumatic experiences from her years in foster care and homelessness. She has a vulnerability that is intoxicating to Nick, because, deep down, he knows that he is as broken as she.

When Nick pursues Scotty, it seems that she is the only woman who doesn’t want to be with him. At first she’s a challenge, but Nick soon finds himself falling in love for the first time in his life. With a woman who wants nothing to do with him.

Can Scotty overcome her trust issues and fear to let Nick in? Or will she prove to be too broken to trust?

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