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This month’s tag:

R.I.P. or Ship Tag

So I know the officially holiday for romance was two days ago, but when you create a tag feature that can only be done on Thursdays, you just have to post things on that day of the week. So keeping with the theme of love, I decided to do this tag.

When I saw this tag on Em @ Em’s Book Corner last year, I wanted to give it a shot. It’s originally created by Booktuber emmmabooks.

The idea: you choose characters from the books of your choice, write down their names and put them in a jar. Then you pull out two names and decide whether or not you like (“ship”) or dislike (“R.I.P.”) the new relationship.

For my tag, I used 10 books that I’ve marked on Goodreads as my “fav couples” ever. I figured if any character has a shot with another random character, its the one half of my favourite couple/friend combo ever.

1–Lily (Touch Me Not) & Devi (Porn Star)

When I first pulled these two ladies out, I thought: OH the irony. See Lily has an issue being touched and Devi makes money by being in pornography videos–pretty polar opposites. But part of Lily’s journey in Touch Me Not is to be comfortable touching another person, so who better than Devi? Devi has great self-confidence and I think she would be a fantastic influence on Lily. And can probably give her some nice tips on how to handle her new relationship in more ways than one.

Verdict: friendSHIP

2–Drew (Tangled) & Haley (Until It’s Right)

Drew needs someone who can put him in his place but still appreciate his charms and I don’t think that is Haley. Haley is a nice girl but doesn’t quite have that self-confidence (yet) that Drew requires.

Verdict: R.I.P.

3–Dmitri (Vampire Academy) & Chloe (Crushed)

Haha what a combo! At first, I was a hard NO with these two but I could definitely see Chloe giving Dmitri a piece of her mind when the occasion calls for it. Dmitri is a pretty intimidating guy but I don’t think that would stop Chloe from being honest with him. Oh, but don’t forget that Dmitri is technically part vampire so…

Verdict: R.I.P.

4–Dylan (Schooled) & Sophia (Rook)

I’m not even going to elaborate on this one. Dylan wouldn’t be able to handle Sophia and her scheming, mysterious lifestyle and Sophia wouldn’t like Dylan’s straightforward approach to life and relationships.

Verdict: R.I.P.

5–Logan (Porn Star) & Lola (Dark Wild Night)

Oh, this has potential! Both Logan and Lola know what is means to have a missed connection that they know could be more. My only concern would be the Lola couldn’t handle what Logan does for a living and seeing him around other girls on a regular basis so unfortunately:

Verdict: R.I.P.

6–Michael (Crushed) & Kate (Tangled)

This could actually really work! Kate has great self-confidence and is a lot of fun. Michael is a little scorned but I think Kate could mend his broken heart.

Verdict: relationSHIP

7–Dean (Hopeless) & Alexis (Schooled)

I really like this one! Dean is a very patient guy and so, so sweet. Sure he has a bit of a reputation but underneath, he’s a keeper! Alexis is determined to succeed and she is very understanding. I think she could see past Dean’s reputation and they could be great together…if their ages were closer.

Verdict: relationSHIP

8–Rose (Vampire Academy) & René (Rook)

I kinda like this one. Rose can handle a life of adventure and scheming–I mean that’s what happens all the time in Vampire Academy. René reminds me a bit of Adrian who I thought had great chemistry with Rose throughout the VA series. René exudes confidence, has a bit of mystery and is very intelligent. Their relationship would be fast and furious I think but perhaps not long lasting.

Verdict: relationSHIP

9–Oliver (Dark Wild Night) & Kyle (Until It’s Right)

What a great match! These two would hit if off I think. Both are nerdy, slightly geeky guys who are just super nice!

Verdict: friendSHIP

10—Sky (Hopeless) & Nikoli (Touch Me Not)

At first, this was a no-go for me. But I see an older Dean (Hopeless) when I think about Nikoli. Sure, he as a reputation but throughout Touch Me Not he showed that he has a heart of gold and can be patient when he needs to be. So I think he really could help Sky navigate her life…if they were the right age.

Verdict: relationSHIP

What do you think about my pairings?

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