Monthly Inventory: April 2015

April 2015

April 30 was the 2 Year Anniversary of my blog (you can read all about it here!) so that was really exciting! I hope everyone likes the new theme and the new review format I will be unveiling over the next few weeks ūüôā

I also finished exams a week ago so I have been basking in the glory of guilt-free reading. I can’t wait to tackle my TBR list and use the jar I made a month ago for the first time!

I’ve shortened this inventory post considerably from what I used to do because it’s just so much work and I don’t think a lot of what I put in it interested people. So I’m going to try this format and see how it goes…

  • 23¬†Books Read + 2¬†novellas
    • 0¬†nonfiction novels
    • 7¬†standalones
    • Started¬†9¬†new series
    • Finished 1¬†series from start to end
    • Finished 1¬†previously started series
    • Read sequels for 7¬†previously started series
Favourite Reads Least Favourite Read
Maybe Someday (Maybe, #1) Red Queen (Red Queen, #1)

Unleashed (Uninvited, #2)


*Note: just because I read a series/book this month doesn’t mean that the review was also published. Due to the nature of my blog (ie I review whole series) it often takes me a few weeks to publish a full review (pending book availability) so look forward to seeing some of these reviews in the upcoming weeks/months!


The Mad Tatter Unbroken (Disclosure, #2) Never Forget (Memories, #1) Holding On (Memories, #1.5) Always Remember (Memories, #2) Rock Candy Kisses (3:AM Kisses, #5) Loving You Is Easy (Loving You, #1) Undeclared (Woodlands, #1) Undressed (Woodlands, #1.5) Unraveled (Woodlands, #3) Hard Knox (The Outsider Chronicles, #1) Nero (Made Men, #1) Vincent (Made Men, #2) The Deal (Off-Campus, #1)


Most Viewed Post

“Characters I’d Like to Check in With”

View this month’s archives for more posts & reviews!


With the new site theme, I’ve changed my home page. I will now be posting what reviews have been updated on my side bar by their covers instead of a sticky post. Hopefully this makes things easier for everyone and of course you can still find these updated reviews using the “Updated Reviews” category.

Previously posted reviews I updated this past month:



I thought this was a bit of overkill considering I have pages that I update on a regular basis (plus the tables didn’t format¬†well when reading on an app). You can view my specific progress by visiting¬†my dedicated Reading Challenge Page here.

Because I am finished school, I decided to try a Spring Bingo Challenge and signed up for Great Imagination’s Ready for Spring 2015 Bingo. I also decided to sign up for Bookmark to Blog’s Monthly Word Challenge and added a Canadian Bingo Card (from Retreat by Random House) for the rest of the year!

Book Bingo–Canadian:¬†0 books added
Bookish Bingo–Ready for Spring:¬†4 books added
Everything YA Challenge:¬†‚úĒ Mini Challenge + ‚úĒ 2 YA reads
Goodreads Challenge: 25 books added
Monthly Key Word Challenge:¬†‚úĒ¬†“The” & “Prince”
Prequel & Sequel Challenge: +13 points added
SERIESous’ Personal Classics Challenge: 0 books added
SERIESous’ Personal Nonfiction Challenge:¬†0 books added

View my Progress Here!



The idea behind the feature is to pit two books (or other themes) that are always compared to each other in a battle of three rounds to see who the winner is. Of course it is completely subjective to my own opinions so I added a poll feature to get your take on everything. Thanks to those who participated!

This month’s final poll results:

Twilight Saga 4 | Vampire Diaries Series 2

Next Battle: Vampire Diaries Books vs Vampire Diaries TV Show


  • NEW DOMAIN! can now be used; however, still works!
  • New homepage now features the intro to the blog and has a separate blog feed page
  • Updated Series Reviews are¬†now a sidebar widget!
  • New Theme and colour scheme added!
    • Changed the main menu options at the top
    • Moved sidebar options around (have footer menus now!)
  • Also added headers to reviews (subheadings will launch next month)
  • changed the features of my monthly review
  • added social media links
    • Joined Riffle (it’s a book cataloguing system like GoodReads but allows you to create individual lists and generally recommend books). I mostly use it for lists.
    • Also joined Bloglovin’!
  • Signed up for Netgalley!


  • Review subheadings will make an appearance
    • I had already written some of the reviews for May before I decided to add Subheadings and didn’t feel the need to change all of them.¬†So some posts will have them but not all will
  • Update the following:
    • review directories
    • Series Recaps for G-L (I swear I am going to get around to this!)
  • A new SEASONAL feature
    • I am also going to cut down on the number of non-review posts to one a week
  • This May I’m going a Purchase Purge where I’m only reading books that I’ve bought (ie no books from the library) and I hope to do a review blitz sometime this summer with those reviews
    • I’m also going to do a Trilogy Termination Blitz sometime this summer where I finish some trilogies I started years ago but never got around to finishing.
    • I also want to try and NOT put any more books on hold at the library.


At the start of the month I was rotating through Lady Gaga, Maroon 5 (saw them in concert in March!) and the 50 Shades of Grey Soundtrack (say what you will about the movie, the music is FANTASTIC!). Exams are¬†always a tricky time and I normally find my new music obsession. This time around it was Rixton, specifically Hotel Ceiling¬†(watch the crazy video!) and Ed Sheeran (who I’m seeing in June!). But my study jam (I can’t have music playing with words or else I do karaoke by myself) is Tchaikovsky ūüėČ

What were your biggest reading or personal accomplishments of the past month?
Leave a comment below!


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