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This Week’s Topic:

Top Ten Books I Read that Were Outside my Comfort Zone

Last year, I didn’t read too many books outside my comfort zone. I usually play is safe with my books and now that my focus is on reading smarter, not harder, I tend to stick to books I know that I will enjoy. BUT, I did take some risks last year with a few reads…

Here are the books I read–and enjoyed!–that were outside my comfort zone (in no particular order):

#10 –One Last Song by S K Falls

On the surface, this book really doesn’t stray far from my usual New Adult novels but this book dealt with subject matter that I haven’t touched in a very long time. It was an uncomfortable read at times but was definitely worth it in the end. This book had a very lasting impression on me once I finished.

(Read my standalone review of One Last Song)

#9 – room BY emma donoghue

I mostly read this book because the movie was coming out and a friend highly recommended it. This book was very, very hard to get through. Jack and Ma’s story is heartbreaking and so very realistically narrated that I felt ever range of emotion while reading this story.

(Read my standalone and movie review of Room)

#8 –winter break BY Diane Matlick

This is the only sequel on the list and it surprises even me. I read Summer Tour for a review program earlier in the year and found it to be OK. It really wasn’t my cup of tea but when I was asked if I wanted to read the sequel, Winter Break, I decided to take the chance. It may not be my favourite read of the year, but I definitely enjoyed it more than its predecessor!

(Read my series review of Summer Tour)

#7 –queen of blood BY Jill myles

When it comes to New Adult novels, I tend to stick to my contemporary reads. So when I saw this book on Netgalley and saw that it was a paranormal vampire New Adult romance–I just couldn’t resist! It was a great choice in the end and inspired me to pick up some other paranormal/supernatural New Adult reads this year.

(Read my standalone review of Queen of Blood)

#6 –how to be a woman BY caitlin moran

When I went on my audiobook kick in the fall of 2015, I stumbled across this one and decided to give it a shot. While I might not have appreciated a grown British woman talking about her sexual past as I was grocery shopping; and even though it wasn’t exactly what I had hoped it would be, it was an entertaining read nonetheless!

Review to be published.

#5 –your ex-boyfriend will had this BY blue sullivan

When I was asked to review a copy of a dating advice book, I was a little thrown. But when the author explained it was more of a guide for women to find themselves as individuals rather than grooming themselves for a man, I was really intrigued. This book was a lot of fun and had some great insight for those who are trying to navigate the dating field.

(Read my standalone review of Your Ex-Boyfriend Will Hate This)

#4 –forbidden BY tabitha suzuma

The words “taboo” and “incest” where enough to keep this book on my TBR for YEARS! But I decided to take a chance and finally read this thanks to the rave reviews of my GoodReads friends. Yeah–I should listen to my GoodReads friends more often <3

(Read my standalone review of Forbidden)

#3 – 99 days BY Katie cotugno

While I may LOVE my New Adult contemporaries, YA contemporaries are a whole other ball game! I took a chance on this love triangle filled read and I was surprised to see how much I enjoyed this story! Maybe not enough to read all YA contemporaries ever, but definitely enough to consider picking up a few others this year.

(Read my standlone review of 99 Days)

#2 –the girl on the train BY Paula Hawkins

I normally don’t read Adult Thrillers or Adult Mystery stories but the hype around this book had me wondering what all the fuss was about. Albeit predictable, I found myself easily absorbed in the story and I’m really excited to see what they do with the movie!

(Read my standalone review of The Girl on the Train)

#1 –the duff BY kody keplinger

A few years ago, The Duff would have been a book I immediately gobbled up. But now that I have been out of high school for a couple of years, I was a little worried about picking up this YA High School read. But, this book was great and I immediately gobbled it up so crisis averted!

(Read my movie review of The DUFF)

Honourable Mentions:

what books did you read last year that were outside your comfort zone?

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