Year’s Reads in Review – Top Picks for 2022

2022: The Reading Year of Reading Spurts

I really struggled to come up with a summary of 2022 because it was such a weird reading year for me! I seemed to go through spurts of reading all the time (usually when I subscribed to a reading service) and then lulls of casually reading (when I did one of my many 2020 rescheduled trips).

While I briefly resubscribed to Kindle Unlimited, I also tried out the Kobo Plus Service for the first time and I really tried my best to maximize my experience. (Which I clearly did, reading 52 books in the spring when I had that subscription!). Here are some other stats of my reading year:

  • 12% of books read were standalones
  • 65% of books read were eBooks
  • 34% of books read were audiobooks
  • DNF’d 4 books
  • I only read 7 books that I own
  • Managed to read at least 5 books a month
  • Got a new waterproof Kobo eReader!
  • Completed my Goodreads Goal (I didn’t last year)
  • Finished 34 book series!

It wasn’t a terrible year when I look at the stats but as I write this post, I struggle to label it as a productive year. I think I just have to get used to what reading (and blogging) means to me as I get older in life.

> > Check out which books I read this past year HERE!

As always, I’ve decided to compile a list of my top picks (and not so great) from the various categories that I read this past year. Most categories deal with books published only this past calendar year (2022) but there are some noted exceptions. Click on the cover to read my review of the book/series–if available! Lots of these won’t have reviews until early next year.

Without further ado:

(Books are in no particular order; click on cover for review if available)

Adult Genre:

– Best Adult Novels published in 2022 –

– Favourite Adult Contemporary Standalones read in 2022 –

New Adult Genre:

– Best NA Standalones that were first published in 2022 –

– Favourite NA Series Read in 2022 –

Young Adult Genre:

– Best YA Series first published in 2022 –

– Best YA Standalone novels first published in 2022 –

Additional Categories:

– Series that published their grand finales in 2022 –

– Novels I read in 2022 that were hyped by the community & met expectations –

– Best audiobooks I listened to in 2022 (not necessarily their publication year) –

– Books published in 2022 that I DNF’d –

– Books I gave 2 Stars or Less to in 2022 –

– Books that I enjoyed more than I expected! –

Have a fabulous 2022!

Do we share any titles? Agree or Disagree?

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  • I wish you had a search option. If you do, it’s well hidden.
    I would love to be able to find certain books or genres.
    I still love your reviews but, maybe this is something to add? Or make clearer, if it is already present?
    Help a lady out? Xo

    • There is a search feature near the top of the menus on the right. But if you want a specific genre, I do have tags listed at the very bottom of all my reviews that can help you find other reviews based on key words. Hope that helps!

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