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Top Ten Tuesdays: Is a weekly meme feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish where bloggers post their Top 10 List for an assigned topic! I will not be participating every week, but I will occasionally take a shot at it! You can always find these lists (past, present and original) on my Riffle Page!

This Week’s Topic:

Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly Want To Read A Book

I always mention my must-read tropes when I write reviews on books with the theme but I’ve never complied a list in one place. So I was excited for the chance to list them all together!

(In no particular order):

Forbidden Love

I LOVE stories where two people who shouldn’t be together can’t help but fall in love. The sexual tension is always brimming to the surface and the “will-they-won’t-they” moments get me every time.


Queen of Blood

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Fake Relationships

I’m one of those romance readers who likes her relationships to be based on a strong emotional connection in addition to passion and I find I get that 95% of the time in fake relationship stories. I find these leads talk more often than their lust-driven counterparts and so the relationship is easily established and obvious to me. Plus, you get some great sexual tension along the way!


One Week Girlfriend (One Week Girlfriend, #1)

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Enemies to Lovers

I suppose you could associate this trope with forbidden love but I like to think of this as a subdivision of that trope. Often these two can’t even fathom a relationship and then something happens to change their minds. Again, I feel like the emotional connections are stronger as these characters learn more about each other. Through this, they see how similar they are then different and what great partners they would be.


Lace Up

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Unorthodox Relationships

I’m not talking about forbidden love like teacher-student relationships; I’m talking about romances between characters who aren’t often the leads in romances. Like porn stars or falling for your mom’s younger boyfriend. I like that fiction is an outlet to explore these situations we don’t encounter in real life (and hopefully generate a discussion on why society feels the way it does about the topic).


Porn Star (P*rn Star, #1) and Forbidden

Check out some of my other favourite “taboo” reads!

In Love with Rockstars/Musicians

Musician bad boys are my kryptonite! Who doesn’t fantasize about your fave musician noticing you in the crowd and wanting to be yours forever? Swoon!

But another reason I love band-based stories is the fact that you follow a band! You follow a cast of characters as they pursue their dreams and fall in love. It’s so easy to get attached to the characters!


Mayhem (Mayhem, #1)

Check out some of my other favourite rocktar reads!

Love Games

I kept that heading a little broad because there are two love games I love: 1) trying to hurt the player and 2) trying to get someone else to notice you. Now both of these could be found in other tropes ( 1- players falling in love and 2- fake relationships) but I do think they are a separate category. Again, I enjoy the partnerships and unexpected connections these characters experience as they plot to achieve what they initial think is best for them.


Crushed (Redemption, #2)

Check out some of my other favourite love game reads!

Imperial Russia

This probably isn’t a trope, more of a setting, but it does have certain tropes associated with it like the supernatural elements and royalty. I adore the rich culture of Imperial Russia and I always enjoy the unique approaches author’s take when using this setting.


The Gathering Storm (Katerina, #1)

Check out some of my other favourite Imperial Russian reads!


I’m a HUGE Shakespeare fan. (I’m one of those people who willingly took a Shakespeare elective in university). It’s a personal lifetime goal to try to read and see all of his plays before I die.

So naturally, I adore any retelling or story that alludes to his work. You can do so much with Shakespeare’s works and the interpretations of it and I love uncovering it.


Wondrous Strange (Wondrous Strange, #1) or Bad Romeo (Starcrossed, #1)

Check out some of my other favourite Shakespeare reads!


There are a few things I like about faeries. I like that they have the “honesty” policy and how you can never trust them. I like the magic of them and their world (and how it is so unique from story to story). They usually have a lot of action and often have political intrigue too. Throw in some forbidden love and centuries of unrest and you have everything a story needs to be entertaining!


The Iron King (The Iron Fey, #1)

Check out some of my other favourite faerie reads!

The Jackass Player Falls in Love

While I don’t enjoy like asshole dudes in real life, I have a huge soft spot for them in my romance reads. I think it’s their confidence that draws me in and seeing that confidence shatter when they meet the perfect girl that challenges them in a way they never expected. I just love seeing them put in their place!


The Deal (Off-Campus, #1)

What tropes have you coming back for more?

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