Burn, Rewrite or Reread Tag – 2020 Edition


Burn, Rewrite, Reread Tag 2020

I’ve been doing this tag as part of my annual wrap-up traditions for the last two years and I just love it! It’s great to highlight some of the titles I read this year that wouldn’t necessarily make my Year’s Reads in Review list. I read a lot of books in a year and I’ll admit that I forget about most some. But doing this recap helps remind me of the various books I spent time on this year.

Here’s a recap of what you are supposed to do:

The Rules:

-Randomly choose 3 books.

-For each group, decide which book to burn, which one to rewrite, and which to reread.

-Repeat until you completed three (I do 5) rounds

To get the books for each batch, I used a random number generator to pull titles from my “Books Read in 2020” excel file. This includes any DNF’d titles for the year; and if a number repeated itself (or landed on a heading), I reran the generator until I got a fresh title.

Round 1


Burn: I didn’t finish Now or Never because it couldn’t get into the romance. Things happened quickly and the way the hero would describe the heroine just grossed me out. Such a shame because I really enjoyed the other books in the Irresistible Series.

Rewrite: I loved the inaugural series Vicious Lies stemmed from (Truth or Lies), and I did enjoy finally getting this particular story. I think it could use a few tweaks (like less mention of rape and recycling the plot) would make this book fabulous!

Reread: I don’t think I’d actively seek out The Wright Mistake to reread it. However, I would pick up a print version as the accents in the audiobook drove me nuts!

Round 2

Burn: I wouldn’t actually burn the entire book of The Royal We, just a few chapters because this book is SO LONG!

Rewrite: I wasn’t a huge fan of the romance in the Sinful Truths Series so I would tweak a few things in Fallen Love to get my onboard. I wouldn’t change that ending though!

Reread: I’ll probably have to reread Dance of Thieves before I read its sequel just so I can remember what happened!

Round 3

Burn: Oh, I’d burn Kingdom of Ash without a doubt. I struggled to get through this book: 3 serious attempts over the last year. This series morphed into something that just wasn’t for me.

Rewrite: I actually thought The Everlasting Rose was a much stronger book than its inaugural series title. But it could use a few changes to make the story even more epic.

Reread: I thought Inferno was a great finale for the Talon Series.

Round 4

Burn: Honestly, Love the One You’re With is an entertaining, albeit quick, read so I feel bad burning it. But you could find the plot on any Hallmark Movie.

Rewrite: I was very excited to see our leads in I Hate You fall in love. Their banter in the other books in the series had me hooked! But I feel like some of the logic for staying apart could have used some refinement.

Reread: I really liked how the relationship came together in Rescue.

Round 5

Burn: I had kept Soleil on my TBR list for years because I loved the other books in the series. But this one was a little too quirky for me and I got lost in the Alice in Wonderland allusions.

Rewrite: I loved the premise of A Daring Sacrifice and it’s allusions to Robin Hood. I just think having a second narrator for the male POV would make the audiobook fantastic!

Reread: Now that I know what to expect from Neighbors and Favors, I think I would enjoy it more if I read it again.

What would you Burn, Rewrite and Reread from 2020?

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