Feedback Needed! How do you like to read series reviews?

Hi everyone!

I just want to get some feedback about my review format! I really would appreciate your comments and please be as critical as possible! I promise you won’t hurt my feelings!

My blog’s two year anniversary (yay!) is at the end of the month and I’ve decided to reformat (slightly) how I write my reviews.

So far I’ve decided to include specific image card “conclusions” at the end of my posts that summarize my thoughts on a series as well “Read if You Like/ Avoid if You” statements. (This will be available for reviews posted in May onwards). I was reading over my reviews and I found that I never really stated whether or not you should actually read the series–and while reading is completely subjective sometimes it helps to have a definitive answer. (You can see what I am talking about here)

But what I’m looking to get some input for is how my actual review is written.

Right now, I breakdown the stats for the book/series–and I plan on keeping that–and then I do a thoughts section where I explain why liked or why I didn’t like a series. For series, I try to flow through the series in the order of publication. I write a little bit on book 1, then 2 and so on.  (See an example here)

What I want to know: is that general thoughts section helpful?

Would it be more helpful for you as a reader to have a more broken down review with some subheadings?

For example (and these are subject to change):

  • My expectations for the book/why I picked it up
  • My thoughts on the Plot
  • My thoughts on the Characters
  • My Thoughts on the Romance (if applicable)
  • My Expectations for the rest of the series (if applicable)

And then end with a general conclusion?

So what type of review format would be more helpful for you when deciding to read a series:

1) a general review of each book without subheadings? or

2) specific subheadings that highlight aspects of the book and me commenting on those aspects?

Any comments and/or suggestions would be appreciated! I write these reviews for my readers so I want to make sure they are meeting the needs of book lovers! Thank you!

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  • I really like the way you write reviews actually. They’re coherent, organized, and thorough (unlike mine, which tends to be a blob of rambling, haha). But to answer your question, I think it’s best for most readers to read your reviews with subheadings, the breakdown really works for your blog since you tend to a gradual review of an entire series from book 1 to the last. I hoped this help in some way! (How you marathon these books I will never understand, but kudos to you!) And congratulations, happy 2 years! 🙂

    • Thank you for the feedback! I really appreciate it! I think I might try out the headings for a bit and see what happens 🙂
      (PS sometimes rambling reviews are the best! You just got to get it out there! And I always enjoy reading your reviews :)) Thanks again!

      • No problem! ^.^ Writing effective thoughts is difficult, I don’t know what to add or filter. Hopefully I’ll get better by the time my blog reaches 2 years! 😉 Thank you though!

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