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This Week’s Topic:

Top Ten Characters You’d Like To Check In With

I love having epilogues at the end of my books. To me, a book isn’t really complete without an epilogue (there are a few exceptions of course) and when I don’t get what I was looking for–or an epilogue at all–I get very disappointed. Blame it on the series reader in me but I want a solid conclusion with respect to these characters that I have spent my time–sometimes years!–following. So this list is a combination of some of my all-time favourite characters or books I wish had sequels.

Here are the characters I want to check in with (in no particular order):


#10 – Tristan & Vianne from The Hedgewitch Queen Series

After such a wild ride from these two I wanted to have a solid idea of what happened to them after everything was done. Did they stay together? Did other bad things happen? Just a little closure please 🙂

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#9 – Mikey and Ellie from You Against Me

When the whole story is about a court case, I would have liked to have known how that case ended… ‘nough said

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#8 – Aria & Perry from Under the Never Sky Trilogy

While I loved how this series ended, I would have loved for it to go on forever. What is life like in the Still Blue? Did everyone survive? Was everyone happy? What is this new world like?

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#7 – Gwyn from The Ruby Red Trilogy

Everything literally happens within the span of a few days in this series so I just wanted to see what things would be like in the future! Gwyn’s family is quite the cast of characters so I would love to see what everyone is up to or if any more time travelling adventures are planned.

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#6 – Any character from Wicked Lovely

While I can appreciate why the epilogue only focused on two characters, there are so many characters in this series that I wanted to have closure with! How are the romances? How are the courts doing? Does anyone have kids? Little things like that!

(Read my series review of Wicked Lovely)

#5 – Adele from Violins of Autumn

I feel that there is still a story to tell with this character. I would love to chat with her about her experience in the war and get more insight into her romantic life.

(Read my review of Violins of Autumn)

#4 – Finley from Strangely Normal

She really stole the show for me in this book. I would love to see how she is making progress with her condition and her crush. Her having her own book is on my ultimate wishlist of books that need to happen.

(Read my review of Strangely Normal)

#3 – Kali from Every Other Day

A standalone novel should rarely finish open-endedly and this was one of those cases. I really want to know what is going to happen in the next chapter of her life because it interested me way more than the plot of this book did!

(Read my review of Every Other Day)

#2 – Anyone from the Mortal Instruments/Infernal Devices Series

Cassandra Clare writes the best epilogues for her series so I am always satisfied when I read the grand finales. But I just love these characters so much that I feel like they are old friends from high school that you check in with periodically just because.

(Read my series review of The Infernal Devices and/or The Mortal Instruments)

#1 – Four from The Divergent Trilogy

For those of you who have finished the series I think you know why I want to check in with Four. I just really want to give him a big hug–and tell him how much I love him <3

(Read my series review of Divergent Trilogy)

#If I only got One Choice – June and Day from The Legend Trilogy

Again, for those of you who have finished the series I think we all have the same question after things ended: What happens next with June and Day? <3

(Read my series review of Legend Trilogy)


Honourable Mentions:

  • Anyone from the Vampire Academy/Bloodlines Series – even with that perfect epilogue at the end of The Ruby Circle, I still want more!
  • Cora, Michiko & Nellie from The Friday Society – These girls and I would be best friends if I lived in steampunk London with them! I really want to hear more about their adventures!
  • Aerin & Dane from Academy 7 – I just want more details on the romance really!
  • Tegan from Measuring Up – I felt like there was a lot more to Tegan’s character than we get and I would love to follow up with him about it.

Who would you pick if you could only catch up with one book series’ characters?

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  • You are right. I loved Every Other Day and I guess I always thought it was a trilogy I lost track of. Going back and looking at your review reminded me of what a great book it was. She writes so many books, I wonder why this one was left as a stand alone?

    • I was curious too and checked it out on her website. On there she says that Every Other Day was written as a standalone and that she intentionally left the characters on the cusp of adulthood because that is an “awesome and exciting” time…I hope that she changes her mind in the future 😉
      Thanks for reading!

  • I know — sometimes I don’t want to use my imagination, I just want the author to tell me “Jane Doe married John and they had three kids. She teaches kindergarten and is blissfully happy. The end.” I like solid conclusions, too.

    Happy TTT!


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