Reading Challenges: Bookish BINGO – Ready for Spring 2015


This year I made it a goal to get more involved in the blogging community and one way I’ve been doing that is by participating in reading challenges. Over the last 3 months, I’ve noticed that these reading challenges have really helped me to narrow down my TBR list and they are helping me to make (even) better reading selections! And so, I decided that this summer I would participate in some book BINGOs to give me more direction in my reading over the next few months.

The first one I have chosen is Great Impressions’ Ready for Springs Bookish BINGO (April – June) and the second is The Retreat by Random House’s Canadian BINGO for 2015 (April – December). I’ve also decided to join in on Bookmark to Blog’s Monthly Word Challenge. Read more about my Canadian BINGO Card here and the Monthly Key Word Challenge here!

First up is the Ready for Spring Bookish BINGO hosted by Great Impressions:


This is quite the card and a little daunting I think for my first ever Bingo! However, I had a lot of fun picking out what reads I was going to use. I tried really hard to picks books that I have bought but haven’t read; have picked up for free or have on hold at the library; but I had to find a few new books to hit the right squares. While a full card is ideal, I’ll be happy to just get one line done!

My Picks:

All Fall Down (Embassy Row, #1)    


  Red Queen (Red Queen, #1)  

  A Darker Shade of Magic (A Darker Shade of Magic, #1)  

    See Me

Click to view my entire list + my reasons for each selection on my Riffle account!

As always, you can track my progress on my Reading Challenge Page!

 Are you readying yourself to play some BINGO?

Have you read any of my picks?


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  • This looks like fun! I have a lot of the ones you chose on my TBR shelf. I have read Jane Eyre and Wither though. I plan to reread Wither as well. I’ve totally forgotten the plot and I need to read it before I continue with the next two books. And I loved Jane Eyre, have you read Wuthering Heights?

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