Monthly Inventory: March 2015


March 2015

Monthly Inventory: A recap of things that happened on my blog over the last month.

Surprisingly, the first half of March wasn’t that busy of a school month for me, so I managed to sit down and read books for more than an hour at a time! The result is that I was able to schedule a lot of reviews for the upcoming months which is perfect for exam season right around the corner! That also meant I had lots of time to update/tweak some formatting of my blog–including a new theme design for my 2 year anniversary next month! So stay tuned for a new look in May! I also created a TBR Jar that sits on my desk by my computer, tempting me to pull out a book title. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to actually use the jar this month–so many of the books I had on hold at the library became available at once (Murphy’s Law at its finest!)–but I plan to use it once my school term is done next month!

Books Inventoried

  • 19 Books Read + 4 novellas
    • 0 nonfiction novels
    • 1 standalones (Guy, Langman, Crime Scene Procrastinator)
    • Started 5 new series (The Arcana Chronicles, The Conspiracy of Us, Stripped, The Winner’s Curse, Starcrossed)
    • Finished 1 series from start to end (Stripped)
    • Finished 6 previously started series (Slammed, Bloodlines, Tangled, Alienated, Beau Rivage, Spellcaster)
    • Read sequels for 5 previously started series (Slammed, Arcana Chronciles, Real, Castles Ever After, The Winner’s Curse)
Favourite Read Least Favourite Read
The Winner's Curse (The Winner's Trilogy, #1)

Stripped (Stripped, #1)


*Note: just because I read a series/book this month doesn’t mean that the review was also published. Due to the nature of my blog (ie I review whole series) it often takes me a few weeks to publish a full review (pending book availability) so look forward to seeing some of these reviews in the upcoming weeks/months!

Books Purchased

Ten Below Zero Falling for My Best Friend's Brother Unspeakable Truths Pulse - Part One (Pulse, #1) The Body Electric All the Pretty Poses (Pretty, #2) All Things Pretty, Part Two (Pretty, #3.5) See Me Spiral Sugar Kisses (3:AM Kisses, #3) Crossing the Line (World Apart, 1) Towing the Line (World Apart, #2) Blurring the Line (World Apart, #3) Beloved (Belonging, #1) Freefall (Custom Culture, #1) Maybe This Time (Maybe, #1)

Posted Reviews

Posted Reviews Review of the Month





Most Viewed New Post

Updated Stocks

Reading Challenge Updates

At the beginning of March I was excited to learn that I completed my goal for the 2015 Prequel & Sequel Challenge! I wanted to reach 100+ and by March 6th I had reached 104 points! I was shocked that I managed to read so many in just 2 months but when I looked at the breakdown I just got really lucky that a lot of the series I had been following had their grand finale books out so I really benefited from the 10 point bonus for finishing a series. I’ve set a new goal that I think will take me a little longer to finish but if it doesn’t, I’ll just set a new one!


43/150 books!

65/150 books!
View Progress

✔ Two YA books
✔ Mini Challenge
View Progress

Goal 1 Complete!
Goal 2

156/250 points!
View Progress


0/5 books!

0/5 books!
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1/5 books!

1/5 books!
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View Specifics:

YA Challenge Reviews

Sequel Challenge Reviews

Classic Challenge Reviews

Nonfiction Challenge Reviews

Throwdown Thursday Results


This month I introduced my new monthly feature, Throwdown Thursdays. The idea behind the feature is to pit two books (or other themes) that are always compared to each other in a battle of three rounds to see who the winner is. Of course it is completely subjective to my own opinions so I added a poll feature to get your take on everything. Thanks to those who participated!

This month’s final poll results:

Hunger Games 11 | Divergent 1

Next Battle: Twilight Saga vs The Vampire Diaries

Site Updates

On Order for April

  • New theme design!!! Coming up on two years, I thought it was a time for a colour change!
    • this includes a different review format as well
  • Update the following:
    • Review Directories
    • Series Recaps for G-L
  • Exploring social media options, like Tumblr and Instagram

Music of the Month

I really like music from the U.K. and this past month I listened to a lot of Olly Murs–specifically the songs Up (with Demi Lovato) and Wrapped Up (with Travie McCoy).

What were your biggest reading or personal accomplishments of the past month?

Leave a comment below!

I wish you all SERIESously happy reading!

Comments 5

  • Unfortunately, I had few bookish accomplishments this month. ? On the bright side, I did pretty well on my Anatomy midterm! (AND YAY, I’m so glad to hear another positive review on The Winner’s Curse.)

  • So I’ve heard from SO many people that Written in the Stars is amazing, but I have such a bad relationship with books that are hyped and I ended up disliking it. A part of me wants to read it and another part is just like ‘don’t touch it’. But a friend of mine who has similar taste to me says it’s good, so I might give it a shot. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier 😀

    • No problem 🙂 I agree, I’m always hesitant to start a book everyone talks about! Sometimes I avoid reading reviews before I pick it up just do I don’t get other people’s thoughts crammed into my head. Probably very hypocritical for a book review blogger to write, I know, but I’m a reader first and foremost! Sometimes it helps to have a fresh mindset when reading. But do let me know what you think 😉

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