DNF December Review Blitz: Introduction Post 2019

Ever since 2015 when I decided to be more proactive and smarter about my TBR list, I’ve found myself DNFing more books than ever. I’m sure some people will read that and think “how awful” but I don’t see it necessarily as a negative thing; if anything, it has improved my reading life in an extremely positive way. Following a post I wrote explaining why I wanted to DNF more booksI’ve found myself in less reading slumps because I’m not reading books simply because I feel like I have to finish them. If I don’t find myself interested in one book, I simply stop it and read another until I find one that sticks.

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So last year I came up with the idea to post all my DNF book reviews in December. The main reason I decided to do this was that my DNF reviews would always be moved around to accommodate other posts throughout the year and never seemed to see the light of day. Add to that: I really liked the idea of having them be a part of my year-end round up to help me remember my year of reading.

Now: what is a DNF’d review?

Last year, these DNF reviews were books that I stopped reading before I finished them. It didn’t include book series where I had finished Book #1 but had opted not to read the sequels. This year, that’s not the case (more below). And like last year, I’m excluding titles that qualify for my Fresh Friday” review post (brand new book series that had their inaugural title released in the past year but the sequel has yet to be published).

I actually hadn’t DNF’d a single book until June this past year (shocking, I know!) so I included some series where I (reluctantly) finished the first book but decided not to read the sequels. But I had a terrible summer reading slump and DNF’d a lot of books so the majority of this year’s blitz does focus on titles I never finished.

What Reviews are on the Way?

These DNF reviews get a bit of a different review format in comparison. In them, I list what I liked, what I didn’t and if I ever plan on finishing the series. I always find these reviews helpful when I’m deciding whether or not to add a book to my TBR and that’s what I aim for these reviews to do and why I publish them.

Here are the reviews you will see over the next few days (note the links may be “broken” as the reviews aren’t published yet):

I hope you enjoy the reviews I post over the next two weeks! And if you read and enjoyed these books, I would love to get your takes on them! Who knows, maybe I’ll pick them up again!

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