The Perfect Match: Fall 2016 Edition


Fall 2016 Edition

The Perfect Match: A seasonal feature where I play matchmaker but with books! What happens when you take Book A and combine it with Book B? The answer is Book C!

Fall is my favourite season. Yes, we do have fall here in Canada. Sometimes, it gets cut a little short by snow (I have trick-or-treated in the snow before) but sometimes we get lucky. This year, we definitely got lucky and had beautiful weather this fall. Any October where I can go outside comfortably in a T-shirt is a winner for me.

So I thought I would do hybrids for some of my favourite reads this year in YA, NA and Adult.

Why This Match?

The magical divisions amongst the characters in Truthwitch reminded me a lot of the groups in Shadow and Bone. Everyone has their magical specialty in each series which makes it fun to read. One of the strengths of Heir of Fire is its multiple POVs. It gives the readers a 360 view of the world and drives the many plotlines. It’s the same situation with Truthwitch and it works so well!

Why This Match?

It all starts with a bet in both Beautiful Disaster & Touch Me Not. But its the mutual love of cars in Crash into You and Touch Me Not that starts these great romances off and brings the leads closer together.

Why This Match?

Both Wallbanger and Play Me feature neighbours who end up falling in love with the person on the other side of the wall. No Pants Required also features a neighbour romance. But what all three of these romances have are characters who just compliment each other so, so well…oh yeah, they are also hilarious!

Agree or Disagree with my picks?

Feel free to suggest some of your own in the comments below!

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  • This is such a cool idea for a post! Now I can never unsee the similarities between Emilia Clarke, Lily James, and Lily Collins haha. Truthwitch was one of those books I really wanted to get my hands on at the beginning of 2016, and then simply never got around to it. I haven’t read Throne of Glass either, though I love Shadow and Bone!

  • Thank you! It’s a hard think to unsee once you do. I often find myself in movies thinking about these celebrity hybrids 😛

    I really enjoyed Truthwitch. Perhaps a little overhyped, but it was an entertaining read. I can’t wait to read the sequel!

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