Trilogy Termination Blitz: Spring 2018


Spring 2018

This blitz has been a long time coming!

Close to 3 years ago, I thought up this great idea to help me get some previously started trilogies finished. See I had a lot of books where I had read the first 2 books but had yet to read the grand finale. These were series I had started in high school or just lost track of during university. Like most people with extensive TBRs, I never seemed to be able to find the time to get that last book read.

So this has been a project that I’ve been working on since my early days of blogging. And what you are about to get over the next 4 days is about half of what I have planned. I’m hoping that by posting this now, I can encourage myself to get the last half finished by the end of this year. It felt great to get some of those half-finished review out of my draft folder!

The Goal:

Finish 10 previously started (and completely published) series where I have read Books 1 and 2 but still have to read Book 3. I even added an extra series just as a buffer in case one of the books wasn’t available at the library*.

*which obviously was unnecessary because I read these books over the course of 3 years and not in a month span like I had originally planned.

Updated Series:

When I started this project, there were a few series that I ended up writing reviews for on my blog. Most of these reviews were from the early days when I would write posts for series even if I hadn’t finished them, simply so I would have some content for the blog. I’ve learned a lot since then 😉

So check out some of my previous reviews that are now complete:

The Gathering (Darkness Rising, #1) The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden, #1)

Reviews Over The Next 3 Days:

So what series will you see over the next 3 days? You’ll have to click on the links below when the time comes (or just wait for them to show up in your reader feed). I hope you enjoy!

Day 1 // Day 2 // Day 3

Do you have a lot of trilogies unfinished?

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