#ShelfLove Discussion: My Trope Addictions + Dislikes

One of the main reasons I picked the #ShelfLove Challenge this year was the seasonal discussions it had. It’s a fun aspect and one I think will help keep the challenge fresh throughout the year for me.

I have a lot of must read and must avoid tropes. So this was a hard topic to narrow down. But I did! I’ve selected 3 tropes I adore and 3 tropes I could leave in the dust! Coincidentally, I listed my favourite tropes for a Top Ten Tuesday list earlier this year so feel free to check that out and two years ago I did one for tropes I could do without.

For 2018 I plan on doing more with book tropes in a new feature so be on the lookout for that in a few months!

Tropes I Can’t Get Enough Of

Slow Burn Romance

This is a trope that is new to my “fave trope” lists. These are usually harder to find unless I read reviews before hand but sometimes, a slow burn romance is what I need to remind me why I love romances. All that sexual tension and anticipation is fantastic!

Trope Winners: The Wall of Winnipeg and Me |  Chasing Red

Forbidden Love

I love sexual tension and forbidden romances provide that in spades. You’ve got all that risk and you can’t wait for the reward. And I just love when love defies the odds.

Trope Winners: The Forbidden  |  Queen of Blood

Rockstar Romances

This is probably my favourite New Adult Romance genre. I will pick up any romance if it mentions a rockstar/musician love interest. I just can’t get enough of them!

Trope Winners: The Heartbreakers  |  Mayhem

Tropes That Can Drop off the Face of the Earth

Multiple Love Interests

Usually I’d say love triangles here (and I still do detest them) but lately, I’ve had to endure books where the lead has multiple people trying to win their heart. I’m talking love squares people! Apparently, the lead is so desirable that they can attract 3 significant others simultaneously! Ugh.

Trope Offenders: A Wicked Thing  |  Blood Rose Rebellion

Alpha Males

I can’t stand the men who think they can control their female counterpart. I like my romances to be a partnership where they can function as independent individuals but are stronger together as a pair.

Trope Offenders: BreathlessIndebted

Love At First Sight

I can understand instant connections but you need to elaborate on those for me. I want to see the romance blossom into something more than some unsaid connection. Physical chemistry is great but can these two hold an actual conversation? That’s what I like to see!

Trope Offenders: Real  | A Week for Love to Bloom

What tropes do you love and hate?

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