Riffle Lists: Kick-Ass Heroines

Riffle is an independent book site that keeps track of what books you are reading and want to read. It’s similar to GoodReads but it keeps things simple and is super easy to use. One of my favourite features is the ability to create and share lists! It is a great way to create your own list of books that have a certain theme for your own records AND a fantastic way to discover new books through other users lists!

I first introduced this list feature for Valentine’s Day by listing all my Romance Lists that I have on Riffle. This time, I thought I would focus on all the kick-ass heroines I have come across in my many years of reading!

Do we share some favourites? Let me know!

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  • This is a great list! I love Cinder so, so much, I can’t WAIT to finally read Winter, even if I am not ready for that series to end. I agree about Kestrel as well, even if I only read the first book so far, she was already such a smart and kind of kick ass heroine. I’m eager to get to know her more in the sequels 🙂

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