Monthly Inventory: November 2018

November 2018

It’s crazy to me that we are already in the last month of 2018! Where did the time go?!

November wasn’t the best reading month for me (nor writing, I didn’t even attempt NaNoWriMo this year like I usually do). There were definitely days I didn’t even pick up a book; which had been so foreign to me until this year. Even my blog got neglected for most of the week–thankfully I have all my posts scheduled in advance! But work and life have a funny way of doing that to you. It has inspired me to write a post about a reading slump due to life…if I ever get around to it 😛

This December is all about wrapping up the year. I’ve got approximately 20 titles I need to read to finish all my challenges by the end of the month and I’m not sure if I can do it. I have created a list to follow and I’m hoping I can stick to it!

What else can you expect this month? On the blog I have started to do my first ever DNF December Review Blitz. More often than not, my DNF reviews don’t see the light of day (they get moved around in the schedule to accommodate blog tours, etc) so I wanted a way to get them out there. This year’s reviews are a mix of titles I DNF’d this year as well as in the last two years (or so). I also have a few year end wrap-up posts including my annual Reads in Review for 2018.


Total for November 2018: 12 Books Read + 2 Novellas Read

DNF’d: 1 Book

Last November: 15 Books Read + 3 Novellas Read + 1 DNFs

Standout Read (★★★★★)

This series was a standout read for me in 2018. I loved the drama, sabotage and intrigue of the first novel and this sequel definitely measured up!

Biggest Let Down (DNF)

I definitely waited far too long to read this sequel. I just couldn’t bring myself to be invested in a series I hadn’t really loved during my first foray into it.


posted reviews

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Monthly Inventory: October 2018

Most Viewed Review

Standalone Review: American Panda

View this year’s archives for more posts and reviews!



Previously posted series reviews that got updates:


You can always get the full details on all my challenges on my dedicated page but here is a quick update:

5 Year 5 Book Challenge: 17 of 25 Titles Read – Behind!
Goodreads Challenge: COMPLETED!
52 Sequel Challenge: 45/52 Sequels – Behind!
Tackling the TBR Challenge: 28/36 Books – Behind!

View my Challenge Progress Here!


Created by Lia @ Lost in a Story

I’ve seen this meme floating around and thought it was a great idea to help me tackle my TBR list and reach that less than 500 goal. The idea is to go through 5-10 books on your Goodreads TBR list chronologically and decide if they should stay or go. I usually do a big Goodreads Purge twice a year but I like the idea of doing a little bit at a time and have decided to do this on a monthly basis.

This month (7 new to me series + 3 previously started series):











Pass: 2 | Keep: 8

Did I give up on any too soon? Let me know in the comments below!


December is all about wrapping up the year! I’ve got some new and returning year-end favourite posts in store that I hope you will enjoy! As for books, here’s what I have on my immediate TBR list:

Dirty Filthy Rich Men (Dirty Duet, #1) The Forbidden Wish (The Forbidden Wish, #1) Little Black Book (Little Black Book, #1) Twice Burned (Love is Messy Duet, #2) Arrogant Master (Arrogant, #2) Game for Marriage (Game for It, #1)

What were your biggest reading or personal accomplishments of the past month?
Leave a comment below!

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