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For those who don’t know, a book boyfriend is basically a male character in a novel that we love and wish would be our boyfriend in real life (or we pretend is our boyfriend if your love runs deep enough).

I personally, only have a few book boyfriends. I suppose that I have high standards so there are a lot of characteristics/criteria that have to be met before one of these books get the honourable “book boyfriend” tag. (Might explain my current single status in real life as well…)

But I do remember my first book boyfriend–and it is super embarrassing to admit out loud.

Are you ready?

do I really had to admit this out loud?

so embarrassed right now

It was totally Edward from Twilight 😛

When I think about it, that probably isn’t completely true. I think Kostos from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants might take the cake on that one or possibly Eric.

However, Edward is probably the first “big” book boyfriend. Now, I was totally 15 when I read Twilight so I was young and impressionable so please keep that in mind. I was just getting into Young Adult reads (up until this point I had been reading more Adult Contemporary Romances) so he was really the first male lead that I developed a crush on. That quickly changed in the subsequent books when I felt like his character lost some of his appeal; but after reading Twilight I really did love Edward in a crush sort of way.

Since my Twilight days I have been introduced to many male leads that are potential book boyfriend material but as I said before I only consider a few to be true “book boyfriends”. I definitely have favourite couples but I wouldn’t say that the male counterpart of those couples is necessarily someone I would consider to be a book boyfriend.

Here are some of my book boyfriends:

  • Drew from One Week Girlfriend
  • Ansel from Sweet Filthy Boy
  • Cole from Alice in Zombieland
  • Adrian from Vampire Academy/Bloodlines
  • Everett from Breath Into Me

I have a few more I’m sure but these are the ones I actually tagged on my blog as my book boyfriends. You can check out my ongoing list on my Riffle Account here.


So, do you have any book boyfriends? Who are they? Who was your first?

Let me know below!

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