The Perfect Match: Winter 2018 Edition

Winter 2018 Edition

The Perfect Match: A seasonal feature where I play matchmaker but with books! What happens when you take Book A and combine it with Book B? The answer is Book C!

I did a bit of a fail with this feature last year, forgetting to do posts for the summer and fall of 2017. But never fear! I’ve returned with some romantic reads just in time for Valentine’s Day!

This time I’ve paired up books with some of my favourite rom-com movies!

Why This Match?

All these stories feature lead heroines who are escorts who fall in love with the client. While The Arrangement definitely has a flare for the darker dramatics, whereas Pretty Woman and the Calendar Girl Series are much lighter. But all these stories have the same female empowerment vibe to them thanks to their strong heroines.

Why This Match?

Rush was a favourite from last year. Like Brokeback Mountain, it shows the relationship between two men who feel like they can’t share their true feelings for each other. Actually, Rush inspired Leveled to a certain extent but I actually read Leveled first (plus, it is a novella compared to the novel that is Rush). Regardless, it has a lot of the same themes of sexuality and societal pressures.

Why This Match?

Ok, I know I am cheating a bit with A Walk to Remember since it was a book first. BUT, the novel takes place in the 1950s whereas the movie is the 1990s so it has more “contemporary” themes. Pushing the Limits features a once popular girl who is now a bit of a social outcast falling for the school bad boy. Of course, there is more than meets the eye and these two find a deeper connection and understanding. It’s darker than the other two but features a great romance and story. Chloe from Where the Road Takes me reminded me so much of Jamie from A Walk to Remember. They are both these quiet, determined girls who suddenly get noticed by someone from the “in-crowd” and try their best to not fall in love.

Agree or Disagree with my picks?

Feel free to suggest some of your own in the comments below!

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