Top Ten Tuesdays: Last 10 Books I DNF’d

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This Week’s Topic:

Top Ten Books I Just Couldn’t Finish

I’ve been really good in the last year or so about not DNFing books. I don’t think there is anything wrong with DNFing books. I mean, I even wrote a post about HOW I do it here and part of my yearly wrap-up for the blog includes a DNF December Blitz of all the books and/or series I’ve opted not to finish for one reason or another. I just mean, that in the last year or so I’ve been very fortunate to pick up books that I’ve been able to finish.

So far this year I’ve DNF’d 4 books. Last year, I didn’t DNF a book until June. But here are the last 10 I’ve had to put down and why:

In Order of Most Recent:


I was listening to the audio version and I just found it couldn’t hold my attention with all the jumping around from past to present. Plus it is SO LONG!

DNF’d at 44%


I was really excited to read this diversely cast sequel but I failed to see the chemistry between these two at all.

DNF’d at 30%


This book hits the ground running and I had immediately fell behind. I felt like the synopsis served as the exposition and that I should already know who these people were and their relationships.

DNF’d at 21%


I really enjoyed the others in the series but this went from 0 to 100 in a second with no build up of chemistry or anything. Just didn’t work for me!

DNF’d at 25%

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Everything in this book seemed to move at a glacial pace. Whether it was the romance or the severe lack of drama, everything was taking its time to develop and I was bored.

DNF’d at 41%

Read My Review


After a promising first part, I was eager to see where this would go but it went nowhere anytime fast.

DNF’d at 40%

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I bought this before the whole Kindle Unlimited scam happened but this was so boring and bland.

DNF’d at 23%


Too much angst from our female lead and the lack of the male POV had me feeling nothing from these two.

DNF’d at 37%

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This started off promising for me but I disliked how judgy our lead was towards other women. And I felt zero chemistry between the leads.

DNF’d at 22%

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This book just needed something to take it to the next level. I wanted complex politics and drama but everything felt mundane.

DNF’d at 52%

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Do you tough it out or do you DNF?

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