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I can’t believe it’s been two years since I started this blog! At times, it feels a lot longer than that but other times it just seems like yesterday!

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone for reading my blog, nominating me for various awards, reblogging my posts and so much more! It’s been a lot of fun and it’s been great connecting to fellow book-lovers! I can’t wait to see what is in store in the year(s) to come!

Some Fun Facts about my blog:

With a “new year” in my blogging “career” just about to start, I decided it was time to revamp some other stuff on my site!

New Home & Blog Feed Page!

This is really important! When you go to my domain, instead of my blog feed you will see that what used to be my sticky post is now a page explaining the concept of my blog. Recently updated series will no longer be listed as a sticky post but as an image widget on my sidebar. I now have a separate blog post feed page on my top toolbar (aptly named “Blog”).

When you click on my Blog Feed Page you will see a new sticky that has some links to help you better find the series, standalone or guide that you want. Below that will be my most recent posts. Of course my directories are still on my top toolbar and the search is still on the sidebar, but this seems more logical for navigation.

Some Other new thingS:

-The new blog design/colour theme-

One thing I really wanted to do was change the colour scheme of my blog. I was tired of the orange and pink and I found the text was hard to read at times (so I don’t know how all you folks could manage!). So, while I was procrastinating from studying near the end of the March, I started to work on redesigning my site.

I immediately fell in love with the purple colour scheme of the Babylog theme but discovered that I couldn’t hide all the baby things so I continued my search and I found the Sela theme. I’m so happy that I did because I like it so much better than the Babylog theme and love the customization I can play around with.

-the revamped Review format-

But that isn’t the only thing I have changed! I have also tweaked my review format! You’ll see the official new format in the next few days/months (or you can check out my review of The Book Thief for an idea) but I’ll give a brief overview of what I have changed (besides adding new colourful headers).

  • Source & Format — I’ve included where I get my books and what format I read. Because the number of pages differs in an eBook versus a physical book, I realized that when I say something lasted “50 pages” it might have been a different number in the other format (ie it really wasn’t 50 pages but 30 etc).
  • My Conclusion — I thought my conclusion was a little vague so I’ve included some more specific breakdowns to help you decide if the series/book is worth your time
    • An actual conclusion! — I realized I never gave one definitive response to the review so I created some fun images that I think summarize everything neatly into one statement. (You can see all 10 images here on my new guide!)
    • Overall — this is where my previously titled “conclusion” will be. It’s just my final thoughts of my review; usually explaining why I picked the statement I picked for that review
    • Read if you like/Avoid if you (dislike) — here I will give specific themes that I think help you determine if you should read or not read a book/series
  • I also moved the synopsis up to the top of the page for Series Reviews–it makes more sense that you read what the book/series is about before you read my review; especially since covers/titles vary by countries!
  • I’ve decided to break down my reviews into various subheadings. That way you can get the details on what you want to know instead of searching through my review 😉 *This you’ll see in June and with the occasional post in May*

**I won’t be going back to alter my all previously posted reviews with this new format. There are just too many of them! However, if a series is to be updated (ex. Fresh Friday, I read a new book in the series, or it is now a series, etc) I will probably tweak them a bit to reflect this new format.

-Blog button-

Also, I created a button if you like to collect these sort of things. I’m planning on having a blog roll feed with everyone else’s buttons but I haven’t got around to creating its permanent home yet 🙂

SERIESous Book Reviews
<div align="center"><a href="" title="SERIESous Book Reviews"><img src="" alt="SERIESous Book Reviews" style="border:none;" width="200" height="200"/></a></div>



-*new* my guide to reading more!-

In honour of my 2 year anniversary, I’m really excited to launch my new guide on How to Read MORE books. I read a ton of books (as my Goodreads account shows) and I’m always asked how I do, so I decided to post some tips on what I do to fit more reading time in! I hope you like it!

So I hope you like all my big and little changes!

Working on my blog is my number 1 goal for this summer and I can’t wait to take it to the next level! I’m into blogging more than I ever was and I’m so excited to share all my reviews with everyone (and boy do I have a lot to share over the next month!).

Thank you again!


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