Top Ten Tuesdays: Authors I REALLY Want To Meet [6]

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This Week’s Topic:

Top Ten Authors I REALLY Want To Meet

So this week I picked 5 living and 5 deceased authors I really want to meet. Is that cheating? It feels a little like cheating. Anyways…I mostly composed this list as if I was going to invite these authors to dinner and had an opportunity to chat with them about their works.

Here are the Top Ten Authors I Really Want to Meet (in no particular order):

Deceased: Shakespeare, JRR Tolkien, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Present: Jennifer L Armentrout, Cassandra Clare, Lesley Livingston, Meg Cabot, Veronica Roth


(There is just one spoiler regarding the Divergent Series, otherwise this is clean!)

 #10 – Shakespeare — My Favourite Work: Hamlet

Who wouldn’t want to sit down with Shakespeare? I find his plays and sonnets to be uterly fascinating–and the same goes for his personal life. He seems like an interesting guy.

(For the record, Hamlet is my favourite tragedy; A Midsummer Night’s Dream is my favourite comedy!)

#9 – JRR Tolkien 

Tolkien is the only author on here that I haven’t read a single book for. The Lord of the Rings scares the crap out of me for its detail and length. It’s been a goal of mine since I was a teen to read it but I haven’t worked up the courage. Maybe this summer I’ll get around to it or at the very least, The Hobbit. Regardless, I can appreciate the fantastic world-building of his works and think he would be fun to listen to at a party 😛

#8 – Jane Austen — My Favourite: Pride and Prejudice

Ok, Pride and Prejudice is the only Austen novel I’ve finished but it really is a defining piece of literature. Austen herself seems to have lead an interesting life and I’m sure she had more stories to write. I’d love to sit down and chat with her.

#7 – Charles Dickens — My Favourite: Great Expectations

Dickens is another defining author of his time. He has so many stories that I want to read and I would love to pick his brain!

#6 – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle — My Favourite: The Hound of Baskerville

Yet another author I want to read more of! Sherlock Holmes is one of fiction’s greatest characters and has had a huge influence in popular culture (who doesn’t watch Sherlock or Elementary?). It also fascinates me that a lot of Holmes’ methods are relevant to today. Doyle would be a lot of fun to talk to; especially about the burden he felt having to write more Holmes stories!

#5 – Jennifer L. Armentrout — My Favourite Series: Covenant or Wait For You

I follow Armentrout’s blog and I have to sympathize with her Theo James obsession! He is very attractive <3 She just seems like a really cool lady that I would have a lot in common with and would be a lot of fun to hang out with.

(Read my review of Wait for You)

#4 – Cassandra Clare — My Favourite Series: The Infernal Devices

Clare is one of my Top 3 favourite authors. I love the entire Shadowhunter world and I know that she has more stories to tell. It would be so much fun to sit down and talk to her about all of them!

(Read my series review of The Infernal Devices)

#3 – Lesley Livingston  — My Favourite Series: Wondrous Strange

This list wouldn’t be complete without one of my favourite Canadian authors! Her works are always rich in mythology or Shakespeare and it makes them so much fun to read. She also seems to have a vast array of interests that would be a lot of fun to talk about!

(Read my series review of Wondrous Strange)

#2 – Meg Cabot — My Favourite: All American Girl Series or The Mediator Series or Victoria and the Rogue or Avalon High

Ok, I have a lot of Meg Cabot Series that I adore. I never really got into the Princess Diaries series though the movie is one of my all-time favourites! (I blame my small town public library for having limited copies so I read that series all out of order). Anyways, I really want to meet her and thank her for starting my love of reading. She was my go-to author for YEARS as a teen and her works will always have a spot in my heart <3

(Read my review and movie review of Avalon High)

#1 – Veronica Roth — My Favourite: Divergent Trilogy


I think anyone who has finished the Divergent Trilogy has the same question: why did you DO that Veronica!?!?!? It takes a lot of guts to kill off a character and she was never afraid to do that (the last few chapters of Divergent were proof of that). And while I get in the grand scheme of things why it was necessary but damn…heartbreaker!

***End Spoilers***

(Read my series review of Divergent Trilogy)

If you could only meet ONE author, who would it be? Living or Deceased?

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  • I had a few dead authors on mine as well. I thought about putting Sir Arthur Conan Doyle on my list, but felt guilty…as much as I love Sherlock, I’ve only read Hound of the Baskervilles! I thought with so many of his works I should probably read more before I traveled back in time to meet him. 🙂 Too much thought into that? Probably. LOL.

    • Not too much thought at all. To be honest, Hounds of Baskerville is the only full length novel I’ve read but I have read some of the short stories and really enjoyed those. I always put Sherlock’s stories on my summer TBR but never get around to it 🙁

  • I think you’re the first this week to not mention J.K. Rowling. 😛 But if I could meet one author, it’d definitely be Sarah Dessen. Since she’s also from the south like me and writes about such incredibly relatable characters. I’d love to have tea with her and talk about her inspirations for her books, haha.

    • Yeah, I’m not a Harry Potter fan…I can appreciate her creativity but I really have nothing to talk to her about.
      I’ve only read a few Sarah Dessen books but I agree, it would be great to discuss her inspirations with her books because she touches on so many different real life situations.

      • //Gasp/ Wait, what? I don’t know why I assume everyone is a Potterhead… XD I mean you’re totally entitled to your opinion, so it’s cool. 🙂 Did you write a review on the series? (I’ll go look for it and check it out now…)

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