Site Update: 3 Year Anniversary!



It’s hard to believe that I’ve been at this whole “blogging” thing for 3 years!

I remember I made the very quick leap from signing up for Goodreads to hosting my own blog. I’m someone who goes on impulses and as soon as the idea to start a blog popped into my head, I just had to do it.

A lot has happened in 3 years.

Even last year alone had some great milestones: I started to review request copies last winter; joined Twitter last summer and moved to self-hosting this past February. That was probably my scariest endeavor to date and one that has definitely had its ups and downs for sure (such a learning curve at times!).

So thank you for sticking by me!

I want to thank everyone for reading my blog, commenting on my posts and tweets, and for always being awesome! I admit, I spent most of my first year of blogging in isolation, waiting for the people to come to me and I didn’t enjoy it all that much. I really tried to change that last year and made it a goal to get more involved–to visit more blogs and make more comments and generally see what is out there. Over the last year, I’ve really come to see what is so great about this book blogging community and I’m really excited to see what is in store in the year(s) to come!

Some Fun Facts about my blog:


Any New Changes In Store?

At the moment, I don’t really have anything new considering all my major changes happened in the Winter. I will be publishing my guide/tips to migrating to a self-hosting site as well as a few tips posts for other things (like Audible, Kindle vs Kobo and Organization). In general, I plan on having a few more discussion posts than normal–mostly SERIESous Spoilers type of posts–later this Spring.

One thing I really want to focus on this Spring is my Trilogy Termination Posting Blitz. I’ve been saying it for over a year now because I have never managed to get the job done. I have at least 10 series that I haven’t finished the very last book for in the trilogy that I want to finish. I hope to read at least 7 of these finale books and write reviews for the entire series and post in a blitz-like fashion. I also want to do a “Purchase Purge” and only read books that I have bought and do a review blitz on them. Now that school has died down, I will definitely have more time and freedom to read so I’m really hoping this will be the year!

It’s nothing to do with my blog, but I do plan on writing more this summer. I kinda failed with NaNoWriMo in November but my prep work for it helped me get my story in a better place and I don’t want to waste that.

Any Giveaways?

These are not being hosted (I have, like, no money) by me but I thought I would share them with you:

The first is a giveaway for The Recipient, a novel I will be reviewing tomorrow! Review Spoiler Alert: It’s a great thriller book you will likely want to pick-up! You can win a copy of the book, a $25 gift-card AND a donation of $10 will be made to Amnesty International in your name by entering below (open internationally):

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The second is a giveaway for a printed copy (US/CAN only) of Love, Lies and Spies. I was a tour host for this fabulous book earlier in the week! You can enter and check out my review here!

Thank you again!


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