Top Ten Tuesday: Resolutions for 2016

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This Week’s Topic:

Top Ten Resolutions for 2016

I had a great 2015 blogging year if I do say so myself! I had an abundance of posts to publish, started and joined some fun new features, participated in great challenges and met some fantastic bloggers. Last year, I had 5 simple resolutions and I met them all. This year, I have a mix of blogging and reading goals I would like to meet.

Here are my Ten Blogging and Reading Resolutions for 2016:

  1. Clean up blog post tags
  2. Tweet at least 6 times a week (excluding post publishing tweets)
  3. Update Series Recaps on monthly basis
  4. Visit 365 Blogs and comment (see my Challenge page for 2016)
  5. Be more proactive about cross posting reviews to Goodreads/Riffle/etc
  6. Read 1 Netgalley book a month
  7. Read more books from my TBR (see my Rock my TBR Challenge Page)
  8. Publish my “Trilogy Termination Blitz” reviews
  9. Have no more than 5 books on hold at the library
  10. Do not start a new series by an author I have unread novels from

I also have a few bucket list items:

  1. Participate in 2 Readathons
  2. Participate in 3 Twitter Chats
  3. Read 2 Classic Novels

What resolutions do you have for this year?

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  • Happy New Year! Hope you have a successful one! I love the idea of 365 blogs and comments

  • Great resolutions! I’m really excited you want to tweet more! 🙂

  • The library hold one hurts a little 😉 My TTT

  • Looks like it’s the year for blog clean ups. A few other bloggers are doing this too, along with myself. It just takes up so much time thou.
    Will be interested to see how you go with the commenting challenge. Saw this after I signed up to around the world challenge and thought ‘bugger’. I don’t want to do to many or else it becomes to stressful.
    I failed my TBR challenge last year, so that was clearly out for me, but I have made it a personal goal to read 30 paperbacks from my collection. I buy books quicker then I can read them.
    Maybe I should start using my library more. I hardly ever borrow books now due to buying most of them now. I think I borrowed 3-4 last year and read only 1 of them.

    My TTT

    • I think blog maintenance is ALWAYS on someone’s list because you’re right: there is just SO MUCH TO DO!
      I do the same thing with books I buy but I read more library books than I do books I own. Part of it is because I currently live in a big city for school and so their library collection is HUGE and I want to take advantage of it before I move back to my small little library.

      • I hear you with the library. The one in my city takes forever to get new books and when they do everyone wants to read it that the wait list is so long. I have a library card in another city and they always get most new books quicker. I wait for it there and have it read before my home city even has it. Larger collection, but less demand. Don’t know how that works. Maybe people don’t reads there or just get it off the shelf instead of putting name on wait list.
        Which reminds me off the add other to my list…

  • I am so bad at tweeting regularly. I can’t ever think of anything that’s really worth saying. Whenever it occurs to me to tweet something it’s usually because I’m doing nothing, which isn’t really interesting for anyone to hear about, haha.

    I didn’t know you’d written a trilogy! That’s so exciting. Good luck with the publication process.

    • I’m the same way with Twitter…I have a very boring life when I’m not reading 😛
      I actually haven’t written a trilogy…well part of one I suppose. It’s actually a blog feature idea I had where I finish some trilogies where I have only the last book to read. Though looking back, I see how that can be confusing 😛

  • Oooooh you have some great resolutions here! Keeping up with my Challenges page is kind of a struggle for me and reading books from my TBR is a struggle as well so I am trying to get better with those as well. Thanks for sharing! 😀


    • Those are great goals! I constantly have to set reminders to update my Challenge pages and I can only imagine that they will be worse this year because they are a mostly “yearly” totals as opposed to “monthly” totals

  • You have some great goals! I have a few NetGalley books to read so I’m definitely trying to read at least one a month. I’m also really bad on the library front – I have so many books checked out! ?

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