Top Ten Tuesdays: Characters Who Are Reluctantly in Love Triangles [5]

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This Week’s Topic:

Top Ten Books Which Feature Characters Who…

are reluctantly in love triangles <3

This week, it was a “your choice” and I decided to pick characters who are reluctantly in love triangles.

I detest love triangles but even I have a soft spot for those characters who somehow find themselves in a love triangle situation without meaning to be. I’m talking about the ones who are forced into an arranged marriage or are the best friend who was always there but gets passed over for the newest guy in school– you know, the ones who aren’t really a choice for the lead but are introduced to add some pressure on the true intended? I am always a sucker for these plot device characters and often I want them to be the ones who end up with the heroine. Sigh…

Here are the characters I think find themselves reluctantly in a love triangle

aka the times I picked the wrong person to “win” the love triangle

(in no particular order):



#10 – Theron (w/ Meira & Mather) from Snow Like Ashes Series

Theron is actually the motivation behind picking this week’s topic! It was hard not to like him because he seems like a really nice guy who is simply pushed into a marriage alliance by his father. He instantly won me over with his passion for protecting his people and I think he would make a fantastic match for Meira! Time will tell who she picks but I honestly think she has a win-win situation on her hands with Theron and Mather!

#9 – Prince Verex (w/ Kestrel & Arin) from The Winner’s Trilogy

Again, another arranged marriage situation for political gain! Verex immediately stole my heart with his kind nature and if I didn’t like Arin so much, I would be hoping Kestrel picks this prince!

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#8 – Theo (w/ Marguerite & Paul) and Paul (w/ Marguerite & Imperial Russia Paul) from The Firebird Trilogy

Confused? That’s what happens when you read a book about alternate dimensions!

Theo gets are spot because I really do think he has feelings for Marguerite, he just knows he doesn’t have a shot thanks to the spy hijacking his present-day body.

Now poor Paul has the opposite problem: the girl he loves is in love with his alternate self! I can understand the appeal of Imperial Russia Paul but I feel bad that real-Paul is stuck in a situation because he was trying to save Marguerite and thereby forces her to meet his alternate self.

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#7 – Liam (w/ Olivia & Zoey) from No One Needs to Know

It’s not everyday that your girlfriend falls in love with your twin sister…

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#6 – Tess (w/ Dylan & Hannah) from Canton Series

The only girl on my list I can remember reading in a long time that didn’t have to choose between two boys, rather she was the choice between the hero and another girl. This story was simply a case of bad timing for everyone involved!

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#5 – Stella (w/ Daniel & Her Mom) from Everything Between Us

I still don’t know how Stella was able to reconcile the fact that the boy she falls in love with used to sleep with her mother–yikes! But to be fair, it wasn’t like it was some deep connection between the two of them and I ended up really liking Daniel by the time I finished the book.

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#4 – Death (w/ Evie & Jackson) from The Arcana Chronicles

This one is a little tricky because of the whole reincarnation bit and probably doesn’t really, truly belong on this list but I’m so Team Death it isn’t even funny. While this love triangle pisses me off to no end when I read the series, I can’t help but feel bad for Death because he has waited so long for Evie to return. Ok, so maybe that waiting wasn’t totally romantic and was totally evil but, he’s had over a hundred years to feel the burn of Evie’s last betrayal so sue me that I sympathize with him a little bit!

#3 – Ren (w/ Calla & Shay) from Nightshade Trilogy

I was Team Ren from the start so it was not fun watching his complete downward spiral as the series progressed. I swear, every bad thing that could happen to a character in a book series happened to this guy! I thought he was a much better match for Calla and the only reason he didn’t get her in the end was because they were cast as an arranged relationship from the time they were kids and she couldn’t deal with it–sigh. I would have picked you Ren <3

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#2 – Xander (w/ Cassia & Ky) the Matched Trilogy

In my opinion, Ky was duller than a rock. I just did not get the appeal of his character whatsoever. Again, I think for poor Xander it was simply the fact that he got Matched to Cassia that killed any chance he had with her. If he had simply revealed his trump card earlier, he might have got her in the end. Not that she was any prize, so maybe it was a good thing!

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#1 – Keenan (w/ Aislinn & Seth + Donia) from The Wicked Lovely Series

Nothing is more heartbreaking than finding the queen your kingdom needs in someone who doesn’t want you or having the girl you truly love act as your enemy–and poor Keenan gets shafted with both. Doesn’t get much worse than that but I applaud both Aislinn and Keenan for trying so hard when it was inevitable that it wouldn’t work.

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#If I only got One Choice – Adrian (w/ Rose & Dimitri) from The Vampire Academy Series

I loved Adrian from the minute we met him and while I was totally Team Dimitri, I honestly would have been happy with either of these guys winning Rose’s heart. I’m glad in the end that Adrian didn’t, because him and Sydney are amazing together, but when it came to the VA series, Adrian was a solid choice for Rose in my books.

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Was there any love interest that YOU loved but the lead didn’t end up picking?

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