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Have you ever read a book the first day of its release, devoured it and then had to wait a full year (if not more!) to see what happens next? And in that span of 1 year you have nearly forgotten that heart-wrenching cliff-hanger (or at least the important bits leading up to it?)?

Well look no further my friends, because I have dedicated a section of my blog to refreshing your memories of your favourite series’ last book (and the others before it)!

**Please Note: As of May 2019, I will no longer be adding and/or updating recaps to my site. Please check out sites like Recaptains or Book Series Recaps for series recaps on current titles.**

Read Series Recaps for:

recapAF recapGL recapMR recapSZ

Please note that new recaps will not be made as posts that you will get notified about or see in the feed. The recaps are hosted on a page and not as a blog post. That means if I add a new recap, you will not know unless you physically check the page. I highly encourage you to check back at the start of a new month to see if I have added anything new. 

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