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In honour of my 2 year blogging anniversary (April 30, 2015) I did some serious (no pun intended) blog renovations–and I’m not just talking new graphics! I also changed how I review books and book series! I wanted to give readers a more definitive answer when it came to reviews — because, let’s be honest, you have important book reading to do and just want the nitty-gritty details on whether or not you should pick up a book (series) in the first place!

So, I decided to introduce conclusion cards at the end of my reviews! These conclusions neatly summarize what I think of each book or book series I review.

Learn more about each conclusion card or click on the card to read reviews listed with those conclusions:

This book/series got progressively worse as you read. It might not be worth your time to read.

This is for book series I have decided not to continue reading for one reason or another.

This is a consistently great series, with each sequel improving upon its predecessor!

My expectations were high going into this series/book but fell short or I consider the book/series a disappointment. Usually these books have great concepts, just poor executions.

Loved this book/series! It will be making its way onto a Top Pick Page of mine!

These books can have mature subject matter or topics not everyone is prepared to read about. Or, there are aspects to this book that some readers will love but others will hate.


This series/book starts slow but gets its momentum eventually, making it worth a read.

This is a new series I have decided to keep following because I really enjoyed the first book!

This is a new series that has potential but just didn’t wow me in its first book. I will continue to read it but I’m not sure what my exact feelings are for it.

It may not be the greatest book ever but it certainly isn’t the worse! These are books/series I recommend to my readers!

Hopefully, these cards provide a clearer review of each series/book and help you make the always important decision to add something to your TBR list.


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