2017 Reading Challenge Announcements

2017 Reading Challenges

Last year, I participated in 2 reading challenges. One was Rock My TBR in which I focused on reading books I had purchased over the years. Another was a personal challenge to read books listed on Epic Reads’ 365 Days of YA infographic.

I had great success with the Rock My TBR and was able to clean up my eReader a bit by focusing my reading on those books I had purchased over the years. So moving into 2017, I knew I wanted a similar challenge (I like trying new challenges each year). On the other hand, my personal YA challenge fell through the cracks; I was much too ambitious with that one but I learned a lot from that attempt and know what to do moving forward.

What’s the Plan for 2017?

This year, I am a part of a Jane Austen reading group so I plan on reading more classics. But other than that, I really don’t know if I’ll have the time to dedicate to a particular challenge. I’m going to be joining the working world once school is over in two months and I really don’t know how that will affect my reading time (hopefully not too much).

Learning from my 365 Days of YA failure, I wanted to create my own personal yet flexible challenge!

Some of my most anticipated reads slip through the cracks simply because of time or my lack of memory. So, I decided to pick 5 books from each of the last 5 years that I was dying to read upon their release, but never got around to. The result is the following personal challenge:


The 5 Year 5 Book Challenge

The list totals 25 titles that were published between 2012 – 2016. Because most are the start of a series, I plan on reading as many of the sequels as possible in order to get some reviews for this blog!

(Fun Fact: That’s a total of 54 Books and 10 Novellas!)

Here are my picks:


The Crown's Game (The Crown's Game, #1) The Forbidden Wish (The For... Smut Rebel of the Sands (Rebel of the Sands, #1)


A Thousand Nights (A Thousand Nights, #1) The Bourbon Kings (The Bourbon Kings, #1) The Cage (The Cage, #1) 5 to 1 The Isle of the Lost (Descendants, #1)


Loop (Loop #1) Solitaire Dorothy Must Die (Dorothy M... Prisoner of Night and Fog (... Beautiful Oblivion (The Maddox Brothers, #1)


The Archived (The Archived, #1) Born of Illusion (Born of I... Maid of Secrets (Maids of Honor, #1) These Broken Stars (Starbound, #1)


The Iron Wyrm Affair (Bannon & Clare, #1) Something Strange and Deadly (Something Strange and Deadly, #1) The Unnaturalists (The Unnaturalists, #1) The Raven Boys (The Raven C... Tiger Lily

Full details on how I plan to do this can be found on my challenge’s homepage.

See any that you plan on reading this year? I’d love to have a buddy!

Shelf Love Challenge 2016

#ShelfLove Challenge 2017

In the same vain as my Rock My TBR Challenge, I wanted one that would focus on the books I already own. I don’t like doing the same challenges twice so I went out in search of a new one and I found #ShelfLove.

What I liked about this challenge was that each month had prompts for discussion. It also didn’t require me to pick out all the books I wanted to read in advance. I also liked that it was a yearly tally and not necessarily a monthly goal. I could just tally whatever I read from my TBR shelf whenever I read it and I had the flexibility to change my own guidelines/goals when I needed to.

(Not that Rock My TBR Challenge didn’t provide that; just this one compared to other similar challenges had more flexibility).

My Goal for 2017:

41-50 books: my shelves are now my bff

With this challenge, I’m going to try and curb my book purchases as well. Only if I find a really good deal (<$5 typically) will I buy the novel. I read a lot of books from my TBR last year but essentially replaced a good number of them with purchases.

As always, you can follow my progress on my 2017 Reading Challenge Page.

You can also learn more about my Goodreads & Judged by Cover Challenges.

What Challenges are You Doing this Year?

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