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Tag it Thursdays: I occasionally get tagged by fellow bloggers to complete various tags. Once a month I will post my response.Please, feel free to tag yourself if any of these tags interest you!

This month’s tag:

Disney Book Tag

I originally saw this tag on JJBookLoversBlog and planned to do it because I LOVE Disney. Seriously, I love Disney! I’ve never lost a game of Disney Scene it! Then, I was tagged by Joey @ Thoughts and After Thoughts and so here we are! I encourage you to check out both of their posts! They have some great picks!


The Little Mermaid — A character who is out of their element; a “fish out of water”

I think Laia doesn’t get enough credit for her role in An Ember in the Ashes. Sure, she isn’t my favourite character ever but she finds herself in a situation she never expected to be in. She does the best she can and I think she develops at a decent pace.

Cinderella — A character who goes through a major transformation

To me, Fangirl is the quintessential coming of age story. Cath is one of the most stubborn girls I have ever had to read and it was interesting to watch as she comes to grips with what her life has become. It was great to watch her transform from a somewhat selfish girl into a  semi-aware human being who takes other people’s feelings into account.

Snow White — A book with an eclectic cast of characters

Lumière has one of the most intriguing cast of characters I have ever read. You can tell that the world is influenced by the circus and old fashioned “freak-shows”. You have Urlick with mysterious scars and Crazy Legs who has no arms and a slew of other misfits. They are all a lot of fun to read about and it makes for an interesting story!

Sleeping Beauty — A book that put you to sleep

I was really looking forward to reading Spinster. In fact, I had it on my hold list at the library before it was released. I wanted to read a modern take on why women and societies expectations of them. Instead, I got a dull read about a woman who discovered old female poets and how it changed her life. Yawn…it was a snoozer.


The Lion King — A character who had something traumatic happen to them in childhood

I think you could pick any of the characters in Pushing the Limits for this category! From Echo’s torn family life to Noah’s time before and after foster care, this is one heartbreaking story. And that isn’t even including Isaiah and Beth…yet.

Beauty and the Beast — A beast of a book that you were intimidated by, but found the story to be beautiful

Forbidden had been on my TBR list for years before I picked it up in the summer of 2015. A book that focuses on the romance between blood siblings was something that scared me! But I am so glad I picked it up! This story is so heart-wrenchingly beautiful and I think a lot of people will miss out on it because of the simple word: incest.

Mulan — A character who pretends to be someone or something they’re not

Not only is Emily in First Touch working undercover to find out what happened to her friend but she is also struggling with who she is as a person. So as you can expect, she has a hard time being honest with herself and those around her as she tries to solve the mystery.


Aladdin — A character who gets their wish granted, for better or worse

All you need to do is read the synopsis for Crushed and you can see where I’m going with this. You’ve got Michael who wants to get over his heart-break and Chloe who just wants to be noticed. Add some tricky family drama and you’ve got a perfect “careful what you wish for” situation.

Toy Story — A book with characters you wish could come to life

It’s no secret that I love the characters in the Mortal Instruments Series. I would love to run around fighting demons with this cast of characters. Plus, I think Magnus and I would be besties in real life.


Disney’s Descendants — Your favourite villain or morally ambiguous character

Ironically, I pick a Disney villain to wrap up my tag. I’m not sure who my favourite villain would be honestly when it comes to books. (For the record, Loki from Marvel’s Thor is my favourite). But I really enjoyed this perspective of Captain Hook’s rise to infamy in Never Never.

Thanks again Joey for tagging me!

(So sorry that it took me so long to finish it!)

Feel Free to Tag Yourself!

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