Seriesous Spoilers: Lady Midnight

SERIESous Spoilers: A feature where we discuss what happened in our favourite (or maybe not so favourite) books. Did you like the plot changes? The romance? What surprised you? What angered you? And what do you think will happen next?

This month’s SERIESous Spoilers Pick:

Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare | The Dark Artifices


–My Personal Hype–

I marked this book as “to read” in August of 2012. Yes, 4 years ago! The original series had just released the 5th book and the finale was on the way; as was the finale for The Infernal Devices. So when Lady Midnight was released, it had been 2 years since the last Shadowhunters book though I was being placated by the TV show.

I was still really excited to get back into this world. I remember being intrigued by Emma and Julian when we first met them in TMI and I couldn’t wait to see what Cassandra Clare would do next!

–Diego or Mark: Who’s Your Pick for Cristina?–

One of my favourite characters was Cristina! I seem to always enjoy the side characters the most in these books and Cristina was no exception. I wanted to know what had her fleeing Mexico–especially from”Perfect Diego”–and I wanted to know what was happening with her and Mark.

Can I just say that I loved this love triangle? Or should I say square? Because you can’t forget about Kieran and Mark’s relationship as well. I find Cassandra Clare writes such organic relationships that I never feel like she is simply checking off a diversity box for the sake of diversity.

I admit, I was totally Team Mark for Cristina pretty early on in the book. But then Diego kinda stole my heart a little with how he acted after the “big fight”. So now I’m a little torn. (Though I think I am still rooting for Mark).

–What’s up with Diana?–

Is history repeating itself with an Institute tutor? I hope not. I admit, I didn’t pay too much attention to Diana as a character but I’m curious to know what she is hiding.

–Who is Kit?–

This twist I was not expecting in the slightest. This has me really intrigued as well. I had to look at the Shadowhunter Wikia to try and trace the various family trees but I’m coming up empty with theories. Here’s hoping we get some answers in the next book!

–Anyone else happy for the engagement?–

I never really liked Simon in the first 3 books of the TMI but I began to love him later on in the series and I love his relationship with Isabelle. The bonus story with their engagement party made me so happy!

Do you think Clary and Jace will be engaged? The way it ended made me think “not right now” but I definitely see it happening!

*end of rabid fangirling*

What are your thoughts? Agree or disagree? What are you looking forward to the most in the next book?

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