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Meme-ful Musings: Not Everyone Understands


Meme-ful Musings: At the end of the month I’ll post a book-related meme that I think brings up an interesting discussion about books. Feel free to join in by making a comment below or linking back!


(Meme from: http://majibookshelf.blogspot.ca/2013/04/that-awkward-thursday-when-your-online.html)

Recently a good friend of mine came to visit me and somehow we got to talking about reading. I think I was talking about how I have so many books out from the library right now and how I was struggling to read them all before I had to return them. I think I also ranted on about how this one book I was reading wasn’t exactly grabbing my attention–but I could see that his interest was waning so I took the social cue to shut up and quickly changed the subject. It wasn’t that his reaction was rude–far from it honestly!–it was just that he didn’t seem to understand my “problem” or why I felt that way.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m the “reader” in my various groups of friends. I’m the girl that reads more books in one week than some of my friends read in an entire year. So when people want to know what book to read next or want to get an opinion on a popular novel, I’m the one they ask. But I can’t necessarily say that I get the favour returned all the time. Sometimes I do, but really only once in a blue moon does a close friend recommend a book for me. (Though to be fair, chances are that I probably read it already)

I lucked out in university that the girl who later became my best-friend and roommate also liked to read. I often told her to read this series or that one and we would “fan-girl” over the series as she read them. While I might not have remembered all the little details of each book, it was nice to share my thoughts with someone about the bigger picture or swoon over the newest book-boyfriend.

For me, I love talking about the books I am reading. The problem is: no one reads as many books as I do or no one reads the same books I do. Now that we don’t live together, my friend and I don’t sync up reading the ongoing series that we started together. So when I want to freak out about this or that, it’s often just a quiet reaction to myself as I am reading and/or a text message telling her to hurry up and read it! If it’s something I really can’t let go, I’ll try to explain it to my friend(s) but that causes me to tell spoilers–and honestly who likes those?

Which brings me back full circle to my original predicament: having friends who “just don’t understand”. I know I sound like the angsty, petty heroines I detest so much but it’s really the only way I can think to phrase it. There’s just something about sharing your thoughts on or reactions to certain books that adds to your reading experience. It’s probably why book clubs and blogging forums/communities started in the first place.

And I think that is part of the reason why I started to blog in the first place: because by creating a book reviewing blog, I was entering a community where people understand my reading habits. Here was a place I could write my thoughts about a book and hopefully get some feedback or find some recommended reads. So while I love all my friends and love that we connect in many different ways, I guess I love that I have this blogging community in my life too that enriches my reading experience in a way I never really expected.

So what about you? Are you the chronic reader in your group? Or are your friends just like you? If you have a blog, do you feel like it fills in that “void” that is “missing”?

Let me know by leaving a comment below!

Meme-ful Moment: Does Being a Blogger Make You Read Differently?

Meme-ful Moments: At the end of the month I’ll post a book-related meme that I think brings up an interesting discussion about books. Feel free to join in by making a comment below or linking back!


(Meme from: Google)

I suppose this meme doesn’t really work for the topic I am about to discuss but it was as good as it was going to get 😛

So the question I have been asking myself recently is: does the fact that I write a book review blog influence my enjoyment of reading? I’ve been blogging for almost 2 years–which is really only a few months short of when I got my GoodReads account and actually started to officially rate the books I read. So it was hard for me to decide whether or not having a review blog has changed how I read because I hadn’t really been rating books for all that long before I started to blog.

Then I decided to ask myself some questions…

Does having a blog influence what books I read next?

To a certain degree it does. Because I have review “themes” dedicated to new series and standalones, I try to make sure I read one or two of each every month. And of course, because I review whole series I read tons of series now. So in that sense–reading challenges aside–my blogging does influence the books I select.

I also make a conscious decision to read some “bigger name” novels as well as “indie” reads. I pick “big-name” reads because they–honestly–draw more traffic to my blog. I don’t see a point to hide that fact since reviewing a book that everyone is talking about is universally known to get more readers; especially search engine traffic. However, I love reading indie reads! All these authors have to start somewhere–especially in today’s often over-saturated market–and there are so many talented independent publishers out there who don’t get the attention they deserve because no one is talking about their book! Social media is such a unique tool that brings something that was once obscure into the realm of attention and it’s one of the coolest things about blogging! Case and point some of the fan-fiction series that are now New York Times Bestsellers–word of blog really works!

Am I more critical about the books I do end up reading?

Sometimes. I find if I am loving a book I don’t really worry about what my review is going to contain. I actually find it harder to write about a book I’ve given 5 stars to because I get so caught up in the experience and I have a hard time expressing why I loved the book as much as I did. (Part of this problem is my philosophy not to write about spoilers so it really limits how much you can praise a book for its parts when you can’t reveal those parts).

On the other side of the coin, if I am not loving a book so much, I actually start formulating my review in my head as I read! And I worry that by doing this I don’t really give the book a fair chance to improve itself.

Case and point: Poison Princess by Kresley Cole (it is actually the inspiration for this Musing because the idea came to me as I was reading it).  I had a hard time getting into this book because the heroine annoyed me. And once I established that I disliked her, I also started to list all the other things I didn’t like about the novel, composing my review as I was reading. I had to force myself to stop, clear my head and refocus on the words of the book and not the words of my review. I found that once I did that, I started to enjoy the book and find parts I actually did like. (My review for that series will be published next month!)

Am I constantly comparing books I read to each other?

I did this naturally, before I even blogged so I really don’t think blogging is a factor. Perhaps I get a little more critical about how similar books can be but I think I always compare things in my everyday life so I really don’t see a change.

I also have a habit of blending two things together. For example, to me Richard Armitage is the love child of Hugh Jackman and Michael Fassbender (look at pictures, you’ll see what I mean). So I find that in reviews I often explain a book by combining other series together–I just think it’s a clearer way of getting my point across (unless people haven’t read those series than its a mute point). I actually decided to make this hybrid blending habit of mine a seasonal feature so you can see that next month as well!

Do I constantly comparing my thoughts/reviews to other bloggers/reviewers?

Call me weird and/or a hypocrite, but I don’t actually read reviews for books that I already have an interest in reading. That is very hypocritical of me I know! The main reason why is actually spoilers (especially on GoodReads, some people have no filter!) but at the same time, I don’t like having preconceived notions about what to expect before I read the book. You know when someone points out something that wasn’t obvious to you before but now it is all you can see? I don’t want that when I read a book: I want to go in with my own expectations, especially if I’ve been looking forward to this particular book forever! 

I mostly add books to my TBR list because I have read the synopsis and find it interesting and think I will like it. Since I read close to 200 books a year, I think I have a good handle on what I like and what I don’t like. However, if I read the synopsis and I’m not sure if I want to read the book or I like the synopsis but notice the ratings for it are low, that’s when I will read other people’s reviews. If they are mostly positive or say something that appeals to me, I add the book but give it an “unsure expectations” tag so that I know I was hesitant to pick up book and I can go into the book with an open mind. So the long and short of it is, I turn to reviews when I’m not sure if I will like a book or not.

I do read reviews about books/series that I have already read to see what other people think. Everyone has their own opinions and what I might have loved another might hate. I just love reading the different perspectives that are out there.


So what about you? Do you think becoming a blogger has influenced how you read? Do you think you are more or less critical? Do you take into consideration your blog when you pick your next book to read? Are you constantly comparing things or other blog reviews together?

Let me know by leaving a comment below!

Meme-ful Musings: Books into Movies

Introducing a new original SERIESous Review monthly feature…


Meme-ful Musings: At the end of the month I’ll post a book-related meme that I think brings up an interesting discussion about books. Feel free to join in by making a comment below or simply link back to this post!


(Meme from: http://diylol.com/meme-generator/hipster-belle–2/memes/i-read-that-book-before-it-was-a-movie–2)

Personally, I fall somewhere in between (a) and (b).

Case and point: The DUFF. I had never even heard of the book before I saw the title on a list of 2015 movie adaptations. After reading the synopsis, I decided I wanted to read the book and immediately put the book on hold–before everyone and their mother decides to read this book after watching the movie–and so I read it before I went to go watch the movie. I did the same with I Am Number Four and Beastly.

I read A LOT of books but I tend to pick the ones that don’t become movies–or if they do get picked for movies, they happen years later. For example, The Mortal Instruments, Vampire Academy or Beautiful Creatures. And they always seem to be the series that not everyone flocks to the theatre to see, so sequels are unfortunately never made. Which I think is a major bummer–but after watching them, I sometimes can understand why they weren’t huge successes or think they are the victims of bad marketing. But some books, like The Hunger Games and Twilight (unfortunately) are the exceptions to this conundrum.

I can only think of three adaptions that fall under (c): Eragon; Love, Rosie; and the Hobbit. Oh and of course The Princess Bride. The Princess Bride really wasn’t by choice considering the movie was made before I was ever born; same with Interview with a Vampire. But in most of these cases it was simply because I didn’t have enough time to read the book before the movie’s release.

Harry Potter is the only book/movie series that I have never read the books but have seen all the movies for. I could never get into the books despite trying to read the first 3–magic is just not my cup of tea and I could never get passed the long, descriptive first chapters–sorry Potter fans!

So, what movie adaptation group do you fall into? Leave a comment below!