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SERIESous Tips: Keeping Organized Part 1 – Library


Nowadays, there are so many places that you can get books! Whether it is through your library, ARC programs or purchases, book bloggers and book readers have many avenues to explore.

When I’m not blogging, reading or watching TV, I’m making lists or creating some other organizational tool for these activities. I love organizing things–which may surprise you if you ever enter my messy room.

This is not my room but sometimes it sure feels like it!

When I participate in Twitter chats, a common question people ask each other is “how do you stay organized” and so I decided to share my methods with everyone (not that anyone asked me specifically). Normally, I post this sort of thing as a guide but I wanted more interaction and felt like a post would be better.

I’ve separated this post into the various sources I use: library (Part 1–today), ARCs/requests (Part 2–tomorrow) and purchases (Part 3) as well as scheduling posts (Part 4). Each part will be posted over the next four days.

 Part 1: The Library

I am actually a member of two different libraries (my hometown’s and the one where I live for school) AND I read eBooks; so all in all, I have 4 sources for library books.

Early last year, I had almost 30 books on hold across all four places and to make things worse, they each had a different hold line and/or checkout time. What I wanted to know was: “which place will get me the book faster?” and “when can I expect it?”

I was able to find a formula for an Excel document that helped me estimate when books I put on hold would come in based on where I was in the holds line. While it wasn’t always 100% accurate (it didn’t factor in people returning books early for example), it did help me determine the best location for placing a hold or when I needed to suspend my holds to prevent all the books from coming in at once (Murphy’s Law at its finest).

 This is what my Library Hold Excel sheet looks like currently:


What I Keep Track of:

  • # of books I have out
  • # of books I have on hold
  • # of books on hold that are pre-release
  • # of audiobooks
  • # of novellas
  • # of suspended
  • Where I have books on hold
  • What books I have on hold
  • How long it will take (approx) to receive

I love organizing things, so I think this is definitely more extreme than most people need or want to do. I’ve got it to a point now where everything pretty much calculates itself thanks to various formulas (ah, the beauty of Excel) so it doesn’t require too much input or work. I then update my place in the holds queue on a weekly basis.

Yes, it’s a little complicated. So you can understand why I needed a change.

Last year, I made it a mission to Tackle My TBR and came up with a set of rules to limit myself from over requesting library books and ARCs. It’s been pretty successful so far.

Now, I can only put 5 books on hold at a time as per my 2016 Resolutions. In an effort to finish previously started series, 3 of these holds must be a continuing series and the other 2 can be new releases. I keep track of these books and what I want to put on hold next on a separate Excel table (I will be showing that one off later this summer for a different Tips post).

Why bother with all of this? It seems like a lot of work.

It can be at times, but I actually find it very stress-relieving! When I’m bothered by school, doing menial tasks like this helps me calm down and get my focus back.

And by doing this, I am also getting more time to read. That may seem counter intuitive so I’ll explain. I’d say about 85% of the books I read are from the library and so I’m at their mercy when it comes to availability. By having a better grasp on when I may or may not get a book, I can plan my other reads accordingly. And now that I limit how many books I have out or on hold at a time, I have more time to dedicate to my other book sources.


I just want to make a quick note about library Wishlists options. My eCatalogues use the Overdrive system which has a great wishlist feature. You can put any book on your wishlist and it tells you how many are available for instant download. I’m starting to use this a lot more so I can keep track of what books my library has and what to put on hold next. Highly recommend it!

There you have it! Join me tomorrow when I explain how I track review copies and the like.

Do you have a specific way for keeping track of your library reads?

Let me know below!

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Tag it Thursdays: Would you Rather [4]

Tag it Thursdays: I occasionally get tagged by fellow bloggers to complete various tags. Once a month I will post my response. Please, feel free to tag yourself if any of these tags interest you!

This month’s tag:

Would you rather Tag

While browsing the blogs I follow, I came across Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books‘ Would You Rather Tag post where she tagged anyone who wants to do this tag. It seemed like a lot of fun so I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity–so thanks Marie!

Would you rather only read trilogies or only read standalones?

I think my blog’s name speaks for itself: I enjoy book series so trilogies is the obvious answer. However, I don’t think every book series that comes out needs to be a trilogy…but I digress.

The simple answer: trilogies, there’s just more to love and I enjoy the longer journey.

Would you rather only read male or female authors?

You know, I don’t really look at the sex of an author when I pick up a book. I guess I read more female authors because I really enjoy romances and that is a market dominated primarily by female authors.

Would you rather shop at Barnes and Noble [Kobo] or Amazon?

We don’t have Barnes and Nobles in Canada so I’m making this a Kobo vs Amazon question. I’m a Kobo girl all the way! I love my Kobo Aura eReader (read my guide to buying an eReader)! Though I am debating whether or not to buy a Kindle with my Swagbuck’s gift cards for all my free booksI think I have a reading addiction :O

(Note: I actually wrote this month’s before I published it! I actually have purchased a Kindle for reading.)

Would you rather books were made into TV shows or movies?

For series with lots of characters or books and a very dramatic plot line that isn’t self-limiting: TV series.

ex. The Mortal Instruments, The Selection, Rosemary Beach, Gallagher Girls

For standalones or trilogies that have definite conclusions: movies. But no breaking up the third book into two parts please, that just ruins everything!

ex. Snow Like Ashes, A Thousand Pieces of You, All the Rage, The Infernal Devices

Would you rather read only 5 pages per day or 5 books per week?

Why is this a serious question? 5 per week!

Would you rather be a professional author or reviewer?

I would love to write for a living but I don’t think I have a real talent for it–though I’ve been experimenting this summer! So for now, a reviewer! I really enjoy writing my reviews, talking to others about books and debating with my fellow bloggers.

Would you rather be a librarian or a bookseller?

A librarian! I’ve always had really positive experiences going to the library as a kid; whether it was the public or school library. I love the helping role librarian’s play in reading and life. Plus, I really enjoy organizing things!

Would you rather read only your favorite genre, or every other genre but your favorite?

I like a variety of genres and within my books so I guess every other but my favourite? If I had to choose my favourite genre, it’s New Adult Romance but romance is in most other genres so I wouldn’t miss out on that.

Would you rather only read ebooks or physical books?

I actually much prefer eReading nowadays. It’s just much more convenient for me as a student who is back and forth between towns/cities/home/class/work. Plus, my small hands have a much easier time holding an eReader vs a real book. You can read more about my eReading experience here or join in a discussion about eBooks vs Physical books!

My addition (to make it an even 10): Would you rather read a love at first sight romance or an intense love triangle romance?

Gah! I detest both of these options! I’m going to go with love at first sight because most of the time they are really just lust at first sight situation and the relationship will hopefully develop as the story progresses.

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to tag yourselves!

What would you rather pick?

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Tag it Thursdays: Reader Problems

Tag it Thursdays: I occasionally get tagged by fellow bloggers to complete various tags. Once a month I will post my response. Please, feel free to tag yourself if any of these tags interest you!

This month’s tag:

The Reader Problems Tag

I was tagged by Summer @XingSings wayyyy back in July to do  this fun tag. We actually share a lot of the same problems it seems 😛 Thank as always Summer!

1. You have 20,000 books on your TBR. How in the world do you decide what to read next?
Who doesn’t have that many books on their TBR? What I read next is almost entirely based on what books come in from on hold at the library–a problem I identified back in late May of this year and decided to do something about with my Tackling the TBR personal goal. I do have a beautiful TBR jar for all my purchased books when I manage to get a chance to pick something out (it’s colour coded and it is glorious) and thanks to my TBR challenge, I’ve been able to do that a lot more! Prior to my TBR jar I used to use a random number generator to pick from a list of 5-10 books I was in the mood to read.


2. You’re halfway through a book and you’re just not loving it. Do you quit or are you committed?
I actually have a 50 Page Rule when it comes to books: if I’m not loving a book and by the end of the first 50 pages, if I don’t care what happens next, I drop it! Most of the time these are books that cause my mind to wander while reading or even worse, cause me to NOT want to read! GASP! After reading and blogging for two years, I think I have a good handle on what I like and don’t so I rarely have to do this. More often than not, I will keep reading it. Sometimes I will book that book up at a later date if I think it was just my personal mood preventing me from liking it or the pressure to finish it before I return it to the library was stressing me out too much.

3. The end of the year is coming and you’re so close, but so far away on your Goodreads reading challenge. Do you try to catch up and how?
I’ve never had this problem. I’m constantly underestimating how many books I can read in a year. Take for example this year, I had completed my Goodreads goal by August!

But, if I did have this problem, I would read lots of novellas, join a few readathons and set aside some weekend days just for reading!

4. The covers of a series you love do. not. match. How do you cope?
Haha you know, this was never a problem until I started blogging and read about other people freaking out over this. I’m not really picky about hardcovers mixing with paperbacks (the frugal reader in me doesn’t mind so long as the artwork is the same). BUT, I recently bought two books I already owned to make them match the other books I have in the series. They were only a couple of dollars, I think I spent more to ship them! I only plan to do this if the price is right.

5. Everyone and their mother loves a book you really don’t like. Who do you bond with over shared feelings?
This happens a lot actually, as does the reverse. Part of the reason I started blogging was to have this outlet to share my feelings about books. No one I know really reads books like I do (though my best friend from university is pretty close!). For example, I was a huge Throne of Glass fan but totally thought it was an underdog when it was first published (maybe it was? I dunno because I wasn’t following blogs online when it first came out); so imagine my surprise when everyone starts to rave about it once I do start to blog! I’ve tried some groups on Goodreads but people don’t really discuss it

6. You’re reading a book and you are about to start crying in public. How do you deal?
I totally struggled with this at work the other day! I’m pretty good about holding back my emotions in public because I am very aware of where I am. But if I was alone in my room at home, full out sobs. #noshame

7. A sequel of a book you loved just came out, but you’ve forgotten a lot from the prior novel. Will you re-read the book? Skip the sequel? Try to find a synopsis on Goodreads?
Time for a shameless self plug! I actually have recaps for a lot of book on my blog for this very purpose! Because I read so many series and don’t have the time–nor the desire for some series–to reread all the books, I created a word document for myself that summarizes the key points of the book–especially the ending! I do this for all the sequels and I’ve even started to do it for romance novels that have sequel books with different leads just to keep my memory fresh.

But a helpful hint is that some series have great fan-run Wikia pages and even Wikipedia has detailed summaries for very popular novels!

8. You do not want anyone. ANYONE. borrowing your books. How do you politely tell people nope when they ask?
I actually don’t mind people boring my books. I don’t have a lot of physical books anymore so I suppose I am possessive of them (they are books I consider to be my favourites that I want to pass on to my kids one day). But I am also a firm believer in sharing the joy of reading with anyone who wants to read something and if borrowing my book will let them read, I’m all for it.

I just make sure to tell them to return it in the same condition when they are done AND TO BE SURE THEY RETURN IT!

9. You’ve picked up and put down 5 books in the last month. How do you get over your reading slump?
I had this problem at the start of July and it sucked! Nothing was wowing me and I hadn’t had a 5 star read in WEEKS! I got over that one by reading a sequel to a series by one of my favourite authors (FYI it was Empire of Night in the Age of Legends Trilogy by Kelley Armstrong and it was AMAZING!). It depends what type of slump I am in. Most of the time reading something I’ve been dying to read will work; other times, reading a favourite authors work will do the trick. Most of the time though, I good romance (usually New Adult) will make me happy again (unless I am in a slump from reading too many romance novels than a good dystiopian or high fantasy will work).

Can you tell that I am a mood reader yet?

10. There are so many new books coming out that you’re dying to read! How many do you actually buy?
I don’t by very many “new books”, I put them at hold on the library. I don’t reread a lot of books so I don’t see the purpose of buying them. Most of the time, if I really enjoy a book and think I will reread it once I have read it from the library, I will buy it later. I do buy lots of Kobo eBooks but mostly when there is a contest promotion so I get coupon codes. Again, I am a cheap person. So unless a book is under $3 when it comes out, I won’t buy it immediately. I’ll wait until I get a coupon or a sale or it drops in price.

11. After you’ve bought the new books you can’t wait to get to, how long do they sit on your shelf before you get to them?
I have books that have been on my shelf since 2009 if not a little sooner. I had been hoping to read them when I was home at my parents for the summer before I left for school but (as I write this, it is the first week of August) but that doesn’t look like it is going to happen. BUT, does it count if someone else has read them? I think my mom has read most of them 😉

Thanks again Summer!

Do we share any of the same problems? Tag yourself or comment below!

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Tag It Thursdays: The Reading Habits Tag

Tag it Thursdays: I occasionally get tagged by fellow bloggers to complete various tags. Once a month I will post my response. Please, feel free to tag yourself if any of these tags interest you!

This month’s tag:

The Reading Habits Tag

I was tagged ages ago by super-wonderful Summer @ Xingsings to do this tag that was originally created by TheBookJazz. Everyone has their own reading habits so I thought it would be fun to share mine with you! Feel free to tag yourself!

1. Do you have a certain place at home for reading?

I mostly read in my bed (I prefer to lay down when I read so the bed is the perfect place). But in the summer, I LOVE reading on my back deck!

2. Bookmark or random piece of paper?

I select my bookmarks randomly when I read physical books. Most of them are random pieces of paper I have decorated and not bookmarks you would buy in the store. Sometimes, I use the library receipt or a post-it if I’m travelling or forgot to grab a bookmark. But I mostly eRead so I don’t have that problem too often.

3. Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a chapter/a certain amount of pages?

The end of chapter! I hate stopping in the middle of one and I only do so when I have to (like I have to rejoin the real world because work/friend/family/I’m-going-to-be-late demands it). Page breaks (you know, scene changes) are also times when I stop if the book’s chapters are especially long (or there are no chapters). Even when I make myself read a certain # of pages in a sitting (I often do this with super long books or books I am having a hard time getting through), I count out the number of pages and then mark my stopping place at the closest chapter to that page location.

4. Do you eat or drink while reading?

At work, I read on my lunch break so while I’m eating my book is in front of me. If I’m outside, I have water with me while I read (it gets hot!). But otherwise, not really.

5. Multitasking: Music or TV while reading?

I’m easily distracted when it comes to noise so most of the time I read in silence. But if I am on public transportation, I play music to help me concentrate on reading and not the conversations around me. I don’t really like reading in front of the TV because I think it is a waste of electricity (I’m so absorbed in the book I even forget the TV). BUT, I definitely blog/read blogs while watching TV.

6. One book at a time or several at once?

I’m a one book at a time type of person. I read books so fast and I alternate genres regularly that I don’t see the point of reading two simultaneously. However, if I have multiple books due at the library OR the book I am reading is really long and/or boring, OR is an anthology, I will start a second book. In the case of reading a second book because another is boring, this new book acts as a reward for reading a few pages of said boring book. I find it keeps me motivated to read. As for anthologies, I like taking them one story at a time.

7. Reading at home or everywhere?

This question is a joke right? Obviously EVERYWHERE and that’s how I roll.

8. Reading out loud or silently in your head?

Um, I read some…ok, a LOT of books with steamy love scenes so I don’t read them out loud. I do read out loud though when I am studying for school; I find it helps me retain information better.

9. Do you read ahead or even skip pages?

I’m definitely guilty of having eyes that jump to words when I change the page. It’s especially bad with hard copy books because you have TWO WHOLE PAGES before you that are tempting you to gaze upon them. I still do it with eBooks but not as much because you go one page at a time.

I wouldn’t say I “skip” pages but I do “skim” pages when I’m loosing interest in a book. And I only read ahead sometimes if I’m debating about enacting my 50-page rule to DNF a book.

10. Breaking the spine or keeping it like new?

I assume this question isn’t asking if I accidentally break the spine because that’s what happens to me. I HATE breaking the spine, I cringe when I realize I do it. And then I begin to comfort myself by saying it is a sign of a well-loved book…that doesn’t always work.

11. Do you write in your books?

For school I do–especially in English class! I also post-it note the sh*t out of my books when I’m writing essays so that they are twice the regular size. Otherwise, nope.

Thank you for the tag Summer!

I’m going to tag whoever decides to read this!

Or if you have already done it, please leave a link below!

Throwdown Thursday: eBooks vs Physical Books


Since the beginning of time, similar things have always been compared to each other: Pepsi or Coke? Lemon or Lime? Boxers or Briefs? And books are no exception!

Throwdown Thursdays: On the first Thursday of every month I play the ultimate game of “Would You Rather” with books that are inevitably compared to each other. After 3 rounds, I pick my winner. Feel free to join in by commenting, making your own response (just link back) or vote in my poll! Here is this month’s match:

eBooks vs Physical Books

So normally, I pit two series against each other but this month, I thought it would be fun to compare how you read those series. I’m an equal opportunist when it comes to reading: I’ll read a book in any format that I can get it in my hands faster. While I mostly have eBooks nowadays, I still read a number of physical books.

It was really hard creating this post because I really wasn’t sure how to execute it. It’s hard to pick three things to compare when eReaders and physical books don’t share very many similarities besides providing a reader with the story. I didn’t want to have rounds that seemed like I had a bias for one form or the other. I also didn’t want a super long post describing my eReading experience because I already have that on my eReading Guide! So chart form it is!

So when I was doing research, I came across this debate on Debate.org that debated (obviously) the idea that “Physical Books are superior to E-books.” You can read the full debate here. I liked a lot of the main arguments and some of them influenced this post. Plus, I felt like these were common arguments people use when discussion this challenge in real life.

My rounds will be based on what it feels like, what you get with each form and how they work at the library. Of course, there are many different arguments and I encourage you to post them below in the comments! I’m also NOT going to be keeping score because I feel like this is a very personal topic and my reasons are based solely on my own reading experience while yours maybe completely different

**Just for clarification purposes, I am writing about my eReading experience using a Kobo Aura eReader unless specified. I will refer to it as “Kobo”.

Round 1: Sensory Experience


Physical Books

  • eInk is just like paper
  • built in light with my Kobo
  • light weight and easy to hold
  • can read in practically any position
  • no book smell
  • easy transport
  • printed paper is easy on eyes to read
  • hard to read in the dark
  • 300 page hardcovers are HEAVY
  • limited reading positions
  • paper can smell (good OR bad)
  • can damage books in transport

I like to read laying down on my back in bed and my small hands just struggle to keep a hardcover 300 page book from smacking me in the face.

I know lots of people like to smell their books so that is one reason they enjoy physical books. I personally don’t like to smell my books–they don’t smell like anything really. Sometimes the ones I get from the library smell and not in a good way…

Round 2: What you get



  • covers are black and white (on device)
  • no pretty book shelf
  • no need for book shelves (100s of books)
  • easier to read Indie authors
  • exclusive novellas, bonus scenes
  • can’t share your eBooks with friends
  • easier to obtain ARC
  • lots of colourful, printed covers
  • pretty bookshelf
  • easily run out of shelf space
  • harder to find Indie authors’ works
  • have to buy printed copies
  • limited novellas available
  • can share your books
  • challenging to obtain ARC

 I like pretty things and book covers are often very pretty. It’s just not the same when I browse my Kobo desktop and see all the covers–there is just something about holding them in your hands.

At the same time, I have over 800 books on my Kobo (this is excluding the books I have for my Kindle which is probably over 1000) and I wouldn’t have that many books if I had to have the physical copies. Now before you panic, a good percentage of these books are freebies like classic novels or bonus novellas. Will I ever read all of these books? Nope! But free is free and they take up no space besides memory on my device.

The problem with eBook exclusivity is that you can’t lend a copy to your friend without lending your eReader. I get it because you need people to purchase books and not just get them for free (the economy and all). It just really sucks because you can’t share your love of a book and it doubly sucks if you have to lend out your eReader with all your books…

Round 3: Library



  • immediate access
  • access anywhere in world
  • books expire on due date
  • not all catalogues offer renewals
  • shorter wait list times
  • no funky smells
  • have to physical pick up book
  • have to go to local branch
  • can keep books past due date, just pay fee
  • can renew easily
  • can have lengthy wait list times
  • can have funky smells & stains

What I like about eBooks is that I can be away at school and still get books from my hometown immediately. Same goes if I’m away on vacation (pending on internet access of course). I find that the wait-lists are shorter for eBooks and they are available on release day (whereas physical books have to be processed once they actually get the book). Also, no late fees when returning eBooks--though they do expire so even if you wanted to pay the late few to finish a book up, you can’t.

Ultimate Winner:

 It’s up to YOU to decide!

What book media do you prefer and why?

What are your thoughts: If you had a choice between an eBook and a physical book for the same story, which one would you choose?

Next Time: The Mortal Instruments vs the Infernal Devices

FYI my original post for this was SUPER long but I decided to condense it into point form for discussion purposes 😛

Tag It Thursdays: The I Am More Happy Than Not Tag [1]


Tag it Thursdays: I occasionally get tagged by fellow bloggers to complete various tags. Once a month I will post my response. Please, feel free to tag yourself if any of these tags interest you!

This month’s tag:

The I Am More Happy Than Not Tag

This tag/hashtag was created by Shelumiel @The Bookish and Awesome blog in response to Adam Silvera’s debut book More Happy Than Not (sounds like an inspiring read if you ask me!). I was tagged by the always awesome Summer @Xingsings and always amazing Marie @drizzleandhurricanebooks; thank you both for the interesting challenge this tag presented me with!

    There are two rules:

    1. Answer the question in whatever way you prefer, whether it be a list or in a narrative form.
    2. Link back to the original post on The Bookish and Awesome via the link widget
I’m going to try the narrative form so we’ll see how that goes!

Whenever I look at my organized book shelf, though–like most readers/bloggers–it seems like 99.99% are unread, I am more happy than not.

Whenever I get a hold I’ve been dying to read comes in, though I already have 5 other books out and 2 more books come in and I wonder “why did I put so many books on hold!” and “why do they all have to come in at once!”, I am more happy than not.

Whenever I think “that would be a great story!”, though I never get around to writing it (either down so I remember or create the story at all), I am more happy than not.

Whenever I watch an episode of Game of Thrones and think “I really should start reading the books instead”, though I really don’t have the time to read such tomes or wait that long for the next novel, I am more happy than not.

Whenever I reread my reviews, and though I discover 30 bazillion spelling and grammar mistakes after I have published it, I am more happy than not.

Whenever I create an AWESOME way to tackle my TBR, though I don’t often manage to get ‘er done and it seems like I completely forgot about my new goal, I am more happy than not.

Whenever I pat myself on the back for scheduling a review wayyy in advance, though I often have to reshuffle its publication date or push it back for an ARC review, I am more happy than not.

Whenever I think about my blog and how much fun the last 2 years have been, even though it has taken a lot of time, creativity and keystrokes, I am more happy than not!


Thanks again ladies! This was a lot of fun and a lot easier than I thought it would be!

Feel free to tag yourself! Please link back if you do! I would love to read your responses!

What makes you more happy than not?

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Memeful Musings: What is the “Perfect Summer” Read?

Meme-ful Musings: At the end of the month I’ll post a book-related meme that I think brings up an interesting discussion about books. Feel free to join in by making a comment below or linking back!


(Meme from: http://www.quickmeme.com/Summer-Reading/)

With summer just around the corner, more and more lately I’m starting to see comments on people’s posts like “Oh! This sounds like a perfect summer read!”.

But what does that really mean?

What makes something perfect for the summer? Why do we rarely say “This will make a perfect Winter read!”?

Does it take place during the summer time? Is it a romance? Would it be labelled by most as “fluffy” (ie not very insightful or thought-provoking)?

I know for me, it’s definitely the last one: the book promises fluffy subject matter. And I’ll tell you why…

I’m not very restrictive when it comes to reading books. I don’t exclusively read books that take place in the summer time only during the summer; and I don’t read more winter/Christmas-y books during December. So to me, the perfect “summer” read doesn’t necessarily have to take place during the summer. Though it does more often than not.

I’m also inclined to think that it’s the “perfect summer read” because that’s when most people find the time to read. More people go on holidays (well, at least in Canada we do since school is out and we have beautiful weather [ie no snow] for travelling) so they have time to read books they might normally read at other points in the year. Now, because you have the time, you don’t have to feel guilty about reading that contemporary YA novel instead of doing/reading other things.

But what caused me to write this post (despite already having one scheduled for this month) is the question:

“does labelling something the ‘perfect summer read'” diminish the novel in anyway?

Do we inadvertently disrespect the story by labelling it as a “summer read”? Are we saying that we are going to read this novel, it but not expect fantastic things? Are you going to like it more because it’s “just a summer read” and you had lowered your expectations or read it less critically than if you had read it during the winter?

Maybe I am just reading too much into this and am making a mountain out of a mole-hill but the question is bothering me a bit! I know it’s just something that we all say but why do we say it?

So, why do you label something “the perfect summer read”? Do you think that this label has positive or negative impacts on a book that is labelled as such?

Meme-ful Musings: Not Everyone Understands


Meme-ful Musings: At the end of the month I’ll post a book-related meme that I think brings up an interesting discussion about books. Feel free to join in by making a comment below or linking back!


(Meme from: http://majibookshelf.blogspot.ca/2013/04/that-awkward-thursday-when-your-online.html)

Recently a good friend of mine came to visit me and somehow we got to talking about reading. I think I was talking about how I have so many books out from the library right now and how I was struggling to read them all before I had to return them. I think I also ranted on about how this one book I was reading wasn’t exactly grabbing my attention–but I could see that his interest was waning so I took the social cue to shut up and quickly changed the subject. It wasn’t that his reaction was rude–far from it honestly!–it was just that he didn’t seem to understand my “problem” or why I felt that way.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m the “reader” in my various groups of friends. I’m the girl that reads more books in one week than some of my friends read in an entire year. So when people want to know what book to read next or want to get an opinion on a popular novel, I’m the one they ask. But I can’t necessarily say that I get the favour returned all the time. Sometimes I do, but really only once in a blue moon does a close friend recommend a book for me. (Though to be fair, chances are that I probably read it already)

I lucked out in university that the girl who later became my best-friend and roommate also liked to read. I often told her to read this series or that one and we would “fan-girl” over the series as she read them. While I might not have remembered all the little details of each book, it was nice to share my thoughts with someone about the bigger picture or swoon over the newest book-boyfriend.

For me, I love talking about the books I am reading. The problem is: no one reads as many books as I do or no one reads the same books I do. Now that we don’t live together, my friend and I don’t sync up reading the ongoing series that we started together. So when I want to freak out about this or that, it’s often just a quiet reaction to myself as I am reading and/or a text message telling her to hurry up and read it! If it’s something I really can’t let go, I’ll try to explain it to my friend(s) but that causes me to tell spoilers–and honestly who likes those?

Which brings me back full circle to my original predicament: having friends who “just don’t understand”. I know I sound like the angsty, petty heroines I detest so much but it’s really the only way I can think to phrase it. There’s just something about sharing your thoughts on or reactions to certain books that adds to your reading experience. It’s probably why book clubs and blogging forums/communities started in the first place.

And I think that is part of the reason why I started to blog in the first place: because by creating a book reviewing blog, I was entering a community where people understand my reading habits. Here was a place I could write my thoughts about a book and hopefully get some feedback or find some recommended reads. So while I love all my friends and love that we connect in many different ways, I guess I love that I have this blogging community in my life too that enriches my reading experience in a way I never really expected.

So what about you? Are you the chronic reader in your group? Or are your friends just like you? If you have a blog, do you feel like it fills in that “void” that is “missing”?

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