Series Review: Wright Series by K A Linde

Series Review: Is this series worth your time? Does it get better as the novels progress? Or does it get worse? Find out below:


Synopsis for The Wright Brother (from Goodreads):

I’d dated his brother.

He didn’t remember and I wish I could forget.

I may have sworn off the Wright family a long time ago. But when I returned home, Jensen Wright crashed into my life with the confidence of a billionaire CEO and the sex appeal of a god. Even I couldn’t resist our charged chemistry, or the way he fit into my life like a missing puzzle piece.

Too bad he’d forgotten the one thing that could destroy us.

Because Jensen Wright doesn’t share. Not with anyone. And if his brother finds out, this could all go down in flames.

When it all was said and done, was he the Wright brother?


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Series: Wright Series

There is a spin-off: Wright Love Duet

Author: K A Linde
# of Books: 4  (Full Reading Order)
Book Order: Connected
Complete?: Yes
Genre: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Heat Rating: Toasty
Point of View: First Person, Alternating
Publication Dates: February 2017 – January 2018
Source & Format: Public Library–Audiobook


Why I Picked it Up / My Expectations:

I’ve become a fan of K A Linde’s work over the years. She writes some great drama into her romances and isn’t afraid to write unlikable characters as her leads. That draws me in as a reader because it gives the stories a unique flare and allows for some great character moments.

This series seemed more like your average contemporary romance and I loved that it followed a group of siblings, so I was curious to see what it would be like.

The Concept/Reading Order:

While you could definitely read each book as a standalone and in any order, I think you will get more out of it if you follow the publication order. Because it follows a group of siblings, you get little tidbits about the next set of leads in each book and I find that helps to build up the tension and anticipation of the sequels.

The Plot:

I wasn’t overly impressed with the plots in most of the books. They were all pretty melodramatic–maybe that was the point since it follows a wealthy family of siblings in Texas? It feels very Dallas or Dynasty-esque (the TV shows that is).

I felt the vast majority of the books spent most of their time reiterating the physical attraction between the leads and steamy moments where they appreciated that attraction. Throw in some horrible communication tactics (like you can’t reach someone by calling? Just send them a quick text instead!) and there’s your drama. The only somewhat realistic drama was the events that transpire in the 4th book, The Wright Secret. But if you’re into that type of drama–go for it!

The Characters:

As the series progressed, I thought the leads got to be a little more complex and layered. They all make silly decisions sometimes so that was frustrating to read about at times. But for the most part, they are all likeable or become redeemable by the end.

The Romance:

Some romances were better than others for me. Again, it depended on the drama of the plot and how it was written into the novel. I could have used a little more oomph to take them to the next levels though because they seemed to be slightly on the superficial side of things.

My Audiobook Experience:

I actually own the first book (and maybe the second?) but opted to read the audio versions instead simply for convenience (I’m slowly running out of audiobook series to listen to at my library and they have this whole series available). The audiobook production is solid (with the exception of #3, The Wright Mistake. I did not enjoy the Southern drawls the narrators attempted). I really appreciated that they had a new set of narrators for each book because it can be tiring listening to the same two narrators be 6+ different leads in an audio series.

Will I Read the Spin-off?:

YES! I’m really curious to see what happens with this character because of the events that transpired in the series.

>> My Review of The Wright Love Duet

Series Rating: 3/5

The Wright Brother 3/5 | The Wright Boss 3/5 | The Wright Mistake 3/5 | The Wright Secret 4/5


While this isn’t my favourite contemporary series that follows a group of siblings, they are entertaining reads that make for a quick read when you need it!

Read if You Like: contemporary romances, follow siblings
Avoid if You: want deeper romances/connections



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