Spin-off Saturdays: Retribution Kings by Ella Miles

Spin-off Saturdays: On Saturdays, I will review a series that is a spin-off series. It is recommended that you read the original series first in order to get the most out of the spin-off series. Here is this week’s offering:

Retribution Kings Series is a spin-off of the Retribution Games



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Series: Retribution Kings

This is a spinoff of the Retribution Games Series. Set in the Truth or Lies Universe

Author: Ella Miles
# of Books: 6
Book Order: Chronological + Connected

Books are duologies of three couples (#1+#2, #3+#4, #5+#6) that follow a chronological order of events.

Complete?: No
Genre: Adult, Dark, Suspense, Contemporary, Romance
Heat Rating: Hot (Kink: mild)
Point of View: First Person, Alternating
Publication Date: November 2022 – ongoing
Source & Format: Author—eARC

WARNING: If you have not finished the original series, this review may have spoilers!


My Expectations?

I really enjoyed The Retribution Games. Out of the various Truth or Lies spin-offs, The Retribution Games felt the closet to recreating that magic I found in that first series. And when The Retribution Games ended with some little tidbits about what was to come next, I was really excited to get Lennox, Hayes and Gage’s stories. And I was even more excited to see how this series of little duets would all work together.

Note About Reading Order:

There are 6 books in this series and they all follow a chronological order of events. However, the books are paired off to focus on a different couple.
Groupings: (#1 Lennox + #2 Rialta) (#3 Hayes + #4 Lilith) (#5 Gage + #6 Nova)

How Does It Compare To The Original?

–Edge of Danger to the Plot–

I never know what Ella Miles is going to twist and turn, particularly in her books that are filled with dangerous characters and situations. I enjoyed the suspense of the drama and the revealing of secrets, it was right on par with the other books set in this universe.

–Overarching Plotline–

I love the idea that each book in this series contributes to one overarching plot. Each couple gets to be the focus for two books and then we shift to another perspective while still figuring out the common threads. I like how everything is tied together.

Anything I Didn’t Like?

–I Wanted More Chemistry–

For Lennox and Rialta, I thought they had great chemistry at the end of The Retribution Games series and I was super excited to see that translated into their own novels. However, it was a little too much on the “hate” side of “hate-to-love-you” for me. I didn’t really see that spark between them as much as I had hoped.

My Expectations for the Rest of the Series:

Very excited to see how this series is all going to come together!


–January 30, 2024– Book #3: Hayes

As the start of the middle set in the series, I’m excited to see the dramatic plot amp up and reach its climax. It took a while to get there though; I often felt like we were rehashing the same ideas over and over again. And while these two might not be my favourite couple in the universe so far, I can’t deny their chemistry is there from the start.

–January 30, 2024– Book #4: Lilith

I truly enjoyed the action plotline of this story. I thought it was exciting and I loved how it challenged these characters. The competition they find themselves in helps strengthen their undeniable chemistry as you watch them navigate all the obstacles thrown their way.

Series Rating: 3/5

Lennox 3/5 | Rialta 3/5 | Hayes 3/5 | Lilith 3/5 | Book 5 TBA | Book 6 TBA


While Lennox and Rialta might not be my favourite Ella Miles couple, I am really hooked on the overarching plot line of this series. I am very excited to see where this will go next!

Read if You Like: mafia romances, hate to love you romances, suspense
Avoid if You: dislike violence, dislike leads have sex/intimacy with other characters



Synopsis for Lennox (from Goodreads):

She is the last woman I want to marry.
She’s a prim princess, who doesn’t belong in my world.
But I made a deal.
And I don’t back out of my promises.
Even if the woman I agreed to marry drives me crazy,
I’ll marry her.
But she’s not ready to enter the world of Retribution Kings.

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