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I’m ashamed to say that after having my blog for nearly two years, I haven’t been very good about seeing what other bloggers are out there doing. One of my goals this year was to get more involved in the blogging community and one way I decided to do this was through weekly features/memes. Because most of my reviews require multiple books to be read before I can publish the full review, I don’t always have reviews waiting to be published and there is only so much coding/updating I can do to my blog before I get bored. So I thought that participating occasionally in weekly features would be a great way to connect with the blogging world and create more discussion on my blog! We’ll see how this goes…

This Week’s Topic:

Ten Books for Readers who Like…

the idea of New Adult novels but have yet to try them!

I’m a HUGE New Adult fan! To me they take the character maturity of contemporary adult romances and mix it with the drama and plot twists of YA fiction: which is the best of both worlds in my opinion. I honestly can’t get enough of them (as my overfilled Kobo can attest to) and I’m often asked what books I would recommend to others–because let’s face it, there are some not so great reads out there and chances are that I have probably read the book and can tell you what I think about it.

But the biggest problem with New Adult is that it can span so many tastes. Do you want a book about two flawed characters or only one? Do you want a steamy romance or a story about self-growth? Do you want your lead(s) to be graduating or starting college? With so many options–each one has its own flare and niche–it is hard to choose! So below I created a list of books that I think cover the vast New Adult market that those new to the genre should try or at the very least, start their search from!

So without further ado here are my top 10 picks for those who would like to try New Adult Fiction…

#10 – Crash by Nicole Williams

Whenever I create a New Adult list, this book gets a special mention because it is the book that introduced me to the whole genre. It bridges the gap between YA and New Adult and has the perfect amount of angst, drama and romance to satisfy any New Adult reader.

(Read my series review of the Crash Trilogy)

#9 – Deeper by Robin York

This one is for those who want a darker, more unconventional read. It deals with a topic that isn’t discussed as much as it should be (revenge porn) and does so in a fantastic way. This book really surprised me and I think it needs to get more attention and credit that it currently does.

(Read my series review of Caroline & West)

#8 – Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

Really anything by Colleen Hoover is great. Her books are in between YA and New Adult but lean more towards the New Adult side. This book had endless twists, a great romance and a beautiful story. I felt every emotion when reading this one! It has some very mature subject matter though.

(Read my review Hopeless in the near future)

#7 – Keep Me Still by Caisey Quinn

This was simply a beautiful story! I loved reading every minute of it: even when it made me cry! It is definitely one of the sadder books on this list because of the heroine’s illness. This series had me hooked the minute I picked up the prequel novella. I plan to read it many more times in the future.

(Read my series review of Keep Me Still)

#6 – Ruin by Rachel Van Dyken

While this book was predictable, I just loved the romance and the characters. They really made this book be something to read about. I definitely cried a few times when reading—always a sign of a good book (unless it is really awful; but this one isn’t! I promise!)

(Read my series review of Ruin)

#5 – Easy by Tammara Webber

I hesitated to read this book because of the rave reviews: but it definitely lived up to the hype! Honestly: New Adult doesn’t get much better than this folks! Beautifully written, extremely realistic and it talks about sexual assault in the most respectful way I have ever come across. Simply a gripping novel.

(Read my series review of Contours of the Heart)

#4 – Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren

Never have a laughed so much when reading a book! This book was a great blend of romance and humour and had a great plot line. It was just plain fun and one of the more light-hearted reads on this list.

(Read my series review of the Wild Seasons)

#3 – Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines

For those who like lots of family/friend drama, the Rosemary Beach series is for you! Get ready for stubbornly independent girls and give-you-everything guys! Complete with an extensive cast of characters and more drama and betrayals than a soap opera (ok, that’s an exaggeration) this series is New Adult at it’s finest. Plus, there are lots of books in the series focusing on different characters so there is probably a set of characters for every reader to enjoy.

(Read my series review of Rosemary Beach)

#2 – Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry

This is one of those series that got better with every book! It straddles the line between YA and New Adult and is the perfect read for those wanting to make the leap between the two. It’s definitely darker YA and deals with some mature subject matter, especially Pushing the Limits. Also features lots of angst for those who love their leads a little feisty.

(Read my series review of Pushing the Limits)

#1 – Drew + Fable by Monica Murphy

This is probably the first full-fledged New Adult book I read but I still remember it fondly. It has a great romance, drama and such fantastic characters. I didn’t even mind that it takes place within a week because it was done so well! Fable is one of my all time favourite heroines. It is probably the standard I uphold all other novels up to, even if I don’t consciously realize it.

(Read my series review of One Week Girlfriend)

Honourable Mentions:

  • Everything Between Us by Mila Ferrera (It has an unusual plot line which was refreshing to read!)
  • Rival by Penelope Douglas (What a ride this novel was! I love the enemies to lovers plot line but this book had twist upon twist that blew me away!)
  • More Than This by Jay McLean (Again, another book that straddles that YA/New Adult Line. It has a lot of scenarios that I haven’t come across in New Adult plus has great friend drama!)
  • Breathe Into Me by Sara Fawkes (For those who want a standalone, this is a great one! It has tragedy, twists and a great romance.)
  • Measuring Up by Nyrae Dawn (A great story for young girls to read about self-esteem. Not very complex plot wise but I loved the romance in this book! It’s a good intro into New Adult)

Are there any New Adult books that you recommend to your friends/readers not on this list? Or do you disagree with some of my picks? Let me know below!

Thanks for reading!

 I wish you all SERIESously happy reading!

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